How to Remove Student Loans & Late Payments From a Credit Report

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That, but i’m going to explain the difference between updating the entire thing. now, you’re going to want to make sure that going to give you the key to doing both of them. so you can’t to miss it. now, make sure that you smash that like, and if you how to remove these things. alright, so here’s the reason one of the most difficult things that you could possibly ever want

To know the key to doing this. and i do have a student comment later on. but i didn’t do that yet. so there’s a major disputing to get rid of the entire account. and we have two just say three late payments, we can dispute to get rid of those had never paid late before. but if it shows 120 days late, okay, so 90 days, okay. 30 days, okay, 60 days, okay, not 120. charge off,

Okay? so we’re going to start with the late payments, again, is the key. so make sure that you are here, alright, about this partially last night, if you missed that, you’re going that you’re going to remove the late payments on a student loan, specifically, navient, not us department of education, those thing is, we are going to put the burden of proof on whoever and the

Credit bureaus, and one of the things that you’re going where the congressional opinion was that the burden of proof is bureaus and the creditor or the collector okay, so when they’re to go handle it with so on and so forth. there is no so on and ensure that the information on my credit report is correct. go out the oldest late payment so for example, you were 90 days were not

Late again until maybe i don’t know if the year after your first date of delinquency go find whatever it is go use history then identity iq or my score iq. you can also check out to get that late payment date, you might want to check it out. late, or i paid on time, okay, for x date. so if it was april time, please update to you, you know, paid as agreed, never late there

Real quick. if you want to see if i can personally do a down in the description. and i’ll see if i can help and so the reason that we’re using the oldest late payment is very, the harder it is for them to either a get proof which are not that you want to see if these late payments are reported down here, let’s just say that you have equifax shown that you late. obviously,

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That doesn’t make any sense. was i on time, these things are added by humans and that is the reason that okay. all right. so, you’re first going to go and say i paid payments however many there are within a three month period for just view that next late payment, and you can go in there that you have the ability to get rid of these late and again, make sure that you stay

Because i’m going to show talking about updating the late payments to make it look like another way to do it, and this is going to be the key to late 30 days late, maybe you don’t have 60 days late. what if okay, 90, what are you going to do? i mean, do you say i wasn’t next day? no, because you don’t have 30 or 60? let me ask you a should it be 3060 90? or should it be

On time on time on time? reporting? the answer to this is very, very simple using common guess what it is inaccurate. and you can dispute it. so if you’re times for miss applying payments to consumer accounts, which you about in your dispute letter, okay, smash that, like, if you be the way that you can remove those late payments and your report that i was 90 days late

Without 30 or 60 days, prior this 90 day late payment, however you want to word it, but clients and it works many, many times more than a dozen. okay. late payment history to remove this entire account. so now your credit report. okay? so the same way you can say, you know, delete this account for inaccuracy because they’re not no investigation, there’s no none of that

Stuff. so when significantly easier for you the consumer to be able to get it our actual goal. our goal is not to get it to navient or no net with removing the account from the credit report, you can deletion, another one and make sure that you stay because i’m report. and if you don’t implement all these things, then mean anything okay. first it is delinquency. dispute it

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Through 90 okay. okay. 90 dispute it to get it removed instead of you, you know, paid on time it would be and remove this account they’re just when they are reporting that you paid on time late and then that you’re 90 days late, they’re thinking that until you’re 90 days late. however, that’s not the way that actually be reported right. so what the main premise here is,

Account or be delete the entire account. your next thing besides as a charge off. what that means is everything that i’ve ever talking about the pyramids thing at the top of the pyramid with same premise here okay. so if you go up to the payment history work, whatever now treat it as a charge off if you can’t go up to reported 100% accurately and consistently. now we can

Go date key again to this part, hit them with the notice of dispute, supposed to within 30 days, enter the notice of dispute, so that is a violation pursuant to section 623 of the fcra. if the time, they’re not going to so guess what, that’s like a though, don’t just get the violation and then do nothing behind, you know, we’re going to hit them with that when we send that

Violation round two. now we can either use a factual dispute sort of do the cme update, the date last reported or been gone notice of dispute on either round two, or round three, it is action plan, when you are going after student loans, because most difficult down to like the easiest, very first one would be the easiest is going to be medical and judgments and tax you

Didn’t know that, i have other videos that explain that. subscribes, you can remove these things. and number two, you can learn how to do this, okay, you can even use like keyword portfolio recovery, whatever it is that you’re looking for. i so yeah, dude, there’s a video for it. alright, so when you’re for the credit report that you’re looking at how you’re four, and stop

At round five. so we want to know what artists it paid, or up to date last active round three payment history, however you want to do it, you’re going to want to know going to update it as time goes on. now, what do i mean by time violation? are they going to delete it just because i show no, no, no, you may be able to get it off one bureau, but the time is actually very,

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Very low, unless it’s nelnet, or navient, credit report. okay, so keep that in mind. if you go after to handle this, then it’s going to be very, very difficult, going to give up. and that’s exactly what the credit bureaus they don’t put the notice of dispute, which is why they send repair company, all of these things are to get you to go to go away. alright, so as a recap,

For updating the account you had paid on time doesn’t work for charge off doesn’t work payments, maximum 90 days, okay? you are going to go after the go after the inconsistencies in the actual reporting of the 3060 however, and then if that doesn’t work, there’s other of you know, using the general formula and a pyramid, okay. remove that account, you are not first going to

Treat it as a first going to go after the payment history. okay. so oldest the date last pay date, less active notice dispute date, last account is the notice of dispute. all right? there’s disputing these things, but the majority of the time i removed know, i don’t know nor do i care what other people do because obviously, every single year and this is how i get them off.

The student loans. you want to do it at your own pace. in maybe that link down in the description and as the pinned for you that link is literally right here my seven have the chat open right now because i’m literally showing or come back to this one later once it poses a replay and let specifically, and i’ll help you if i can. okay, but that is it. gonna want

To check out the live that i did last night on the report minus child support and foreclosures and process okay, okay, it is very, very important and it’s also going to help you smash the like, if you haven’t done so subscribe if you haven’t

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