The amazing FAUGHEEN wins the 2014 Neptune Investment Management Novices Hurdle at Cheltenham

Willie Mullins and Ruby Walsh kick off day two of the 2014 Cheltenham Festival with success for the incomporable Faugheen.

So they’re being called in at the gallop and they’re off for the neptune investment management novices hurdle over two miles and five furlongs and it is cold hardened towards the outside of creepy it will lead them over the first flight of hurdles the leader cole harden jumped away to the left over that first flight with 12 roses settled towards the rear of the

Field and so too is midnight thunder just after the first flight of hurdles knock house was just pushed away from that flight but now he’s picked up the bit as they go towards flight number two fahin at the moment racing in around about fourth position cole harden took them over the second flight and jumped it well in second place creepy towards the outside then

Shanahan’s turn with the red cap the pale pink colors then of fajin the favorite racing a close fourth towards the inside fennel bay is in fifth position and around the outside lieutenant colonel next in the field is cocktails at door now ridden by barry garrity with round the outside rathvinden as they begin the downhill sweep the golden green hoops on the inside

Of cup final and ap mccoy followed by red sherlock and then the vivid green of valley alton who’s also in the rack then towards the outside is kalalaki who’s been followed by knock house as they make the turn into the home straight and quickly on now towards flight number three at the moment midnight thunder is still towards the rear of the field and 12 roses is

Just about last of the 15. cole harden to the inside took that one with a lead of around about a length and a half with creepy towards the outside in second and once again knock house has come off the bit he’s running on and off the bit throughout here and once again he’s just nudged away from that flight of hurdles by rider dominic ellsworth so a very long run

Now before they cross over flight number four in the neptune investment management novices hurdle and it is cole harden who leads the way creepy out wide racing in second shanahan’s turn taking a keen hold in third then the white blaze of fajin the pale pink and ruby walsh towards the outside fennel bay towards the inside red sherlock is making one or two places

Early followed next by cocktails at dawn cut final on the inside the maroon of left colonel out wide as they cross over the fourth flight the last in a circuit’s time and over that flight of hurdles cole harden jumped that one big and bold a new back marker it is now midnight thunder at the back of the field and again knock house has come off the bit a circuit to

Go and cole harden leads the parade to creepy in second and shana tan’s turn is racing in third fahine is in fourth and red sherlock in fifth and fennel bay is in six cocktails at dawn is in seventh towards the outside lieutenant colonel is in eighth cup final is in ninth valley alton is in tenth and then towards the outside racers are rathvinden as they make the

Run slightly downhill 12 roses tries to make grounds the inside of the yellow of kalalaki midnight thunder and knockhouse still at the rear of the field they go through halfway in the neptune and it is still cole harden who’s got the lead here by three parts the length to creepy who paddled his way through that flight out very wide in second position then towards

The inside shanahan’s turn still inclined to slightly over race fajin he’s on his outside he’s racing in fourth red sherlock stalking that leading quartet in fifth out wide then lieutenant colonel followed by cocktails at dawn then valley alton who’s getting a little closer and then on the inside fennel bay who may have just lost a couple of places as they go over

The next and cole harden again jumped that one really well cup final is now nudged away from that flight by ap mccoy and has lost ground and dropping right out the back of the field now is midnight thunder on they go taking a slight dog leg turn which will take them towards the flight at the top of the hill and the fourth room home in the neptune and it’s still

Cole hardner has got the lead now fahine has taken second place but made a slight mistake red sherlock to the outside was over in third valley alton is getting closer towards the inside racer shanahan’s turn as they reach the top of the hill lieutenant colonel is racing in sixth position kalalaki has now taken seventh around the outside wrath vinden the dark blue

And white colours is getting closer followed by fennel bay as they make the run down the hill 12 roses in the turquoise colours is another one who is now beginning to make ground as they run now down towards a third from home it’s cole harden who still has the lead but the looming presence of ruby walsh and fahine now make their presence felt on the outside but

Vaheen blundered at the third from home now red sherlock begins to deliver his challenge valley alton has travelled well into the race for will kennedy towards the inside kalalake between also shanahan’s turn and out wide his lieutenant colonel as they take the second from home it will be fajin and red sherlock these two now locking horns as they swing the final

Turn a quarter mile ago in the neptune and it is got the lead red sherlock is on the outside lieutenant colonel followed by reflected who tries to barge his way through racing down towards the final flight and it is fahin who has gone clear ruby walsh and vaheen at the last wins the neptune valley second number one third number 12 and the fourth placed horse

Number eight the full result to our first race of the day the neptune investment management novices hurdle race first number six fourteen

Transcribed from video
The amazing FAUGHEEN wins the 2014 Neptune Investment Management Novices' Hurdle at Cheltenham By Racing TV