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Hello and welcome back to my youtube channel my name is dick hemi everyone calls me dicks you can call me diggs if this is your first time here welcome and being the new sheddings and um i am in nigerian doing my master’s degree in france on my channel i talk about how i go here how you can get here um the application processes how to find schools the tuition

Fees and just you know good stuff like that if you are not yet subscribed you know what to do the button is right there please subscribe like and share with your family and friends um so since i started this channel i’ve gotten a lot of questions about what it’s like to study in france if you’re able to work what kind of work you can do so um instead of you

Know just answering the same things over and over again i decided to do a video about it and that’s what we’ll be talking about in this video so um essentially can you work as an international student in france even if you do not speak french the short answer is of course yes you can work as an international student even if you do not speak french according to

Campus france which is the authorized french government body for studying in france you are allowed to do 20 hours a week of work as an international student or another 20 hours a week or 9 64 or 965 hours per year so i guess like if for example you don’t start work immediately you get here or something like i think on some level if you do more than 20 hours

In a week it’s okay as long as in one year you don’t exceed the 964 hours right a lot of countries actually do this i think the reason is just so that like you don’t get a study visa so then come and do like full-time work and actually not go to school so yeah i allowed to do 20 hours of work a week or 964 hours of work in one year as a student so now that

We know that you can work it brings us to the question of the kinds of jobs that you can do um like i said they’re jobs for non-french speakers but of course you already know that it will limit like the maybe industries or the number of jobs that you can apply to uh if you’re in big cities maybe like paris leon massey versailles or something like popular-ish

Cities i guess you can find more english-speaking jobs than if you were like in a remote-ish city or town because maybe less people speak english or less companies will have need to speak english their customers or something like that so the kinds of jobs that you can do and bear in mind that what i’m saying is based on my experience the experience of my

Friends and the people that i’ve spoken with so you can find restaurant jobs a lot of people do like what’s that thing called fast food jobs so you can find restaurant jobs and if you’ve ever been to paris uh i don’t know if okay i think on some level it’s a french thing but let me speak specifically surprise if you’ve ever been to paris like under

Almost every building like i kid you not under almost every building there is a restaurant or a cafe there is a brasserie which is like a bar there is a lingerie which is the bakery so like you will find something there are many food places in in france essentially so like even if other cities are not as full or condensed as paris there are restaurants

There are cafes there are bursaries they have luxuries everywhere right so like and their passwords the mcdonald’s and kfc’s and subways there are those as well so yeah um people find jobs in these places and yeah essentially you can work there also hotel jobs um this one is like in two parts you may or may not need english for hotel jobs uh it depends on

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What you do i know someone that works at the receptionist at a hotel and he speaks french which is why like he could get that kind of joke because i don’t know like you probably have some bilingual so if you have like international people coming that don’t speak french then you’re able to switch to english but then you could also have french people and you

Can play oh sorry i only speak english so yeah but then if you walk maybe like in the kitchen or as a cleaner or whatever whatever else there’s no customer facing then maybe you may not need um french or as much french so yeah there’s that another popular kind of job is babysitting like this one is very popular i think it’s the go-to thing for international

Students especially those that don’t speak french because a lot of parents actually look for people who don’t speak french so they can teach their children that language right so like parents may look for an english-speaking person so that they can teach their children english right so parents speak french to the children the babysitter speaks english to the

Children right um and then i know someone that i think the parents actually wanted her to speak italian to the children and teach them italian so yeah like so it’s not just about english like any language it could be mandarin it could be spanish and stuff like that um so yeah that’s a thing as well another and there are many babysitting companies in france

Like i think a lot of them will have like partnerships with universities so like in your first week or first month or something you’ll probably come to your school to tell you about the services and how you can apply and blah blah i’ll try to link a couple of them in the in the description box because i tried out some when i came by didn’t quite work out

Because like all the ones that i got were clashing with my school schedule because the parents wanted someone that could pick up the children from school at 4 30 and then probably like sit them to maybe 8 p.m when the parents get home but most days i was in school till like five or six um so obviously like i wasn’t going to skip classes to grandpa because for

Me to pick each other for 30 then i probably have to live wherever i am to get to the school i i have to leave like 3 30 to get to school on time with the children i’m like i’m going to skip classes because i want to earn how much power it’s not that deep there is also pet sitting pet sitting is you sitting dogs or cats especially dogs and cats yeah taking

Them on walks feeding them maybe cleaning them whatever that they do when their owners are not around um and it’s actually quite popular in paris right like parisians love dogs and cats but i think they love dogs more like you see dogs everywhere and i think i’m going to do like another video on how there is no single wild dog in paris but that’s content for

Another day so yeah there’s that as well pet sitting is also a thing and there are also websites for that like when you can create a profile and then you see like available questions from pet owners and you can apply and if they’re happy with you or whatever proposal you send then you can get the job um i think for the pet sitting for even the babysitting

The agency will get a commission of your of your fees um and then you get paid the balance or something like that similar to what i mentioned during the babysitting one there is also the opportunity to teach english a lot of people want to learn english apparently so not just parents wanting their children to learn i think some adults also want to learn

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English so like i also found a website where like you could register as a tutor and you could choose any subject really you could be math chemistry anything uh or a language and then but they ask you for like certification of whether you’re a native speaker or if you’ve taken an exam or something that just qualifies you to teach that particular subject and

Then like so i think on that particular website you create a profile and then wait for people to approach you or ask you what’s your rates what your average is something like that um so yeah there’s that you can teach english or your language um there are also factory jobs i heard that someone got a job like in a factory to do packaging or something like that

So i i guess it depends on like where you’re looking who you’re talking to how far you want to go um there was something that i did wrong when i first got here so i’ll just mention it like i literally was just applying on company websites and i was looking for like corporate part-time jobs and that never worked maybe some people get it i don’t know how they

Did it but like it didn’t work for me and one day i just realized that oh my god i’m so broke i have to like figure out another way to do this so i printed like um some copies of my cv uh and then i just walked around basically to fast foods hotels like anywhere that i could see really that they had a business so just work there oh like i’m an international

Student i speak english i’m looking for a part-time job all this i said in french by the way um because uh it’s basic like even if your french is not that good you can learn to say some phrases that would at least make somebody receptive to you and then if the conversation is getting longer you can be like oh my french is not that great do you speak english

Or something but i just even know that you put in effort french people want you to put the effort so uh yeah i walked around there was one day oh my god i think i worked for like three hours like i go home ah four hours or so after i left in life and it was cold it was i think in february or march or something like that it was so bad and then i just gone

To all these places kfc this place that place that place um some place is very nice uh actually and they were like oh blah blah blah you really need to be flight in french some other places were like oh the manager is not around i can take your cv in those cases i don’t actually think that anybody gave my cv to the manager but like i dropped it either way

Um yeah and then i went to this particular hotel and they were like oh the only job that they have um i have to be friends in english they’re not looking for like cleaners or kitchen staff they actually want like find this person and you have to speak french so i was like okay bye uh so yeah so if you’re looking for like babysitting pet citizens you can

Apply online because like those websites already exist per company um but if you’re looking for like fast food jobs the best thing to do is to actually print your cv and take it there in person like speak to a human being and then uh so at least get their feedback probably get their phone number and ask if it’s okay for you to follow up and call them later

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You might move faster if you do that oh one other thing you can also opt to be a delivery person especially if you know how to ride bikes uh not motorcycles bicycles um yeah so uh food delivery services are actually quite popular here um and i think they don’t have any major whatever like i don’t think your french has to be great because all you have to

Do is say that they don’t usually call you until they’re at your place so it’s not a matter of asking for direction like it’s pretty easy to find any address in paris so like they get to your house and then they call you to say that they are at the door so either you give them the code or you say you’re coming or something but yeah they don’t say much so you

Don’t necessarily have to speak french to be a deliberate person but it’s another thing and i hear that they play well i’m not sure how now that we’ve talked about the different kinds of jobs that you can do i’m sure you’re wondering so how much i get paid for these jobs essentially how much you get paid depends on the company that i work for minimum wage

In france is i think 10 euro 85 per hour so some companies pay more some companies pay the minimum wage some companies pay less but i feel like the people that pay less um are not structured to like they won’t pay you into your bank account or anything because then they probably would have issues with the government to say like you’re paying less than uh

What’s it called the minimum wage and of course it still has to be taxed so like yeah so the people that pay less essentially do like under the table same way like they pay you cash you don’t have a contract blah blah blah uh it could be good or not good good in the sense that oh you know that whatever number of hours that you work your money is your money

Like you’re going to get the full thing because it’s not taxed on the other hand is that there is no job security it’s not like this job security for part-time just but like someone can literally wake up today and tell you not to come back tomorrow because you don’t have a contract that says you’re going to work from here from this time to this time um so

Yeah and then i guess you could also get in trouble if uh somehow the authorities find out that you’re doing that because then it’s not possible for them to track how many hours you’ve worked in a year so you don’t know if you’re actually going to school or whatever um and i think the french government also takes school attendance seriously so at least for

My school oh my god oh god like i think the attendance is the most stressful part because they just need to be sure that they’re actually coming to class and you’re not like registered in school and then spending all of the time working and not coming to school because that defeats the process okay so um yeah that’s essentially it um i hope that you found

This useful i will like i said at the links to here so in case you’ve got an admission and you’re wondering uh how you can get some money when you arrive check them out and yeah hopefully that helps and i will see you in my next one

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