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Welcome back real this is luke smith i’m proud to bring you some more land we got land all across the country people are always asking for land in florida and uh i have tried my heart out to get properties in south florida and it is competitive that market is flying in different segments just like holy cow it’s a slugfest to buy those properties um

And i get this partner uh or a couple felicia and andrew gosselin back and they keep bringing these properties in south florida to the to the website they keep coming up with them and uh i tried the ones the waterfront ones right i like the waterfront ones i followed the water coast all picking out every single property that’s on the water and making them offers

Making them offers making them offers making them offers and i just get slapped and punched and kicked and thrown in the gutter and these sellers do not like my offers but i gotta bring good prices to you guys right so i keep trying and i don’t get anything but these guys did they got one felicia andrew gossenbach got one on the water in south florida let’s take

A look at this thing and they’re offering owner finance um so this is a canal property this is in charlotte county florida and uh it’s yeah port charlotte area let’s pull up some maps yeah yeah i love the maps right so look at these houses they got their pools in the backyard and they got screens around them so you can hang out by the pool and keep the iguanas

Out and the lizards and the mosquitoes and everything else and then they got their boats on docks look at all the boats are pointed the same direction i don’t know if they point them on the way to go out or come in we’ll find out but this is this is a property you could cut down some bushes and put a house here and you could put your dock on the water and you can

Put your boat on there whether it’s jet skis or ski boats or i would be fishing boat like going in the ocean fishing heck with the flat water stuff i like going out and finding something big to catch so somewhere back in time people dredged this out it’s florida right it’s all lowlands it’s dredged out and they made these neighborhoods and so this one is here

It’s on the water and you can drive your boat out i’m not sure which way you go but this connects somewhere okay right here so you can go this way so you come out come around down up drop you zoom and then you just gun it enough of that slow no wake stuff once you’re out of here go for it you can see all these other people coming and going other neighborhoods

There’s all kinds of waterways in here to go explore i mean you could just be driving around looking at houses and boats for the rest of your life and all this stuff but i mean i’d be trying to get out here to the ocean go see what i catch go catch some dinner and then gun it back in let’s turn the map on so properties over here port charlotte’s over here this

Is uh it’s got the the you know the bridges and um all the uh all the islands along here sanibel islands down to the south fort myers beach cape coral so as you get out here you get to the big sandy beaches out along the the coast not too much further south you got marco island and everglades and awesome fishing just amazing fishing all over the place down here

This is great weather it’s great weather 99.9 percent of time till a hurricane comes through you button up the hatches and hold on and then it goes back to great weather again um because it got all this water on here just keeps it keeps it moderate look at that i mean i try to get enough gas range to go to cuba and get yelled at and thrown in jail or whatever

But uh this is boating central this is that’s something i care about a lot so um there’s there’s the area there’s the property let’s zoom in on this thing van nuys circle we’ve got multiple vacant lots in here but a lot of houses have filled in too i think in this market they’ll just keep filling in it’s building building building let’s see if we’ve got street

View um yeah so we got street view right in front of the property it’s just a bunch of bush i mean just hire some locals to go chop bush or you know bring your chainsaw and do it yourself neighbors have trash pickup there’s power line right here there’s a street light there’s a transformer i’m guessing there’s sewer there’s uh telecommunications well there’s a

House for sale whenever the street view is was taken and you can see you can see the the water right there okay so let’s zoom back um yeah here’s sewer i thought i saw sewer you should ask about sewer i’m sure there’s sewer in here these are close enough together okay so let’s get out of here so there’s the property we’re asking they’re asking 124 125 000 uh

Buy now or they’ll do owner financing they’ll do 20 30 40 000 down and a couple thousand dollars a month for you know you got all kinds of terms to choose from you can click on them they’ll they’ll probably customize it for you from there if you have some other plan that you want to do with them and make it happen so you could do that build a house it’s 0.23

Acres port charlotte subdivision on the water they’re saying it’s low density residential camping and rv no power lines along the boundary water city water so they’re saying city water septic municipal sewer so they’re saying there’s sewer on the property or you know it goes down the street so you hook into the sewer lines paved road annual taxes are just under

A thousand bucks a month no hoa look at that oh yeah baby no hoa um google gps coordinates okay so there’s that’s you can go take a look at it got the gps coordinates here to go find it we got maps on the website to show you where it is and go look at it so go look at it go see if this one’s yours this is yours go talk to these guys and make it yours do you know

Get the paperwork to happen make it yours run with it have fun with it and you’ll probably get letters from me in the future no luke i don’t want to sell it to you that’s okay someone will sell to me someday um thanks talk to you in the next one bye

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