Terra Luna Classic | Should We Let Them Control The LUNC Community Pool?

Terra Luna Classic developers don’t want to inconvenience LUNC holders by asking permission to spend money, they would rather have that control themselves.

Now like any company that is being built up terra luna classic is experiencing growing pains now this is good news because of course it means that we are growing but it’s bad news in the sense that a lot of people don’t know which direction to take it and more and more responsibility is falling on individuals or groups of people as opposed to this idea of

Decentralization now in this video we’re going to talk a little bit about alex’s not proposal yet but concerns and ideas here and and he’s one of the developers for terra lunar classic and and he goes through and paints a pretty good picture of what most typical layer 1 blockchains look like and this structure is very corporate you know you’ve got a ceo you’ve got

Some venture capitalists backing this ceo they pay the developers and and so on they grow the business that way now we all know that terra luna classic is much more than that isn’t it it is an extremely decentralized community driven project at this point but uh i like alex sees some factions forming here and these are some ideas that alex has and i want to know

If you guys think they’re good or hey if we could use some improvement so if it sounds like something you’re interested in let’s get started what’s up everybody i’m clay i’m here to make 2022 the best year ever if you haven’t clicked that subscribe button make sure to subscribe to the channel join us become a bro we are here every single day when you’re growing

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Have an international binance link down in the description as well but guys let’s talk about this and and uh you know i already set the tone here at the beginning of the video they paint a picture of a very corporate structure like for layer one blockchains with that ceo the the bureaucracy uh one leader leading the team and so on now here’s the problem that alex

Points out with all of this we need to build a decentralized infrastructure for maintaining the blockchain that respects the natural divisions in terra luna classics community and is adaptable to very rapid changes in external circumstances leadership personalities and group identities now right off the bat setting this up knowing that we’ve got these different

Camps these different factions and so on i’m not sure if that goes to promote the the exclusion of individuals and these different factions or if that’s just natural right in any community in any business and in any like department structure of a corporation now this is the main thing the that is slightly concerning and the entire point of this entire i guess it’s

Not really a proposal yet it’s just a brainstorm here such a system would have to delegate delegate significant financial responsibility to community approved specialist groups it is not sustainable or scalable for the community to vote on every single expense line item even with an extreme extremely cooperative and a dev-aligned ecosystem which has not been the

Case with caroline classic thus far although that’s quickly changing all right my major concern okay we’re already trying to get away with the proposals with the governance with the voting and with the decision making being led by the community and and i completely understand if you’re building a business you need to trust the executives you need to trust those

In charge of the marketing department you need to trust those in charge of the finance department and and so on human resources everything down the line and there is that level of trust there so i i get it if we’re growing but at the same time one of the best things that terrible classic has going for it right now is the fact that this community is in charge not

The department leads not the developers and nobody it is everybody now ideally this would be a flexible and transparently addressed following questions which group is responsible for carrying out necessary core functions how much money should be allocated to the exec or to execute each core function how much money can be tracked is it credible blah blah blah and

How can the develops be compensated everybody wants to know how the developers are going to be compensated nobody understands what uh equity is nobody understands what entrepreneurial spirit is uh everybody wants a paycheck and someone organized but also reflects true divisions within the community can adapt to changes and so on now guys we’ve got uh there’s some

Problems here right putting up problems with twitter disputes and anytime anybody disagrees with anybody anymore it’s almost like shut it down the disagreement is is useless just let us do what we want to do and he goes to point this out that the developers spend a lot of time defending themselves on twitter ah developers just develop okay let the guys on twitter

Argue with each other about how good or bad your ideas are i it’s you don’t have to defend yourself just develop man uh plain and simple gosh uh terra luna classic’s political parties now we’ve got a massive i’m not going to go through and read every single one of these things but we’ve basically got a marketing department we’ve got a security department or an i.t

Department you’ve got protocol management or hr departments you’ve got uh development departments or r d departments here and talking about the uh basically defy and legal departments guys he’s just describing to me a a company a a very i guess high level company here and i’m not going to go through and read like all of the different lead heads or or department

Heads that they talk about you guys can check the article out on his twitter if you would like i’m not going to go through and name names on here and any of that stuff but we’ve basically had factions or departments being built on the terra luna classic blockchain and the terra luna classic um i i guess company here is is the best analogy to use now they he does

Go on to to talk about several different ways like israeli government in the way that works and in different proposals and he does say this right he’s just pointing this out and i agree that’s the best way to do it okay it doesn’t necessarily have a solution in mind and he doesn’t necessarily know the best route to go pointing out that there are these different

Departments there are all these different factions or camps within the terra luna classic community is completely fine but here’s what we need to remember as that terrible luna classic community that you can’t run a successful business without these departments and specializations but you also can’t run a successful business if these departments and these different

Camps are working against each other if they’re competing against each other if they’re not uh symbiotic and they’re not working together for the common goal and building the terra luna classic blockchain back up you will lose i guarantee it 10 times out of 10 100 times out of a hundred if you are competing amongst yourselves and you are you’re not unified you

Will not succeed that is that it’s just plain and simple and i also don’t know the best route to take because i know that developers they’re going to think that they’re more important than the marketers and the marketers are going to think that this community doesn’t exist without them so they’re going to think that they’re better than the legal team because who

The heck cares until the sec comes knocking on our door like everybody’s gonna have this idea that if they’re getting a paycheck why the heck am i not getting a paycheck we will see some division we will see some struggle we will see all of this play out but like i said at the beginning of the video these are the growing pains we need to make it through them and

We need to make it through them united because i can guarantee you that is the only way this blockchain that is the only way terror luna classic revives itself to the levels that it was before and even better so i want to know what you guys think plain and simple down in the comments below do you agree with this idea that we should stop voting and allocate control

To the different department heads let me know your thoughts down in the comments below and of course at that point right there still red make sure to click it subscribe to the channel join us become a bro we’re here every single day and we are growing our portfolios together clearbro883 everywhere 6 to 12 free stocks on weeble koo coin and binance uh free discord

And until the next time hope to each and every one of you have an awesome day

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Terra Luna Classic | Should We Let Them Control The LUNC Community Pool? By ClayBro