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Rick Chua, 26, graduate of Bachelor of Science in Finance, joined SUSS while he was working full-time. He had to work instead of pursue his studies after his polytechnic years due to family financial constraints. With SUSS’ part-time studies that was flexible and subsidised for working professionals, SUSS became the obvious choice.

Addiction is a form of escape it is a result of trying to escape from something in the direction of a need that is currently not met hi i’m rick studying bachelor of science in finance prior to suss i was actually in secondary school whereby i was addicted to computer games right that caused me to retain one year and left behind my peers afterwards it sparked

A drive in me so i worked extremely hard in polytechnic and i managed to achieve a cgpa of 3.5 i wanted to further my studies because it’s my mom’s dream since young for us to be the first in the family to graduate for university so i was exploring several options so even despite having a very high cgpa in poly my dad showed ultimatum at me that he wasn’t able

To support my studies and it was either me or my younger brother to be able to study full-time in the university so because of the financial circumstances i was motivated to work full-time during the day and starting night classes and suss provided me with the pathway to do so i was a recipient of the suss scholarship award the cfa scholarship award as well as

Other numerous awards attained during my three years university however getting there wasn’t easy i remember my girlfriend used to tell me you always saw me or certain paywall so i had the sense of guilt that is within me so it wasn’t easy trying to actually juggle all the commitments between work school and having a relationship as well it was very tough for

Me i used time management tools like google calendar to actually map out my schedule and what kept me motivated at the back of my head was to actually push myself to see how far it can go i think the memorial moment for me was actually being part of the suss investment society being able to network with similar like-minded individuals in the area of investments

At the same time also forming a team of five who joined the cfa research challenge it was a six month journey where we learned to value a company and then we learned about financial modelling and pitching so there was a very good experience for me because i get to work with a fellow like-minded individuals as well as to interact with the professors to actually

Gain more knowledge in this field the best thing that happened in suss was actually to work with fellow schoolmates because i find that the culture here is very helpful and everyone is actually pushing through working a full-time job to actually get over this period of university to actually emerge as a stronger individual both in being more resilient showing

Grid as well to go through this entire process because it’s not easy and without them i would have already given up from the start with resilience go make your mark for the greater good you

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