Still looking for a lot on Ambergris Caye with seller financing – Check these out!

It’s no secret that real estate on Ambergris Caye is experiencing a BOOM! Most properties (especially the good deals) are selling within a few days at best.

Hey everyone dennis k here with belize islands real estate hope you’re all doing well today today is april 16th on a friday so i hope everyone’s having a great friday and looking forward to doing something fun rewarding and relaxing on the weekend hey listen a few days ago i posted a property on my youtube channel for a lot that was very close to secret beach it

Was going for 35 000 with a 10 10 30 program and on that lot literally within about three or four hours i had four financing offers and one cash offer at the end of the day the seller ended up taking the cash offer but that left at least four of you looking for properties like that one and so today what i want to tell you about is an excellent property now it’s

A little bit farther away from secret beach than this other one was but in terms of just the beauty of the neighborhood this is a great area of the island it’s right on the way to secret beach it’s got a great price per lot lots of nice sized lots there’s two side by side you can do a lot with these and it’s an area that we call the woodlands because the entire

Area has nice big palm trees other trees in there you’ve got good high ground you’ve got good solid dirt so you want to have a garden or plant some fruit trees they grow very very well in this area so what i’m going to do now is i’m going to tell you a more about these lots and i’m going to show you what you could do if you’re looking at opening up your own

Little airbnb rental property or if you just want a nice family compound to come down and relax and enjoy and use for vacations or maybe you want to be snowbirds and get out of the cold north come down over the winter months uh or maybe you want to do a little bit of both or maybe just have a place for your future retirement so let me kind of go through these

Slides here with you show you what we got so it’s these two lots right here lot number 629 and 630 all right what’s nice about these is down here this is the main road that’s leaving the secret beach so it’s just far off the main road that you’re not going to have a lot of road noise you come in here go down one two three and then it’s the fourth and fifth lots

And also it makes it kind of nice as you have this big open space this big undeveloped area which usually means it’s just left in its raw native state so you get wildlife you get birds in there just a nice feature for the neighborhood all right so they are 0.86 miles from secret beach so again along the southern road here this is the road leading the secret beach

This is the turn off to go to some of the new projects down in the coastal salt area so that’s pretty exciting and then the road here continues on that ends right at secret beach so it’s 0.86 miles each lot measures 64.5 feet wide by 78.72 feet deep all right and each lot has about 5 000 square feet of surface area or 417 square meters now again these are two

Side-by-side building lots uh they both have free and clear title which is important all right so the titles have been issued these both have land certificates they already have road access no worries about putting in the road you have that open space across the street the price on them is 35 000 per lot on a 10 10 x financing what is the x stand for well you can

Choose the length of your loan so you can go with the 10 year so on a 10 10 10 program after you put down to 3 500 your monthly payments will be 4 16. if you go with a 20 year program you are at monthly payments of 303 and a 30-year mortgage is 276 a month all right now that’s if you’re going to go the full 10 years the faux 20 years the full 30 years and not

Put any additional money down per month now what happens is a lot of people start off with one of these uh but then throughout the years they find ways to make additional payments for example taxes comes along you want to throw another thousand at or let’s say you get a stimulus check right so now you have 1200 bucks to work with put put it down a lot and that

Really chunks down that balance quite uh quite rapidly so the seller on this um would like to cash out within 10 years all right so what you could do is ask them for a 10 10 30 program uh but then offer a buyout in 10 years so like this would be a 10-year balloon what what could you do at the end of 10 years if you don’t have the property already paid off uh

Well you could just let me know and i could find someone to take over the mortgage for you that’s the easiest uh right now at least one of my clients every week asks me if i know of anyone who needs financing because they want to be the bank they want to come in and offer financing or at the end of 10 years uh simply go down to a key bank or or one of the banks

In belize you’ve already got a good history and then just uh apply for a loan so you can do that as well but it’s very very easy all right so uh here is some suggestions on what you could build on these lots uh these are the uh the villas at matachika just really cool suites they have little seating areas in there a bed little bathroom i would put a little kitchen

In there as well just sort of round them out but you could do at least four of these on those properties say two per lot uh so you could have four of these little airbnb rentals on the property i or you could go something with something like this there’s a little bit of a i would say more of an island feel well not really more of an island family that’s pretty

Islandy right there right but uh this is made out of more like just the simple construction you might say uh louvered windows thatched roof here’s another example here you could build easily four or five of these on that property all right and the nice thing about that is you can do it as the time comes or as you get the funds to build so for example right now

If all you have are the funds to get in on the down payment and your closing cost and get going on the lot then let’s say next year or two years from now now you have the funds to put up one of these maybe a year or two later you got the funds to put up another one so you keep adding and pretty soon uh over the over the next you know several years you have your

Your property fully built out so here is what i would recommend i just go on the internet and i find these really cool places uh in bali mexico belize other central american countries and you can just get a lot of inspiration and see what other people have done i just love this combination of concrete wood and thatch i think it’s a really good fit for ambergris

Key and if you want you can have your own little plunge pool on your property all right guys so listen if you’re interested in one or both of these please please email me as soon as possible uh i know i got to send this video out to at least four of you who missed out on the last deal maybe two out of the four of you would take these off the table immediately

But if for some reason they don’t if anybody else is interested let me know as soon as you can we’ll try to get you in on one of these two lots all right thanks a lot guys have a great day fantastic weekend and we’ll talk to you soon

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Still looking for a lot on Ambergris Caye with seller financing – Check these out! By Dennis Kay II