Sundae Finance Genesis Pool Launch 2/19 – 9300% Daily APY Icecream Finance 3omb Site Tomb 2omb Fork

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All right man i’ve been uh pumping out these videos like crazy so this is likely going to be my last video for at least at least until monday but i may also take monday off as well i guess we’ll see so all right anyway so sunday finance right now it’s 4 p.m eastern so it’s gonna launch in one hour so i just want to try to get a quick video out you know start

Ranking for this there’s a genesis pool so normally i wouldn’t do something like this but obviously it’s ice cream sunday finance hmm i really could use some ice cream so you know there so obviously this is going to probably be legit and here you have to fork watch retweeting the actual you know twitter here and of course sunday finance dot app which we just

Literally came from so i know that this is going to be probably legit so obviously there’s only one supply that’s the genesis token like i like to call it just to get things going and obviously the price is just through the roof because you know there’s nothing out there yet so i’ll go i’ll go over the board room real quick uh because you know just to get out

Of the way but basically the board room will be open in 72 hours and 58 minutes as of this recording so obviously you’ll just have to check obviously i’ll have all i’ll have all the links in you know the youtube descriptions you can check up to date uh oh so look at that your your what do they call it your straws will be stuck for 36 hours so no thanks and you

Can’t claim for 85 hours anyway from now so yeah i’ll stick with the liquidity pools with the smallest spinach i forgot to swallow it because i i literally just came back from walking for about an hour or hour and a half went to burger king i got something very small because i like this coupon from hurricane and someone just left the front door or front lobby i

Should say uh of course i had to clean it with like anti-bacterial soap just because it was on the floor so and i’m gonna handle it on my hands i want to kill all the germs all right so i look so so first and foremost i should probably say that there is a 1 deposit tax which is kind of hefty but i mean considering that i actually did the genesis pull for frozen

Two and like basically what happened with that project right and well i made a lot i mean i printed so much money off of that so you know and it was the same thing there you take your snow tune tokens or slot tokens as well and you stake it in frozen tomb and then you just print running essentially so here i expect this to be no different and on top of that ice

Cream sundae ice cream sundae finance is actually much bigger in terms of total value locked let’s see we can get the current number yeah there’s this thing this thing is basically like what three or six i don’t even remember what it was when frozen tomb came out what the total value locked in snow tim was at the time it was way smaller than 2.8 million that i

Remember yeah look at that the prices are already going back up yeah because people are getting ready to you know farm the genesis pool so as luck would have it let me see what are you earning here fudge okay and there’s a fudge avax and a fudge die lp so well again i don’t like that you can immediately start farming more of itself already i was kind of hoping

They don’t have these but oh well we didn’t do so anyway just be aware there’s a one percent tax so i actually found out that i overweighted i don’t know why i put so much into ice cream sunday finance but i have 75 c share avex and then 25 in the cream but the the total of these two is around 450 dollars which is way too much so i guess i guess this mistake one

At least to me a mistake actually winds up in my favor because basically i get the maximum multiplier here so i’m good to go i’m ready to just farm the out of this patago yeah i’ll lose four dollars and fifty cents immediately upon deposit with this one percent deposit tax but i mean again if it’s a legit project which i’m pretty sure that it is then whatever you

Know i’ll just i’ll just i’ll just keep dumping my fudge i’ll keep dumping the fudge now am i going to do fudge avax lp or fudge die lp chances are i think the answer would be no but again you never know because like i actually have to wind down my positions in ice cream finance anyway it’s a little too high like it’s too high for the very low apr i’m better

Off putting it in you know you drastical money or really zilla zvax or z shares so or even piggy finance to be honest because that thing just got hit really hard with the correction and dawn’s way back up so anyway you could just take a look at all the various you know thingies here all right you can even do single staking genesis pools but obviously you get way

Less money so in my case i’m obviously just going to ape into well i’m not eating into but excuse me so i’m basically going to unstick everything from yield wolf right because i’m auto farming you know ice cream finance and i’m gonna i’m gonna put it right into here so let’s see okay all right so see share avax has right now 120.2 thousand dollars tvl and the

Daily apr is 97.33 uh you know thousand so obviously i expect this number to go way down as more of us get in especially as we get closer to five o’clock very which is 54 minutes from now and on top of that the man the heat’s been going on a lot let’s see coin app gas tracker the problem is avax is seeing a lot of yeah i think it was coin tool though yeah it

Was this site yeah avax is seeing a lot of launches today so the gas fees are actually unusually higher for a saturday afternoon the good news is it was as high as like 222 and now it’s down to 65. so hopefully when five o’clock rolls around you know you’ll still probably pay more gap more in gas than you would like or i would like but it should be it should

Still be okay like you’re not going to be happy i won’t but i can live with it right because before people in the elite disco are telling me that you know they were all complaining about the gas fees earlier because i think everybody well yeah because everybody was aping into a new project that just launched today called elixir right but spell e-l-e-x-i-r i have

No idea what it is and i don’t really care to find out so but i’m sure a bunch of youtubers are covering that so if you want to search for the elixir there because i stay away from node projects all right i’m all about the tuned forks because i can just simply i could just simply dump everything on a yield wolf and then just set and forget all right but if i do

Node projects i have to manually waste time compounding and claiming compounding and playing and then on top of that my web browser has like 50 different windows open right about in like 50 notes it’s like i’m never doing no project again except ape universe and that’s only because the devs and the team is in the elite discord and they were like one of the first

People there so okay you know yeah so obviously i’m just making an exception for them just solely based on that okay so that’s c sure avax let’s see what cream of xlp is so cream avax lp is way lower because there’s way more people in here uh yeah for whatever reason a lot of people on ice cream finance do not like doing see share avax lp which is great for me

Because i get to hoard more of the rewards like i get all this i get right now i can basically gain three times the amount of money right now i haven’t staked in any of this because you know i’m waiting on this to go down hopefully and plus it’s not it’s still 51 minutes away so i have time to wait in the meantime you know i’m constantly farming you know a little

More liquidity tokens on yield wolf okay so there’s that i mean i guess you could do single staking i guess nobody put anything in here oh i didn’t notice this but when i mouse over it you can look at the background like it’s moving though all this sunday soda pop bubble thing so that’s a pretty nice touch there’s obviously nothing in here yet so we’ll find out

What it is it’ll probably be pretty high of course same thing over here uh or not what what is what is the liquidity pair oh this is interesting i thought this was going to be whatever uh avax but this is actually in die dot e oh so for whatever reason this thing is using die oh which would explain why there’s already money in here because i’m like oh is

This the liquidity full okay oh yeah and then you can see you know some of this you know i guess summary of everybody that’s staked in okay so we got docs which are not actually out yet okay so i was going to try to find out what the peg for this is uh i’m going to take a wild guess that the pig is one to one avax but because they’re also using dye no i don’t

Really know actually yeah yeah i might have to just open the window because the uh radiator is on too much okay well i i well i guess that’s about it though i mean yeah also i’ll leave you with this so remember everything’s gonna hyper pump and then hyper dunk right and then once we find out what the peg of this is you know i mean i’ll definitely do another

Video on this all right because once this thing settles down you know i want to do my you know standard video right you know sunday finance like title the youtube sunday finance you know eight to 15 daily apr blah blah blah blah right or whatever the apr happens to be and i’ll start ranking for that but obviously there’s really you know nothing to really rank

For right i mean there’s really nothing to report i mean i’ll probably still put this as the genesis pool but i’m also going to write in the youtube description expect this to drop rapidly you know because obviously the more people that deposit into these farming pools the lower the quick the lower the apr in fact the apr just dropped a couple hundred percent

Right because another person put in like a hundred a thousand dollars or something so yeah i mean i guess that’s it then like if you’re crazy and you want to buy this or swing trade this like good luck to you but i wouldn’t do that j you’re really just better off staking the ice cream finance tokens get the free money and then you decide what you want to do with

It it’s not in frozen tomb i chose to actually take a little bit of profit and compound most of it even though i knew it was going to go down i just keep farming more and more free money and just see how that goes but then i did have it also fund a lot of other projects too so this time around what am i going to do uh you know i actually don’t really know uh i

Actually don’t really know so chances are i think i might actually take a little bit of profit to be honest i’m just gonna get my rewards and just dump it on the open market how long is the genesis pool okay well that didn’t help because they used to have the tweet pin but i think it lasts for three days all right that’s the fake thing list them uh oh yeah here we

Go so okay here we go so the pools go live in 47 minutes and the actual liquidity pools the normal staking starts on monday also at the same time 5 p.m eastern or est for me and the board room will also go live 24 hours after that yeah so all right well it’s good that they consistently pick 5 p.m eastern as their time or 2 p.m pacific for them so yeah i look with

Gas we just went down so i think i think my time i have to start using the avax network hopefully it should be like 44 right 44 gas still not ideal but still kind of cheap i guess all right so i’m gonna run the assumption that this little the genesis pool will last at least three days and probably no more than uh that with that being said i don’t know what

I’m gonna do with my fudge so i don’t know i’ll think of something i mean again i think i’ll just dump it all right and just keep dumping and then when the genesis pool ends i break up my liquidity pools because i’m pretty sure that sea share and cream are going to be going up in value as well while this is all going on so that’s a great time for me to you know

Take profit and exit and then you know reduce the amount of money that i have invested in ice cream finance because again i have 450 dollars in ice cream finance tokens that’s just way too much i want to go to here so yeah let’s see 115 501 bulb yeah all right fine whatever all right so that’s pretty much it i’ll see you let me try and get this as a thumbnail

Hopefully so i’ll see you well you’re not i think monday at at least but maybe honestly it’d be tuesday because you know i pumped out a lot of content yesterday and today because i’m not going to be available tomorrow so unless some emergency happens all right you know i want a couple days off this uh basically so i’ll see you all at least on monday and then or

Tuesday and then the next set of videos let’s see i have to do platinum finance partial finance tornado cash and apu update video after genesis so it could take about a week or so or maybe up to two weeks before i can do another update video on sunday finance because i basically want to do the video when it’s at its correction but i might do the video when it’s

Still way too high and i’ll just simply say just be uh just be careful it’s supposed to go down so you know maybe just waited a bit so i don’t know we’ll see all right enjoy the rest of your weekend or president’s day holiday because that’s apparently the holiday we have on monday if you’re here in america stuff like me and uh yeah happy genesis farming looks

I really hope there’s there isn’t like some kind of secret rug pulse scam that they’ve been plotting for months or weeks and or worse they the devs screw up something and then we all lose our money because of you know human error uh but for the most part i i figure you know 2.8 million total value locked you know can’t be wrong right so whatever this number turns

Out to be yes two yeah 2.741 mil because obviously these prices are going up and down yeah this thing goes down a dollar and already this thing like dropped 60 grand in total value how crazy is that all right see y’all next time happy uh happy genesis farming

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