The 6 Best English-Speaking Countries You Can Retire To

Many are reluctant to move abroad because they fear they won’t be able to learn a new language or simply don’t want to. Kathleen and Lief share 6 countries where English is spoken so you can take this point off your list of reasons not to move overseas. Below you can find the countries recommended and the timestamps:

(Kathleen) six best places to go overseas if you  don’t want to learn a new language we’re going   to tell you in just a minute. hi i’m kathleen  peddicord. (lief) i’m lief simon. (kathleen) it’s   a new episode of our live and invest overseas  podcast. one of the main reasons someone, maybe   you, could be reluctant to move

To a new country  even if they’re dying to do it if it’s their dream   of a lifetime is because they’re worried they’ll  have to learn a new language and afraid they just   won’t be able to or frankly just don’t want to  have to. you don’t necessarily have to we have   six places where you could live or retire overseas 

Comfortably, happily, build a very rich fulfilling   life, and not have to learn a new language. let’s  start with three places, three countries where in   exactly, and we’re not talking about the uk,   australia or new zealand. we’re talking about  places where you can get residency, where you   can actually move – although

You can move to the  u.k it’s a bit complicated – but the first one is   belize and belize is one of the former british  colonies so english is the official language,   a lot of people speak spanish as well because  belize is surrounded by spanish speaking countries   but everything is done in government and legal  wise

In english in belize. (kathleen) right,   have thought about you may just be thinking about   getting through the day without having to learn  a new language but there’s another level to it   which is the legal aspect. if you’re going   rental but certainly if you’re going to buy,   french or portuguese it’s a little

More   intimidating. (lief) right, so what does belize  have to offer besides speaking english? well it’s   a great destination for beaches and weather. it’s a caribbean destination. there are islands   off of the coast of belize that would qualify as  caribbean islands and the downside is hurricanes   so you do have the

Potential for hurricanes. they  get them almost every year not in a dramatic way   this year but once every couple of years you   get a pretty strong storm coming through belize  which also hits the yucatan peninsula of mexico   which has another destination we’ll talk about  in a second. (kathleen) but for me maybe the  

Most compelling reason to look at belize can be  the people and the society and the culture. it’s   and welcoming culture in fact that i know of   talk about i would put them on par each with   the other but they’re very different places in  this part of the world though, in the americas,   belizeans aren’t worried about

Who you are,   where you came from or anything about you except  that you’re doing your best and you’re not causing   live exactly i’ll do my thing you, do yours,   i’ll mind my business, you mind your business  and everybody gets along. (kathleen) all right,   the second place which again i think as well as  belize

Is very open-minded and open-hearted and   welcoming culture is ireland. (lief) right totally  different place but before we jump to ireland we   didn’t mention so belize for residency is fairly  straightforward. there’s the qrp program that has   it’s for retirees if you have two thousand dollars  a month in pension income or

Social security you   can qualify or you can just move to belize and if  you’re there for 12 months straight renewing your   tourist visa you can then apply for permanent  residency. so belize, has a very easy way   to live there, is just by showing up and continue  to renew your tourist visa. (kathleen) right,   which

Is a great thing to point out because you  may have heard of the qrp program, the qualified   retiree person program – i think is what it’s  called – and that’s been very well promoted   and it can make a lot of sense for a lot of people  but it requires a minimum monthly income of two   thousand dollars that might not work for

Everyone.  but you do have an option that you may not have   as often, it requires no proof of income,   estate or anything else you just you show up.   (lief) it does require that you to show that you  can take care of yourself while you’re there,   live in belize. ireland on the other hand,   has decided that they

Don’t really want retirees  and so they changed their immigration law a few   years ago now, – i think it is now pushing more  than five years or six years – to create a new   what they call stamp zero. so you know different  immigration stamps have a number depending on what   you’re applying for. stamp zero is for persons 

Of means which includes retirees but it requires   thousand euros of income per person per year   retiree, it doesn’t have to be pension or social   security income, it could be dividends or rental  that  level. but if you do have that level then  ireland is a great place to spend time, the irish   are friendly

And talkative and from a retirees  perspective, ireland couldn’t be a better place   right, so we as you may know we lived in   were young when lief and i were first married   and we found the experience kind of maddening  at the time because we were there as kind of   and we found the irish approach to business 

Frustrating because they don’t prioritize it.   they prioritize life and living and crack – as  they refer to it – just having a good time and   at retirement of course that can be exactly what  you’re looking for. (lief) so stopping in the   middle of the day in the middle of the road to  have a 20-minute conversation is not

Something   you’re looking for when when you’re rushing to get  but for retirees it’s perfect. (kathleen) all right,  number three on our list of countries where in   fact the language is english so no language study  required would be malta. (lief) right, and malta   actually has two official languages english –  again

It was a former british colony – and maltese   but all legal documents are in english as well as  maltese so you can get by in english no problem.   the downside for malta is that gaining residency  isn’t as easy as in belize, but they have four   different programs in malta that you can look at  for getting residency. the other

Thing is that   some people we know who have been to malta aren’t  happy about is in the summer time it can be hot   so you know above 95 above 100 degrees during the  summer but that’s because of its location, it’s in   the middle of the mediterranean as the crossroads  between southern europe and north africa. so from  

A scene, the region perspective, malta is in a  very excellent position. (kathleen) as a base   for travel it’s really ideal. (lief) and it has  huge history, you know the knights templar and   and buildings to look at as well. (kathleen)  okay now those three countries speak english,   speak something else as well spanish in

Belize,   maltese and malta but they all speak english.  (lief) right, but the official language is   where the language is not officially english,   but there are pockets of these countries or of  these specific locations we want to highlight,   where english would be spoken by most everyone you  would interact. (lief)

You could get by without   learning the local language if you didn’t want to.  (kathleen) okay number one on this list we’ve put   playa del carmen, mexico. (lief) right, so there’s  lots of places in mexico that are tourist spots,   playa del carmen is one of them. playa del carmen  has been a tourist spot for so long with the

Local   they’re learning english from birth basically,   playa del carmen area. this is a beach area   so lots of tourist amenities as far as restaurants  go and other outdoor activities plus in the   located you have a lot of mayan history so you   have mayan ruins to visit, fishing off the coast,  and any kind of

Water activity that you can think   of. (kathleen) right, so it’s an ideal caribbean  spot, if your retirement dream is the caribbean   and you don’t want to learn another language i  would put playa del carmen at the top of the list   alongside ambergris caye, belize for example. one  point i would make about playa del carmen,

As we   which could be a big plus for you or a big minus.  so with tourists comes all of the infrastructure,   the amenities, the services that tourists want and  that can be great. the restaurants, the shopping,   the nightlife, and activities you know all kinds  of water sports and all of that would be so easy,  

Accessible, and affordable in playa del carmen.  but at the same time you’re going to have the   souvenir shops and the tourist touts and people  approaching you to see if you want your picture   taken on the feet. (lief) it’s not the real mexico.  if you want the mexico culture and to to be living   in mexico it’s not playa del

Carmen. playa del  carmen is just an extension of florida, from a   beach resort kind of perspective. (kathleen) okay,  we’re staying in mexico with a second pick for a   place where the language isn’t officially english  but you wouldn’t need to learn another one,   (lief) right, in puerto vallarta, the same thing,  

Locals learning english from a young age,   lots of tourists, lots of retirees as well in  puerto vallarta and lots of options in puerto   vallarta. the town is relatively small but the  development from resorts but also the gated  communities. the gated communities for retirees   terribly dissimilar from a weather perspective

To   southern california which is why a lot of people  like it again on the pacific coast you don’t have   the storms as much although puerto vallarta can be  hit by pacific typhoons that kick back in and come   that way – there was one earlier this year – not  a lot of damage but a lot of rain. (kathleen) so,   the most

Developed choice on the pacific   living you might be looking down that coast   mexico, costa rica, panama, nicaragua, those are all options you might   be considering for a pacific coast lifestyle with  the kind of crashing surf and surf beaches, etc.   for the most part your options in say nicaragua  for sure but even in

Costa rica and panama are   there’s a walmart in puerto vallarta. (lief)   shopping in puerto vallarta is not not unlike  shopping in the u.s, if that’s what you’re   easy residency options and easy access from   the u.s as does belize, so lots of flights going  in and out of cancun to access playa del carmen  

Vallarta airport as well. (kathleen) all right   pick number six for where to think about living  or retiring overseas if you don’t want to learn   a new language is algarve, portugal which you may  not be surprised to hear us include. (lief) right,   destination for retiring and english being   relationship – portugal

Does – with the u.k   and a lot of british retirees and expats have  moved to the algarve and over in over the years   the portuguese in that area in particular have  learned english so it’s you’re going to have   can get by with english for the most part and   don’t have to be become fluent in portuguese to  live in

The algarve. (kathleen) and why algarve   in general take a step back beyond language and  beautiful beaches, long coastline, great weather   although there is a winter but it’s very mild and  because there is a winter there is seasonality so   one thing to consider when shopping the algarve  coast, there are many towns in this

Part of   portugal and each one has its own charm and flavor  and cultural appeals but look at which ones are   more affected by seasonality some of them become  very quiet in the winter. (lief) right, in some of   the smaller towns all the restaurants will close  so if you like to go to restaurants you want a   town

That is big enough to support restaurants  in the winter so that you can partake in that or   be willing to drive to the next town over but  the seasonality there can be an issue in the   winter time. (kathleen) and then again we’ll make  the point about residency which is very easy to   establish in portugal. you have a number

Of good  options depending on your situation. (lief) right,   two basic options the golden visa option which is  buying property in portugal but if your plan is to   live there full-time the easier option is just  the self-sufficiency one where you can show   enough income to support yourself and you can  get residency

In portugal and that threshold is   the official threshold is lower. it’s at the  discretion of whoever’s reviewing the residency   application. (kathleen) and 1200 euros a month  is less than the average social security check so   it’s an example of a place where with the average  social security check right now is about 1500

A   month so this is a place where if you’re receiving  you know the average amount in social security and   that’s all the income you have you could still be  looking at algarve, it’s still realistic. alright,   of language skills off your list of reasons   not to think about living or retiring overseas.  thank you

For listening we’ll be again in touch   invest overseas podcast, thanks! (lief) bye   we hope you enjoyed this episode of our live   visit where   you’ll find lots more information and resources  to help you live better and retire well overseas.

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The 6 Best English-Speaking Countries You Can Retire To By Live and Invest Overseas