Master in Wealth Management – Students words

Master in Wealth Management, Geneva School of Economics and Management, Université de Genève, Switzerland

So in our risk index this master is very very interesting because it deals with markets which is something really magic it has a unique program that is focused in wealth management the master gave the opportunity of choosing between courses in finance and in law i chose this master to let’s say do the math in the real world and apply it’s not in my work but also

Personally my own investments i wanted to emphasize and focus my skills on finance now that i knew about marketing i chose this master because of the teachers and also because it was a new master so before the master i finished a bachelor in finance at the university in kiev i studied the bachelor in economics diversidad punto father in barcelona bachelor in ohio

In marketing and finance bachelor of business administration for four years in the university of geneva also geneva is the international city and you can’t find the judge just outside at all it is a place where you can find great great opportunities for the future careers and that’s why i didn’t have any more money just continue studying in america so since my

Family is here it was the obvious choice but i don’t regret it at all because the teachers are wonderful and it was a great experience and i would recommend anybody to come here for my personal experience i’d say it’s still pretty hard master we have to work a lot doesn’t mean you won’t have free time but you have to dedicate enough time to learn the interaction

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Between professor and students is really active we can learn a lot and the relations in the class are very nice as well you have to be very constant sometimes you have to work under pressure the good things is that we have a lot of projects we do a lot of projects in groups together so we help each other we learn from from our colleagues but the lifestyle here

In geneva is quite enjoyable i mean the university is situated at the center of the city so we think it’s quite close little party but mostly studying i see myself working an asset management company already managing my my team hopefully i’ll be a hedge fund manager in the next 10 years and i’ll have lots of money but also using the sustainable finance classes

Putting you know combining finance and sustainability together i think is the main objective one of my dream would be to create a company with some friends given that i have a master in finance and maybe some sort of founder a hedge fund in ten years i see myself in a big yacht and with many private cars and drinking a cocktail and not thinking about the future you

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Master in Wealth Management – Students words By Université de Genève