Republicans HUMILIATED with brutal mistake over student loan forgiveness

No Lie podcast episode 120: Biden finally forgives student loan debt and the Republicans fail spectacularly while attempting to capitalize off of it.

Today we’re going to talk about biden finally forgiving student loan debt and the republicans failed attempt at capitalizing off it and i have two interviews this week i interview the secretary of education miguel cardona about the details of that debt elimination and his response to republicans who have attacked loan forgiveness even when they themselves benefited

From forgiven ppp loans and i’m joined by the democratic nominee for arizona secretary of state adrian fontes about his republican opponent being a literal oath keeper how that guy could weaponize the secretary of state’s office if he wins and his message to pro-democracy republicans who’ve never voted for a democrat i’m brian tyler cohen and you’re watching no

Lie so the white house has gotten the memo gloves are off they’re finally fighting back on all fronts and this is just my favorite thing uh after biden released his long-awaited and very popular plan to forgive between 10 and 20 000 of student debt for those making under 125 000 a year republicans dutifully started attacking it and so all of these republicans

Came out of the woodwork to talk about how unfair it is that these loans are being forgiven but the problem is that the republicans who spoke out against it also just so happen to personally have received ppp loans that were ultimately forgiven like margie taylor green uh came out and said this wrong but for for our government just to say you know okay well your

Debt is completely forgiven obviously they have an agenda for that they need votes in november so the timing is a pure coincidence there as well but it’s completely unfair and taxpayers all over the country taxpayers that never took out a student loan taxpayers that pay their bills and and and you know maybe even never went to college or just hard-working people

They shouldn’t have to pay off the great big student loan debt for some college student that piled up massive debt going to some ivy league school that’s not fair and the white house twitter account quote tweeted that and said quote congresswoman marjorie taylor greene had 183 504 dollars in ppp loans forgiven so when she clutches her pearls over the government

Saying okay your debt is forgiven the government literally saw her debt and said okay your debt is completely forgiven. uh here’s another republican vern buchanan who i’ve never even heard of but if an a.i bot had to create a republican and name him i swear he would be named vern buchanan he said this a lot of families in our region they’ve been talking about

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Forgiveness alone for the last four or five months are very very upset many of them work two jobs to be able to put their kids through college and then to think that a lot of these loans are going to be forgive is wrong and they’re very outraged about it there’s a lot of kids that are working a job or two to try to pay it as they go i know i was a blue collar kid

And i first to my family to go to college and we i worked two jobs through college to be able to pay my tuition as i went along so it’s not about me but just in general people are very outraged i think it’s the best word the white house twitter account quote tweeted that and said quote congressman vern buchanan had over 2.3 million dollars in ppp loans forgiven uh

Mark wayne mullen whined on twitter about paying student debt uh the white house account quote tweeted him and said quote congressman mark wayne mullen had over 1.4 million dollars in ppp loans forgiven uh it happened to republicans kevin hearn who had a million dollars forgiven mike kelly who had 987 thousand dollars forgiven even matt gates who had 482 thousand

Dollars for given i mean this was like scientifically engineered to backfire in the most spectacular fashion possible you quite literally could not have had worse spokespeople for this particular issue than if like matt gates became the spokesperson for child safety i don’t know if these republicans didn’t know that ppp loan information was publicly available

Or if they’re just so used to lying in the most shameless way possible that it never occurred to them that the white house twitter account would drag them with the most viral tweets of its existence but either way i uh i don’t think these people are going to be complaining about loan forgiveness on twitter anymore uh there’s also the fact that loan forgiveness is

Hugely popular although i i got to be honest i don’t think that the republican party is interested in doing what’s popular like i think that that ship has probably sailed that party’s literally running on stripping women of their bodily autonomy it’s probably only slightly less popular than killing puppies as far as policy platforms go so i’m pretty sure that the

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Fact that people want these loans forgiven is going to have zero effect on the gop um taking a step back here and kind of looking at this from from a 30 000 foot view as we head into november what’s striking is that all of this came together at exactly the right time everything that’s happened in the last month or so has served to really neutralize every single

Attack that republicans put forward republicans claim that democrats were ineffective okay democrats passed the inflation reduction act it was the biggest climate investment in history lower drug costs made the rich pay their fair share they passed chips to bring the semiconductor chip industry home they passed the pact act to give health care to sick veterans

Passed the american rescue plan passed the infrastructure package passed the first gun bill in decades and of course what we’re talking about now eliminated 10 to 20 thousand dollars in student loan debt republicans claimed the democrats were bad for jobs okay well democrats recovered every single job lost during the pandemic they added the most jobs of any

Presidential administration in u.s history and they bought they brought the unemployment rate down to a 50-year low republicans claimed that democrats were bogging americans down in high gas prices and inflation okay those things still exist but for the last 60 plus days we’ve been seeing those declines in exactly those areas and things are very clearly moving in

The right direction even the attacks lobbed at the bite administration from the left and a lot of them justified i should add like that he’s unwilling to criticize republicans that’s been a big one for me you know it’s it’s frustrating to see someone give so much deference to a party that is seeking to undermine democracy in real time but now biden’s holding rallies

He’s calling those republicans out by name even his digital team is going on the offense and this is this is dumb but like they’ve co-opted the dark brandon meme from the right couple that with the inexplicable fact that now only months away from midterms is when republicans have decided to pull maybe the most politically unpopular stunt in modern american history

With these abortion bans and we’re in an environment where democrats have a chance to not only maybe hang on to their majorities but actually expand them like think about it this way new york’s 19th congressional district there was a special election this past week it was a biden plus 1.5 district that means biden won it by a point and a half in a midterm cycle with

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Democrats in power where the opposition party usually sees a huge swing in their favor a seat like new york’s 19th is a really easy pickup for the right and yet not only did republicans lose but the democrat pat ryan actually gained on biden’s 2020 margin in fact this is the fourth house special election in a row where a democrat has outperformed biden and looking

Ahead to november there are actually 222 seats in the house where biden performed better than he did in new york’s 19th that means that if every congressional district replicates the same turnout performance as we just saw in new york’s 19th democrats are on track to exceed the 218 seats that they need to hold the house and look that’s not to say uh you know that

This thing’s in the bag it’s not to say that we’re getting complacent or that we should get complacent it’s not to say that something can’t happen tomorrow and shift the entire race because we’re old enough to remember the difference between january 2020 and march 2020 but it is to say that we’ve got a fighting chance that we have the chance to win and if we can

That means codifying row it means voting rights protections banning gerrymandering making election day a federal holiday dc statehood banning assault weapons taking even stronger action on climate so we are close we just have to stay engaged hammer away at the facts let everyone know exactly what republicans stand for and keep touting the ways the democrats are

Delivering to watch my interview with secretary of education miguel cardona about the details of that debt elimination plan and his response to republicans who’ve attacked loan forgiveness even when they themselves benefited from forgiven ppp loans and my interview with democratic nominee for arizona secretary of state adrian fontes about his republican opponent

Being a literal oath keeper how that guy could weaponize the secretary of state’s office if he wins and his office to pro-democracy republicans who’ve never voted for a democrat before click the thumbnails right here on the screen or check out the interviews playlist on my youtube channel

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Republicans HUMILIATED with brutal mistake over student loan forgiveness By Brian Tyler Cohen