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Welcome back everyone and i’m telling you this i feel like this is the one this is the spark we needed to get this rolling we’re talking about bareburgers you can see it back there sitting underneath the tv it’s curled up and ready to be devoured and i think we’re on that path right now this is something we’ve been waiting for we knew most likely we’re gonna see a

Nice little run in q4 especially since q3 has just been absolutely terrible the spring all i always said the spring’s been compressed down it’s ready to blow up and i think last week was the the tail end of all the selling you saw all the put options we’re just outnumbering the call options i think it was like three or four to one massive amount of money spent on

Those and you know i i said this in the couple of videos now i love the line they said everybody was buying uh fire insurance for their homes after the house already burnt down in other words everybody started loading in on these put options like the market was going to do nothing but continue down with truth being said that the the market re was down so after you

See the nasdaq down 30 something percent then you decide to jump in on the the shorting and the put options retail investors are usually the last ones who are there on time so that’s something we’re going to discuss because big news it looks big today and we’re going to talk about that why we think the bear market rally is here but it is not over it’s not like this

Is the beginning of the next bull run i don’t believe it is and i’ve talked about this before but a 10 to 20 percent run off the bottom is what i think we’re going to see and i think it started just a few days ago now before we get into it you’re going to want to take advantage of this is one of the best deals out there click the link right below the video sign up

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Link down below put one dollar in but you got to use my link and then you will get up to 12 free stocks take advantage of both of those and then come on over and join us at the patreon man we were laughing having a ball and i’m telling you this if you want to be with like-minded people who are positive and we’re looking at the long term we’re taking advantage of

These ups and downs trying to do the best we can then come on over you can see all the portfolios as well what i’m buying and selling and a major new portfolio is being started the 2023 is starting in october we do it october to october over there and it is exciting so i’m getting ready to do that you can be a part of that as well check this out yesterday’s market

Let’s just relive it and of course it was nothing like oh wow mo you’re acting like it was big believe it or not back in the day before before we got to coven this is a big day one percent up that would be considered a huge day but the volatility is so big right now the vix is over 30 that seeing only this everybody’s like eh it’s all right it’s it’s funny how far

We’ve come that this is no longer considered a huge day but you can see all the green with the exception of neo deciding not to go to the party they’re staying home and maybe we’ll see some turn around with this in other chinese stocks remember this is not just neo it is all chinese stocks they are under a lot of pressure right now for many different reasons which

Is a whole different video check out the pre-markets at least the time of making this video that is right we’re seeing more green the bareburgers are on the grill the question is is it going to be like last time where the they get cooked up nice and then they fall off to the off the grill into the mud and dirt or are we going to continue to fire that girl up and

Serve for seconds not just one but we’re gonna have two bareburgers i’m hoping it’s the latter and we’re doing well but right now everything’s green you never know by the time you watch this video everything could have changed like it did yesterday you guys remember yesterday that was an ugly ugly chart uh let me let me see if i as we’re sitting here i’m gonna see

If i can pull that up and take a look at what happened yeah let’s pull that up yesterday and you can see what happened here this thing just we were having a good day and this is the s p and you can see it’s down almost two percent just about 1.9 something just crazy how much that dropped two percent a matter of a couple of hours but then from there we rallied up

Now where’s that take us today well we talked about the pre-markets up and we’re going to get into why and where it goes uh but i want to talk about a few stocks that i like i haven’t done this in a while so i do want to get on here discuss a few stocks that i’m watching that i think are going to do well i have a lot of money invested one way or another in the

Financial sector i’m talking leverage i have the fas and i have a lot of these stocks individual and people who’ve been following me at the patreon we’ve been discussing this in the discord i believe the financials are going to lead us through a lot of the ugliness and they’re going to outperform the markets doesn’t mean they’re going to make money if we get into

A serious recession but it should outperform the s p 500 that’s my opinion on it and so i’ve been you know putting my money where my mouth is and i’ve been loading up on it and bank of america is one of my favorite ones they came out and you can see the last five days 16.32 percent up it’s been killing it and we talked about this and of course as we move forward the

Other one i really really like and i have a lot of money in is goldman sachs and goldman sachs as well 6.32 so where’s that leave us it leads us into maybe fas let’s talk about this a little bit this is one of my big triple leveraged etfs i have over in my leverage portfolio which you can see all these over at the patreon if you want to come join us and i loaded the

Boat on this one i think i bought about 40 000 worth so that gives me about 120 000 worth of control and as you can see we started out big came down and it’s been rallying but check this out over the last five days 19.16 so that’s a good amount of return on that investment the question is does it continue to go higher because if we zoom out the doubt comes back and

You can see what happened we had a run like this just a little bit ago 20 up then back down it went now we’re going back up and the question we’re up 20 again do we break this level here and get to new highs 65 33 i’m hoping so i believe tomorrow could be a good day in the market overall and that should continue with some of the financials but that’s one of my more

Risk skier place all right so that’s one to watch then i had this this cool little article five bang stocks are uh you got meta amazon apple netflix and uh alphabet which is google which one do you like the best i know i can tell you out of all these and these are some good ones it’s tough between i like apple pretty much probably the best uh but it’s tough because i

Like alphabet as well google but netflix is one that i think is going to surprise a lot of people as we go forward because of the new ad stream i think that’s going to be big for them but who did they pick and i knew this could be something they would do the potential champion is meta and it it makes sense because they’re going with the one that’s been beaten down

The most and so when you look at that you think okay how bad has it been for meta which is aka facebook we know it’s been bad so that’s the choice they went with now i looked up a few other stocks tesla i like to throw that in there because i have an etf which i’m going to share with you here in about 60 seconds it’s one of my favorite ones to get into because the

Whole the underlying holdings are pretty good i like what they are and i think i can get behind those companies tesla being one of them and you can see tesla uh only up 0.38 yesterday but in pre-market i can i can at the time i’m making this video i should say it was 1.84 we’ll see where it’s at by the time you get it to it i also wanted to bring up google this is a

Part of the next etf i’m going to share with you and this is up a little bit 1.8 in the pre-markets and then netflix we go to that one 14 up what happened they did well so much downturn on netflix that everybody continues to just doubt that it can do anything the truth is we all use netflix netflix is there i i use it almost daily and they always joke about buy what

You use buy what you know netflix is going to do what they need to do they’re going to make the turnaround and i like this for the long term i think it’s going to do wonders look how much it was at one point before the collapse almost 700 and even at this price 65 down you’re buying this at a price that was years ago we’re talking all the way back to 2018 almost 2017.

You’re getting a really good deal and the question becomes is it worth it then of course meta this is the one 2.33 so far if we go out five year though look at this thing this has yet to recover 64 down and you’re buying this thing all the way back look at this 124. you’re buying this all the way back in 2017. let’s go back further when was the last time and we had

That crash in 2018 but even before the crash when was this at 132 we’re talk in 2017 beginning of 2017. that is what you’re getting and the question becomes is it going to rebound are they going to do good things moving forward can they just live off the money they have but if you want to get a little bit of all of them with triple leverage this is what i’m talking

About fngu i’m in this one as well and one of my favorite triple leverage ones for the tech and it has some of these if you’re looking for one you can look it up like i said fng you a very interesting play and you can see over the last five days nine percent hasn’t moved a lot but i think today is going to be its day to have a good day because uh netflix makes this

Up as well and i showed you a few of the other stocks making up so we’ll see where it goes at this point i like it and i wanted to share a few stocks and get you pumped let’s see some green out there remember i’m not doing this day to day so if it’s red i don’t panic i think we could be starting that next bear market rally i didn’t say the full next bull market i

Do believe we’re going to have more downturn in 2023 if not lately late 2022 but before then let’s make bank if you’d like to see me join us on this making bank click the subscribe button more importantly join me at the patreon that link is down there take your investing the next level take advantage of the google not the google the the moomoo the moomoo stuff we

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Then of course hit the weeble link one dollar or more take advantage and they got uh crypto over there and of course the gemini links down there as well and that’s it that’s what we got for i’ll see you over at the patreon i appreciate you stopping by let’s get out there and make some money me

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