SOFI 0,000 Personal Loan | Soft Pull Prequalify

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Puzzle drinks production youtube what’s up it’s your boy who is king sean and we back again with another classic and you know on this channel we talk about finance anything to take you and your family to that next level today we’ll be talking about the personal loan was so far but i understand um it’s hard times in the world we got gas prices going up we have

Groceries going up house markets going up interest rate is going up insurance is going up it’s getting hard so let’s just say you need quick cash you might need a quick five thousand ten thousand twenty thousand i don’t know why you might have a family member you need to take care of you cannot work jobs is crazy people are losing jobs it’s a lot going on in the

World right now so you need a personal loan right you can go back on my channel i have tons of video how to get personal loans on all kinds of levels for people that have bad credit okay credit and excellent credit so that’s just a heads up and most of them are soft pulls so at the beginning let’s remember a lot of them are soft paul’s until you accept it then

It would be a hard pull so now with so far you can get a personal loan up to a hundred thousand dollars yes let me say it again you can get up to a hundred thousand dollars now i got pre-qualified for forty thousand dollars um things you need to know about this company we’re gonna talk about but you need to get that pen and paper because we’re gonna go over to

The site and we’re gonna talk about this so we over here at the site as you see uh zero fee loans so far personal loans have absolute zero fees no origination fees no prepayment fees no late fees and you know i’m really big on the origination fees because um i do a lot of reviews on different kind of personal loans for bad credit okay credit and excellent credit

And the origination fees can really really put a hurting on you just for example if you will get ten thousand dollars they will automatically take about six hundred dollars out depending um usually range from one to six percent origination fees for different companies uh the percentage rate is all different but it can really run you up just imagine if you got

Approved for 30 40 50 000 how much that origination fee could be and as you see right here fixed rates from 6.99 apr to 22.28 apr which is a great thing so far offers different kind of products off the back you can get the personal loan the home loan the debt consolidation loan travel loans wedding loans you can even apply for a credit card with them and

Even get business loans with them so off the back just by running down that list this is a great company um you probably want to be a part of when i got approved um i got approved for 40 000 um pretty high limit i would definitely have to say for trying for my first time with so far i never uh applied with them i have no kind of relationship with them so off

The back them pre-qualifying me for 40 000 was definitely a definitely a plus i would have to say now let’s scroll down right here this is something you need to know um the way the world’s going people’s losing jobs all kinds of things has happened they have something called the un unemployment protection if you lose your job will temporarily pause your payments

And help you find a new job so not only they going to pause your payment they actually going to help you find a new job so that’s great now the loan terms run from two years to seven years off the back once you are approved you could receive this money between 24 hours and 72 hours you’ll be able to receive this money um another thing your credit score should

Be at least a 675 and higher off the back they will be doing that soft pull listen to me clearly they will be doing the soft pull from experience now the things that they will be asking you for off the bat from my own personal experience when i went through and i got approved for the forty thousand they will be asking for at least two weeks of pay stub if you

Own a business like me they will be asking you gotta prove your last two years of income um in your business so you definitely will have to show that if you’re you know if you own your own business and if you’re working you got to show at least two weeks of pay stubs um and they will be asking um for a copy of your driver license so overall i think so fire is a

Great company again you need that 675 a higher um if your utilization hot is high i don’t think this is good for you um if you got utilization at 50 or more 40 or more they don’t want to be out there lending you uh 20 30 40 50 000 even up to the maximum of the hundred thousand dollars that they’re giving out and you won’t be able to pay it back why because your

Utilization is so high so if you have so far leaving a comment tell me what you think your overall opinion about the company again people we can’t be lazy we gotta do do the work like subscribe but for now i’m up out of here

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SOFI $40,000 Personal Loan | Soft Pull Prequalify By Whoiskingshawn