Common way business with equity financing and way step two is by selling stock indigenous now how can this be done firstly issue initial public offering or can request i pee oh now why is an ipo an ipo is an example of primary market operation it is the first sale of stock by a private private company to the public this act of sending stock is by listing on

Stock exchange which in malaysia is fully regulated and operated by possibly several hi now say that invested the quad stock that was issued by the company is in need of cash and the company refused to sell the stock back three business how do they earn the money back now that’s when the secondary market comes into picture this is secondary invest investing

It is when the investors both investors participate to buy and sell existing financial security another way of reading equity financing for companies is by selling book carbon stocks and preferred stocks common stocks and refer stocks are publicly traded at stock market and when investors are investing they are investing in the underlying companies and both

Investment invited investors to claim in the company’s assets and profits the difference in this are in terms of risk and return potential investors investment any common stocks has high risk because the investment returns mostly comes from kept things rather than details and in contrast investment in preferred stocks have no risk of esther returns mainly come

From dividend as opposed to captain please hello everyone okay today i will tell you about free trade early for your information written me to keep and earning me profit written early community fine as a part of the company’s cumulative historical debt is not distribute to the shareholders to the immediately if okay written earning is the one of item the

Connector income statement and balance sheet the income statement is at the start of every new year but close the year and make the balance sheet balance is at the very end of failure so how to make the very spirit we want to add profit element to shareholders equity but i have a question what is the retailer name on the credit right-hand side of dependency

To anything about it first you all the retailer be to the shareholders and the right hand side of the belichick is overview of what a company or – if you are profitable as a company you grow the asset necklace a pre created the ability which is at the right hand side of the perigee therefore unit you need to plug an amount in equity to make a balance sheet so

Left for me thank you annyeong salam alaikum so today i would like to talk about venture capital and private please so what is venture capital venture capital is the finest that invests they provide to sign up companies and small business they are believed to have long-term growth potential okay so venture capital generally comes from wealthy family or german

Terraform by corporations and full of investors so in return for financing these investors generally receive an equity or ownership position in the business and share in its profit on the other side private placement means that when stock and other corporate securities are sold directly to insurance companies pension funds or large institution

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