Meet Oregon MBA Student Alex Bibb, MBA 17, Finance and Securities Analysis

Get to know second year MBA Alex Bibb ’17 and learn more about life as a student on the Finance and Securities Analysis track at the Oregon MBA.

My name is alex bill i am a second year finance student in the cameron center for five financial security analysis here at the oregon mba and originally from dallas texas i did my undergrad at morehouse college where i received a bachelor’s bachelors of arts in international relations after that i worked in development work helping low-income communities gain access

To financial services and then after that i decided to go back to school and really concentrate it on my career i chose the oregon va because i wanted to leverage my prior experience working in economic and financial development as well as gain more experience in the traditional higher financial aspect skillsets and when i was researching different mba programs

The organ mba just struck out to me not only because it had the finance the finance center which gives me that hard core skill set in finance but it also navigates the academic and coursework in a more financial stewardship impact investing type of way so you learned how to use the traditional financial skillsets and a more practical impactful and sustainable

Way a typical data life of a finance student yen or mba is we have a lot of opportunities to partake and a number of different activities one of which is the emerging market fund or we get to manage two or three thousand dollars out of university of oregon endowment funds in order to best in foreign equities such as companies in brazil thailand or china we also

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Have opportunities to participate in different case competitions for instance i’m currently participating in the cfa research challenge where we are doing an equity report on a local portland area company and then as well as i was participated in a number of other different case competitions in my first year in second year we also know we’re gonna be a we also

Get a chance to participate in exponential learning trips where in your first year you get to go to portland seattle in san francisco then over the summer you get the opportunity to go to asia and visit singapore beijing and shanghai and then in your second year with the cameron center you get to go to new york and network with different companies in the new york

Area and these trips are fantastic because it gives you the opportunity to see what finance is like in different companies organizations as well as different cities and every city has a different feel culture and so you can see where you want to eventually end up after graduating i want to pursue a career in commercial banking because i want to leverage my prior

Experience working in low-income communities with my new experience it’s my new experiences here working in the cameron center on my financial skills in order to learn overall banking in order to help lower-income communities help develop bringing in the financial funds for those little those new entrepreneurs and low-income communities i’m really excited to be

Going to bangkok here this monday for the next two weeks me and a group of other students will be competing in the bangkok business challenge where we have a startup group called cinch and we’ll be presenting and pitching the business case competition with 15 other companies from around the world in order to win the prize it’s going to be a great experience be

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Able to my first time going into thailand seeing the culture and as well as getting gaining new experiences working with a start-up especially doing the finances for a startup company

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Meet Oregon MBA Student Alex Bibb, MBA '17, Finance and Securities Analysis By University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business