Solidly fork on Optimism! Meet Velodrome Finance! Get your %40 back with airdrop!

This is not a financial advice. Do your own research before blaming others.

So hello everyone this is intro to defy and in this video we’re gonna talk about weldrum finance so well drum finance is a solid fork built on optimism which i made a video before so if you want some background you can watch that video solidly is the ultimate automated market maker that andre chronia designed on phantom stable swap says curve volatile swaps as

Uni-swap and bribes all in one place but if you followed what happened on solidly you know its issues rabbits creating batman’s spider-man pool in order to get more tokens reaper farm trying to meme no ui ux improvements and short lasting rewards so weldron fixed it by changing the distribution of tokens perhaps going to waters instead of lp’s while listing of

Tokens so no spiderman batman and ui improvements so now we have the ultimate mm design upgraded so it’s worth looking also weldrum had a great grant from optimism foundation don’t forget that and so let’s first see how to use it then let’s look at what can be done on the protocol first you can swap assets for example if you put 50 you can get 1000 willow it’s

Very basic size swapping x times y equals k for volatile swaps same as unit swap and logarithmic formula for stable swaps similar to curve you can just come here and swap your assets and if you press swap you can swap it and if you want to add liquidity you click to pulse click add look at the like it to here then press deposit on stake it’s very easy that way

You’ll earn velo tokens and if you want to just deposit don’t forget that if you do that you’ll earn nothing you can press advanced button and deposit lp i don’t think there’s something like solid x on optimism but you can click here for advanced options or you can manage liquidities from here in the post page you can come here and come to the same page as

Before so westing is where you vest your wheel tokens it’s almost the same as curve if you look 100 kilo for four years you’ll get 100 v below and if you if you lock them for one year you’ll get 25 vivid so if you look down for two weeks you almost get nothing the difference between curve and belgium is the locked position is an nft so you can sell it or send

It to another world or sell it in places like openc you’ll probably sell it with a discount but it’s important no and if you look more you’ll earn more fees it’s that simple voting is here and what thing is very vote on the polls you want do not forget that you will only get fees from the pool you want so if you vote for opus dc here you won’t get from value

Stc pair you’ll only get the traders between op and ustc so yeah for voting you came here you choose how much you want to vote then if you press cast votes you will cast votes so i won’t change my voting so yeah and rewards page are is for rewards you can claim your your rewards here after you vest as i said before right now the rewards are nuts i couldn’t

Find how to bribe but i don’t bribe anyway but i’m sure if you ask on discord they’ll help you but right now the rewards are nuts so now how can i take advantage of the protocol let’s see that so velodrome had 2 million op grants and they are giving back them to the vive lockers with airdrop let me see the tweets yeah for example they’re uh giving 41 cents back

For every one dollar locked this week just this week and today is the last day don’t forget look today is the last day for looking so if you have notifications on it’s also good for you you have a chance to get almost half break instantly last week uh velo lockers get 35 cents for every one dollar locked so in just two weeks seven five percent is taken back by

The stakers secondly aprs are huge not just for voting but also liquid pro i think if you don’t want to take impermanent losses you can also provide stable pool liquidity come here you can see the aprs for example usdc s uscc sgst uscc has seven percent wss8 has eight percent like these are stable swaps there is no risk of impermanent loss other than smart

Contract risks uh usc die has five percent l usc sales fourteen percent like they are pretty good pools if you just want to yield stables or some like very good aprs for more degen people people who provide to op usc and for voters for the most legion the voting aprs are nuts like some aprs are like for tarot it has 427 percent just for looking and this is

Just from fees nothing else just from trading fees so yeah it’s it’s incredible it’s incredible and if you want to lock assets you can come here where is it the marco welcome finance you can choose how much velo is locked the volume prepares the volumes tvls etc what i do is i come here to see volume per pair then come back to the velodrome to see

How much what they got then divide it for example where is the dual analytics for example opvuscc has 46 percent share of the volumes and we uscc has 17 percent share of the volume so there’s three times almost three times more volume on op usdc but don’t forget that you share the fees with the other waters so all previous usdc pool has 20 almost 25 percent

Voting but w8 usdc has 5.5 voting so there’s more than four times uh difference between the votes so three times on volume but four times almost so we ustc has more apr than opus dc so you can you can look to all all pools to find the best uh best pair for to vote and that way you can get the most out of the protocol and you can also see the past week’s

Aprs like i vote for w2scc but some other pools has more fees than me but like it’s not it’s not that bad to vote on wtsdc so for more educated guesses you can come here i will put the link in description so you can check it out there so yeah don’t forget that these are these are not financial advices but for educational purposes and that’s it for the

Protocol lastly if you trust on optimism l2 vel’s rom might be the best play on the chain the protocol is great and working the look at it is very good for now considering the time it’s launched and fees are nuts and airdrops are keeping coming so yeah don’t take risks more than you should afford to take this is intro to defy and see you in another video goodbye

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Solidly fork on Optimism! Meet Velodrome Finance! Get your %40 back with airdrop! By Intro to Defi