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Thank you hello tours welcome to truth or told tarot this is andrea and i’m here to do your november 2022 monthly tarot reading for the sign of taurus some moon rising in venus so i hope you’re well remember this reading won’t be for everyone take what resonates for you as always so we’ll pull an overarching energy some general energies then look at your love

Romance relationship and money career finances area and any other thread that comes out so let’s see what we have for you taurus okay we have the ace of swords can be linked with new beginnings but it’s generally where we get clarity there you are generally taurus for me as a reader the king of pentacles male or female seven of wands page of pentacles six of

Swords let’s see what we get in love romance relationships what do we have for taurus love romance relationships taurus what do we have for taurus please november 2022 angel spirits guides so we have the seven of swords and we have the two of swords yeah i’m laughing because this is going to go down to that yeah let’s clarify well let’s pull cards for money

Career finances what do we have for taurus thank you we have the four of wands celebrations with the four of pentacles i’ve got the wheel of fortune beneath that let’s pull you an angel answer card what do we have for taurus message for taurus thank you we have trust this is about sometimes we have to surrender and trust a high power at work you can see that

Power behind these people who were in meditation but it can also be about practical things like trust issues too let’s see what we have for taurus angel romance card for taurus please november 2022 what do we have for taurus make the effort great love is worth taking the steps you’re guided to take i feel someone’s wanting to make the effort here what do we have

For taurus please message oh thank you we have exercise to increase your energy and manifestation abilities the key to manifesting quickly is to have very high energy levels and the easiest way to increase them is through physical exercise choose a fun and meaningful activity so you’ll look forward to exercising and it becomes its own reward okay taurus so i’m

Feeling really with quite a few of the readings this month spirit’s really giving me messages across the board and that’s what i’m getting for you too there definitely feels this energy here taurus of yeah i’m really just feeling that this is a message message is coming across the board here so i’m going to read it as that really but the the ace of swords is

When we get clarity either our own clarity this can be about epiphanies all of a sudden that lucid that lucid thought that lucid idea um it’s very very good in terms of breakthroughs uh either our own in terms of wow this is the way i’m going to go this is the decision i’m going to make that epiphany moment it can also be the clarity coming into us breakthroughs

Very good in terms of victory and success or getting clarity on communication decisions choices but it links in with a new path you know a brand new beginning so base of swords is is not easy to get as a card here taurus it indicates that you would have had to climb a lot of mountains to get to this point as you can see in that card there’s been pics and troughs

On this journey but finally finally this is that moment that this is that moment that’s linked to a new beginning either you’re getting clarity in your situation like i said all the clarity is coming into you germany inspired by spirit god the universe so i want to talk about yeah i wanna i do want to talk about your your love romance relationships first

Because this i want to move over here the seven of swords is to do with deception lies i mean there’s levels to these cards in tarot it can just be somebody not being above board with you somebody who may have concealed things from him for whatever reason whatever motivation this is somebody who i mean it can sometimes be they they kept things from you because

If they were above board you wouldn’t like it that can be the energy here but sometimes people keep things from us for our own best interests you know that can be the energy here too but it’s about secrets it’s about deception it can be about betrayal it can be about stealing so there’s levels to this and it might mean different things to different people but the

Message remains the same it is a deceptive energy the seven of swords it can sometimes be about lies with that we have the two of swords weighing up what to do do i do this do i do that somebody is in two minds however they do have a strong intuitive pull in a particular direction but they’re not ready to face that decision yet you’ve been weighing it up you’ve

Been going back and forth really maybe about whether somebody might be saying i want to make the effort to make this right whatever this deception was i want to make this right certainly if there was broken trust here but there’s definitely an energy here with i feel that you’re weighing things up in terms of how you move forward here taurus however the message

With the ace of swords is it can be linked to truth and seeing the truth of the situation and making choices and decisions accordingly and getting the clarity on what to do in response to that so there’s definitely whatever this person has done it’s come to light that’s for sure they don’t want to let this go taurus the seven of wands and the six of swords is

They want to fight for this they want to bring healing they don’t want to let this go this is they want to defend what they’ve already put time and energy into this is the energy here of i i really want to bring healing i will do whatever it takes to defend this i want to fight for this this is where the make the effort comes in because they want to put the words

Behind you and they want you to give them a chance to heal this that’s the energy here with the six of swords and certainly with the page of pentacles starting over planting new seeds solid new seeds abundant new seeds in the sense it’s a new level of stability with the king of pentacles this is you taurus male or female this is the king of pentacles who lacks

Stability and security but i feel somebody’s in two minds on it looks like i feel the trust has been broken between you and somebody who might want to wants to make the effort to repair that they want to turn it around the wheel of fortune and be given the opportunity to that’s what i’m getting here because they they value you they want to hold on to you two

Fours a desire to bring stability and security back into the home the family the relationship here the four of ones can be quite celebratory but it it can be about um if this has meant whether you’re together or not it might well be somebody wants to come back to the harm as well uh so if that whatever came out meant some kind of separation where you might might

Have needed space this can also be somebody wanting to come back home as well but this is a definite energy here whether they’re in the home or not at the moment whether they’re trying to you know there’s a definite energy if i want to repair this i want to be given a chance to prove this and turn it around to you because they they hold on to you they’re holding

On to for dear life to what they’ve already invested time and effort into so that’s what i’m getting here taurus the four of pentacles the four of wands somebody really holds on and wants to defend and make right and repair whatever came to light here and that’s the energy here the message is that you’re going to get the answer you’re going to get the clarity

That you need to see the right path forward for you so don’t worry about that if you’re not sure what to do here the messages wait until you wait until you are sometimes that two of swords can be you just need a bit more time a bit more information to to make your mind up this is the energy here of where you get it you get the full clarity that you need to decide

How you move forward and what suits you so that’s what i’m getting for you in terms of love romance relationships i do feel that i feel that trust was broken between you in some way now i will also say taurus if this wasn’t specifically a relationship if this because you know i talk about relationships in general within these readings it could be something that

Affected the home the family the relationship so it might will be a friend it meant will be a family member who this is about this is about really friend family love romance so again apply it as you wish the message remains the same trust was broken and they want to start over and repair this there’s a desire to they don’t want this to go so that’s what i have

For you in terms of love romance relationships they’re prepared to do what it takes make the effort i mean that will be and that might well be one of the things that you’re asking them to do to step up you know if there’s been issues before that led to this point it might well be that that make the effort energy is reviewed so i’m gonna move on to money career

Finances for you because i have i’m just going to go over here because i really love this combination of cards for money this is somebody who may have been challenged and cautious with money even having dipped into your savings in some way this is the energy of a change of fortune it’s a lovely energy because there’s celebration here there’s the four corners you

Can see the wheel of fortune is bringing in two fours as well which is all about stability and security and even when i look at you know uh two falls and they make eight the eighteen tarot the major arcana is the strength card the strength to face things that are difficult to face and master them and overcome them so it may well like i spoke to you about might

Have had to climb some mountains here in money career finances but this is very good as a card of breakthrough success victory it opens a brand new door for you you get the clarity you get the communication you get the decision in that is the energy with the ace of swords but you’re just being told surrender and trust that is coming to you lovely energy so

Taurus foreign here with the seven of swords and the two of swords a situation has required you to act secretively we do that when we choose to move from one job to another or we want to set something else up for ourselves we do things very very secretively but that is the energy with the two of swords you may have taken action towards something but you’ve not

Heard back what you’ve taken action towards so this is quite a deceptive energy but it’s because the situation requires that really for example if you tell your current employer that you were looking to you know get a new job elsewhere clearly that would put your job in jeopardy so there’s reasons why we act secretly in situations here that’s what i’m getting

Quite strongly here and with the two of two of swords it’s you’re waiting to hear back and why because you’re being conservative with money because the situation has who required that this is somebody who’s been very careful in the harm the family the relationship even you know in terms of life in terms of how they’re spending money and consuming money right now

I mean you know certainly with the economy the way it is as well you know i think everybody’s doing a little bit of that but this is somebody who’s very conscientious in terms of being very careful it’s the miser card but there’s a reason to be like that spirit is telling you there’s going to be a change of fortune for you by the actions that you have been taken

Now this is about self-preservation self-protection so then there will be a circumstance here taurus which i’m picking up on you might be unsure about your your job you might be unsure about the economy you might be unsure but i mean if there’s changes happening at your company if you’re worried about redundancy if you’re worried about you know your role your

Contract your hours your money your income being changed in some way this is where we we’re careful you know so but i i also think it could be the economic conditions as well it could well be mortgage of payments so spiraled out of control you know like many bills are right now aren’t they so this is the energy here of somebody who’s been very very careful and

They’re pursuing something else with a view to bring in a solution to this that is what i’m getting here this is the energy here of the seven of wands protecting what is important to you doing what you need to do and pursuing a path to protect what’s important to you to overcome the issue that you face and move forward to better times that is the energy that

I’m getting quite strongly here and there is a message here if there’s change coming soon by the actions that you have taken you will move from difficulty to better times ahead so that’s what i’m getting quite strongly here because the six of swords can actually be about moving or relocating it can be about moving from a to b and moving from one job to another

Moving or relocating home it can be linked with travel as well so it could be a job that involves travel but this is the energy here of you do what you need to do to protect what’s important to you and resolve the situation and bring harmony and equilibrium back into the home the family the relationship this is an energy of self-preservation certainly in terms of

Money career finances you take the steps that you need to take because the situation requires that and you want to protect your stability well taurus there’s good news there’s good news coming your way because the king of pentacles is in his power male or female this is top of the pentacles chain here with the king of pentacles being here so there’s a there’s a

Degree of real success when the king of pentacles appears somebody who understands how to manifest money somebody who understands how to be successful and manifest success stability and security that is the energy here that’s the focus of the king of pentacles and the page of pentacles is good news and it’s to do the new path new opportunity very lovely energy

Indeed and it’s a new abundant path so this is new jobs new business opportunity new contracts a new dot is being open for you this is a new opportunity being presented here taurus and it’s because the situation has required you take action to protect what matters to you so this is where you’re getting the clarity the breakthrough the victory the success and

You’re just being told surrender and trust really lovely message in terms of money career because i feel that maybe a degree of stress may go with this like i said the ace of swords is not easy to get to however when you get to the ace of swords it’s its own reward it really is so i’m going to pull a final message yeah moon energies when we have to surrender

And trust as well so it’s in oh my goodness i’ll show you the next card i did take a sneak peek so moon energy surrendered to the natural ebb and flow of life if you’re feeling confused this fairy comes to calm emotions and reassure you that peace of mind is possible yeah we have light the fairy queen of light comes to shed love and light onto your current

Situation and to remind you that light can penetrate the darkness this is what’s not clear right now is going to become clear there’s just a strong energy here taurus so if you don’t see it now but you will you know across this reading that’s what i have for you i hope you enjoyed your reading i wish you a lovely month of november i will see you next time

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