Bidens student loan forgiveness plan Update

Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan survives its SECOND legal challenge – as federal judge in St. Louis throws out lawsuit from Republicans just one hour after Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett rejected an emergency bid to block the measure

Hi everyone judge andrew napolitano here for judging freedom today is friday october 21st 2022 it’s about 1 35 in the afternoon here on the east coast of the united states uh the biden administration experienced the series of victories in federal court over efforts by state attorneys general to block the president’s student loan forgiveness now in my opinion

The student loan forgiveness is unconstitutional uh that only congress can forgive a federal debt not the president and and there are people on both sides of the political aisle on both sides of the ideological divine and all sides of constitutional scholars and we’re on the same page on this nevertheless the president is going forward with it but even more

Unconstitutional was efforts by uh republican state attorneys general to block the student loan forgiveness program now you might say well what do they have to do with it well that’s what two federal judges and one supreme court justice asked what do the states have to do with it nothing it’s not like these debts are falling to the states to pay once individuals

Can’t pay a little bit of background you apply for a student loan you agree to a federal backup you profess your loyalty to the government of the united states of america the government gets you the loan the money comes from the bank the bank loans you the money you promise to pay the bank back the federal government promises to pay the bank if you’re unable to

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Pay them back so when the federal government tells you you don’t have to pay the bank back the federal government has to pay the bank back the states have nothing to do with this you had a boon you borrowed money and you thought you owed it back you thought you owed a lot of interest a president came along and my view of fiscally irresponsible president but a

Big-hearted one and says you don’t have to pay that money back we’ll pay the banks for you in order for someone to interfere with that uh financial relationship they would have to be a part of the financial relationship the states are not a part of that financial relationship so the lawsuits that were filed in wisconsin and in missouri in federal court in both

States were dismissed by federal judges who said the attorney’s general you don’t have standing standing means your your ox is being gored by what’s happening or could be gored by the outcome and the state attorneys general have no stake in the outcome the case in wisconsin was appealed on an emergency basis all the way to the supreme court and justice barrett

Um declined the application on behalf of the court and then she took a poll of the court and it must have been unanimous because there were no there were no dissents recorded so the wisconsin uh denial went all the way to the supreme court the missouri denial was yesterday so the uh obama administration has begun making available online the applications for

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People to be absolved from the student loan program so there’s a couple of takeaways from this can the president uh forgive a debt about congress has authorized him to incur absolutely not even mrs pelosi agrees with that only congress can do that so i don’t know where this will go i can’t imagine a future congress saying to these people you now owe us the money

After they’ve been absolved because then the courts would get involved about a promise being made you don’t owe us the money and then being taken away second takeaway is state attorneys general in the modern era i’m going to say in the past 25 years have begun filing lawsuits that they have no business filing because the outcome of a lawsuit does not affect

Uh the people in their state at least not directly enough theoretically everyone is affected by the loan forgiveness because it increases the federal debt but the the constitution requires that in order to be involved in a lawsuit in order to challenge what the federal government is doing you have to suffer a harm unique from all others so the congress raises

Taxes as a single taxpayer if you file a suit saying my taxes are too high they’re going to throw the suit out because your harm is the same as all others it’s not unique from all others in the case of the state attorney’s general those were political lawsuits so they could basically say to their basis look what i did i tried to stop the fiscally irresponsible

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Joe biden and his tracks i understand it i get it that’s a political argument not a legal one and that’s why federal judges even those appointed by republican presidents have thrown those cases out so the loan uh forgiveness program goes forward once a loan is forgiven that is permanent a new congress cannot uh reinstate it at any time in the future if you’re

In that category god bless you good luck you got a freebie i guess the president wants you to vote for the democrats in three weeks well there are more reasons to decide how to vote than your personal obligations to a bank that the federal government has backed up more as we get it judge napolitano for judging freedom

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