Carmax interview

Thank you mike for taking this time to talk the smart lady driver calm could you tell us your full name your role here at carmack’s and why you enjoy working here yeah sir first of all i appreciate the opportunity to speak with you today hey my name is mike cusack i’m a senior buyer here at carmack’s in raleigh been with the company for 15 years so my job is to

Actually assist in buying the car stream so a large part of why we need this information is smart lady driver comm it’s because we really rely on our vehicle so heavily to keep the household functioning all the errands that we run you know getting the work on time you know it’s just so many reasons so what i’m looking for is some tips on how to best come into the

Dealership prepared you know what are some of the things i should think about and have you know answers ready when i hit the sales floor with you a horse i think you know part of the first thing is kind of narrow down your choices before you get to the dealership me think about your needs are what your budget is what are you using the vehicle for is the car used

Everyday how do you know what to be kids in the car everyday is the car just buying for the weekend have fun okay a good second biggest thing is have a budget in mind before you to the ownership know how much you want to spend do a little bit of research look at the dealerships inventory before you go what’s the car priced at is it realistic to even expect to go

Buy that car within the price range that you’re looking to stay in ryan do some research on you can always go like consumer reports or like a jd power what’s the history of that car you know quality wise or impaired cost wise think about what you’re getting ahead of time okay if you’re buying certain makes and models of cars they’re expensive to maintain they do

Have more bigger breakdowns right so you’re gonna spend more time in the shop and a little more maintenance and then what are some of the things about car max in terms of making shopping and making repairs easier that smart lady driver viewers might want to know about well i think probably the best thing about car max is everything is online wow yeah so you know

For example in raleigh we might have 350 cars physically here there’s 35,000 cars online you can shop but for example say you saw a car and in charlotte mm-hmm you could see that car online you could actually initiate a free transfer in that vehicle from your home free transfer yep somebody will let you know when the car gets here anything and you come in and

Look at it test-drive the car hopefully purchase the car right we can do all that from the comfort you don’t home without even speaking that but up to that point that’s great and then what if i wanted something like this beauty here and had a large family toyota sequoia let’s say was in new jersey you know how does the transfer impact that type of / – sure so

Once a transfer is is from further away we will charge you a small transfer fee to get the car here until you streak oop some of our cost and expense and getting the vehicle here – sure so you can charge that upfront and vehicle gets here it’s the same type of deal we’ll give you a timeline here the car will be here within 7 days 14 days 21 days if it’s coming

From further away ok and then once the car gets here you can test drive it and complete transaction just like you would with anything that was you’re physically already now one big thing we try to touch along with smart lady driver comm is time saving sure so if i walked into the dealership and a whole lot of research what might be the length of time to kind of

Finished up that shopping spears versus if i needed a vehicle that is gonna be transferred from another site yeah how long does that experience you see team sure so i think if you come in and you you’re reeling out i’m just not sure what you want or you want to drive about two or three cars to figure out which one fits your needs best which one you like the way

It drives the best me you know siding to colors and all that financing you might be here a few hours of desiccates right if you’ve already changed up the car worked on a credit application online all that stuff new bro driven a car right you know you like that car yes you might be out here in less than an hour some of the things smart lady driver fans have told us

Is that they like the no-haggle pricing here carmack’s and again emphasizing a large inventory can you elaborate a little bit more on that approach by car max yeah i think that was something that was part of the research that we did before we ever started the company back in 1993 one of big things someone’s worried about was if someone else get a better deal what

If i’m not a great negotiator what’s really the cheapest the dealership would sell this car for well we take all that all the anxiety out of decision the price is clearly marked in every single car the price is the same for everybody doesn’t change friends by your based on their situation or 30 go trading skills or any of that replacing your pricing and we trusted

The prices you know competitively fairly and then our consumers responded favorably i’ll stand yeah so mike you’ve let us get into this great toyota sequoia i think it’s for 2011 is that right okay so tell me a little bit about the delivery experience you know i’ve picked out my vehicle you know we’ve agreed to all our terms but i need to know you know about my

Bells and whistles and and make sure i’m feeling safe and know how to operate it certainly so of course most people have probably driven the car before they have buying it’s true not in all cases but most times you’ve driven it so you know how the car drives almost the basic features operate but before you leave we’ll make sure you know everything in the car works

So we’ll make sure all the safety items are operational first all lights the horn everything maybe go home safely absolutely and then we’ll go through all the features make sure you know how the dvd player works and the son works the navigation system all the bells and whistles do you ever um have referrals you have experiences where people say oh you know susan

Bought a car here and she really loved it oh certainly it’s a huge part of our business mmm we have a lot of people that really enjoy the haggle free process and they tell their neighbors their friends relatives and we have we have a huge amount of repeat customers yes we have people that come in all the time we bought six seven eight vehicles from wow yeah now

Tell us i’ve heard there’s some next-gen or some you know new carmack’s sure fed up it sounds a little bit about that shopping experience how is it different yeah so now we’ve been around since 1993 and we’ve realized maybe it’s time to do a little bit of a revamp or you know maybe take stock of what we have from our customers so in doing some consumer research

And talking to the people that bought cars from us we’ve asked them what they’d like to see in the shopping experience or the next generation car max i think that’s something we’re embarking on now then we just open our first next generation store in chattanooga tennessee and something there is when you come in the store a lot of everything is based on ipad or

Information sources like that where you walk in everything’s very obvious about what you want to accomplish that day you want to sell a card you want to buy a car you just want to shop by yourself for a little while and then come get a resource like a sales consultant it’s all up to the consumer i’ve also heard that you know you won’t go and get kind of shark

Attack in the parking lot at carmack’s absolutely if you know ordinance g that’s true tell us where that philosophy kind of comes yeah when you pull into the customer parking lot we don’t have any sales consultants out there you know waiting on you or fighting over your business right everybody waits in a store they take their turn look reach when you come in

Mm-hmm i’ll tell you a little bit about carmack’s and then it’s up to you if you want them to kind of be your tour guide for a little while right they can if she wants to time a shot by herself that’s absolutely fine too when they can help you later on when you want to get inside of the car or drive a car now what if i come in and i had children or if i elderly

Relative with money or someone handicapped do you have you know kind of accommodations for them to kind of wait yeah we do have we do have a nice waiting room and we also have a children’s playroom oh that’s a great yeah okay so you know children’s playroom obviously hope that one of the parents will be there to supervise them a little bit but certainly we have

A way to keep them occupied while you’re taking care of business is very big so one thing i wanted to talk about is your repair services because i don’t think a lot of the smart lady drivers on our site know that tarmacs does repair services do i have to purchase my car here to get it repaired here and what are some of the warranty options or upgrades that are

Popular with tarmac sure so a customer absolutely does not have to purchase a car from carmack’s to have retail service completed here it’s you know yeah we service all makes and models we’re happy that anybody come in and have the vehicle serviced here great okay so mike something key i think is how long will my car you know be here between diagnostic to actual

Repair how do you all manage that communication with women drivers drivers in general sure so our service consultants will actually reach out to at least a couple times a day and keep you posted on the progress of the repair if it’s something simple like an oil change yeah we can give you a real good idea obviously how long it’s gonna take and what the cost is

Going to be if you’re here to have something repaired they’re not sure what the problem is you know we can tell you how much time will take to diagnose it and what the cost will be upfront we won’t know the total cost of her obviously until we know what’s exactly wrong with you sure getting them and then loaner cars is that an option that they come with any of

Your service play sure so if you do buy the warranty for carmack’s mm-hmm when the green benefits is the rental car is provided as part of warranty wow that’s grand so what you know depending on circumstances apps to provide a loaner car or a rental car for its they you know i don’t have a rental car offer and i just need to kind of get back to the office while you

All do ever pay yeah locally we have to absolutely provide a shuttle service we can take you to your place of business whatever anything needs to be and hopefully help you out with that you know five six ten miles something like that and i heard there was a five-day or return policy right what if you know i don’t know i go home and my spouse or you know there’s

A scenario where i think i don’t know if this is really the right choice for me that happens actually and so we do have a five day no risk return policy okay so for any reason within that five days you’re just satisfied with the car you’ve made the wrong decision whoever it might be really absolutely date the car backer and he knew were you starting everything

Yourself this location is used okay but absolutely take anything back excellent pick them down and just a wrap but mike can you give us a memorable experience where you really helped a smart lady driver you know lead carmack’s with the positive experience and a vehicle of her choice yeah a few months ago we had a we had a couple come in and two kids and you’re

Looking for a chevy suburban mm-hmm the gentleman was actually used amputee from iraq he actually lost part of his leg in a war and he was able to keep shopping all the cars before all right this is new experience for him or he couldn’t look at the car and do all that and his wife had to do most of the most of looking at the car checked anything out satisfaction

And i was able to look around the car with her while he sat there while we could actually kind of communicate with him what we’re looking at how it looked how everything worked to make sure he was satisfied with the purchase and to make sure she felt comfortable that he was okay with everything i want to make sure that they both felt good about the purchase before

They left right and they absolutely did so i think that was good i didn’t hear stories like that because it shows you’re taking the time to really answer all the questions and make sure they have what they need you know before they leave your life that’s key

Transcribed from video Carmax interview By Susan Linyear