The Best Chemical Engineering Industries In 2021 | What Jobs Can Chemical Engineers Do

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Hello world eggs here today i’m going to talk about the hottest jobs and the hottest industries for chemical engineers in 2021 whether you’re a new engineer or someone who’s been doing this for a long time looking to change industries it’s important to really get a good survey of what’s out there and choose an industry to develop yourself that is growing has good

Work-life balance has good pay and gives you challenging work that you’re passionate about are there a lot of companies with that industry with a lot of different opportunities for mobility and flexibility as you grow as an engineer these are all things you’re going to want to consider when choosing what industry to get into so i’ve got a top five industries

For you in 2021 and the way i’m going to look at this is by job openings i did a quick data poll from looking at all the openings that are looking for chemical engineers in each respective industry so this isn’t an exacting or an exhausting science but i’m just trying to get a good picture of where each industry stands right now in 2021 to help

Us understand what’s growing what’s on the way in what’s on the way out and where i think it’s best to focus your efforts when you’re trying to choose a career path this data poll only looks at the united states as a whole if you’re from a different country or looking at a more particular specific location i recommend doing a similar analysis to try to find out

What companies are hiring in that area and to see what’s doing well so i’m going to start with the industries that have the least amount of openings and then work our way up to the industries that have the most amount of openings right now but i still want to talk about these because a lot of these are growing and they’re pretty exciting places to be so first and

Foremost we have solar and photovoltaics i think this is a really cool area but it’s still kind of not where it could be in terms of size at the us right now you can see and compared to pretty much every other industry on this list it’s really just kind of a baby right now that doesn’t mean it’s a bad place to be it just means there’s not going to be a whole lot

Of opportunity going from one company to another and it’s not going to be as flexible for someone to grow their career in that particular industry i do think that we might be on the cusp of a solar revolution so to speak but it’s just not at a point where it makes too much financial sense for everyone in america at this second maybe it’ll change later but that’s

Just where we’re at right now if you look at another country like germany perhaps there are a lot more solar panels and there’s a much bigger need over there so it’s probably a much better industry overseas not to mention a lot of solar panels are already produced overseas and a lot of the overseas manufacturers kind of meet whatever the market needs next we have

Batteries and this is sort of a similar story to solar not all of them are really produced in the us but at the same time there’s a lot of room for growth and potential disruption in the industry especially with companies like tesla coming in and people saying that ev is the future how eevee is gonna replace petroleum-based and diesel-based cars but the industry

In the us for making batteries and producing them just isn’t quite the size as a lot of other chemical engineering industries this might change in five years from now 10 years from now depending on a lot of things but this is just where it’s at today in the year 2021 next we have pulp and paper this is another one of those really early phase old school industrial

Chemical engineering industries and it’s sort of always been chugging along doing pretty well for us chemical engineers but this is sort of an industry that’s slowed down a lot and isn’t exactly what it used to be so you’re gonna find a lot of old plans and a lot of people more focusing on optimization of what’s already existing maybe not so much growth there’s

A lot of excitement in packaging and more customizable specialty uh paper products but it’s not like the other industries in terms of growth and potential for an engineer next we have semiconductors and this is your silicone chip manufacturers and your electronic chemical engineering applications this is sort of a exciting place to be in the u.s at least because

We produce just about the majority of the world’s semiconductors silicone chips are everywhere and they’re not going anywhere and you’re probably holding it right now as you watch this video if you’re looking at it on a phone or on your computer this is a really growing industry it’s constantly growing it’s getting better and better and chemical engineers are

Really at the forefront of improving this technology so this is an exciting place to be for a chemical engineer very technical work there’s a lot of different companies that do it and a lot of them treat their employees pretty well they have very good pay and there’s a lot of flexibility if you want to grow yourself as an engineer in this sector another thing

About semiconductors and computer chips is that they’re very similar to the technology used in photovoltaics and solar panels as that industry progresses and as it grows over the years it’s going to be kind of easy for people working in semiconductors to make a switch into that industry if they want so i’m going to say that semiconductors are the number five best

Industry to get into right now next on the list we’ve got the oil and gas industry and now this is like the bread and butter of chemical engineering this is kind of usually what’s considered to be the biggest chemical engineering industry in the united states it’s mostly focused on the southern gulf states around texas area and it’s just sort of a really great

Place for an engineer to grow and build their career however in 2020 with the oil prices dipping and just really shaking up the whole entire oil and gas industry and we’re sort of seeing the ripple effects going to 2021 and probably for the next few years there’s going to be a lot of slowing down of this whole entire industry because of what happened in 2020.

On top of all that there’s still looming environmental concerns as well as resource issues with oil and gas that make a lot of people think that it is not a growing industry and it’s sort of on the way out soon to be replaced by other products such as batteries and renewable energy all that being said it’s still a really big industry it’s still a really big part

Of american chemical engineering now when you’re looking into this industry i recommend being a little more strategic about it you want to focus on downstream rather than upstream upstream is the collection the sourcing the finding the drilling of new crude oil underneath the earth’s surface and that tends to fluctuate a lot more downstream is the processing

The separation and more of the manipulation of that raw material after it’s been sourced and it’s closer to the customer closer to the product it requires much bigger plants and facilities if you’re on the downstream maybe the refinery side of the oil and gas industry you’re going to see a lot more stability maybe a little less ups and downs and probably a

More consistent work-life balance than you would in the upstream side now obviously there’s a lot of debate around this whole industry because of the environmental concerns that are associated and the non-renewable sense of it but i still think that it’s a good place for engineers to grow in their career we rely on it for other sorts of transportation not just

Cars but boats planes rocket ships too and we also rely on it for all kinds of different materials such as petroleum jelly and different kinds of cosmetics it goes into waxes for candles the asphalt that we drive on and the adhesives we use in our roofing usually depend on crude oil and there’s a whole plethora of plastics and other polymers that depend on crude

Oil let me know in the comments below what you think is the future of this industry how long is it going to last how long are we going to still be dependent on it i think it’s going to go on for quite a long time i think that most chemical engineers are going to be able to rely on it for at least the rest of our careers uh but you know that could change tomorrow

Either way we’re always gonna have to keep in mind what industries are growing which ones are on the way out and which ones are sort of stagnant so let’s go to the next one on our list next we have food and beverages that is a little bit more openings than oil and gas but i put it blue because it’s not necessarily one of my most recommended industries to get into

Right now why is that because it’s just not as exciting and it doesn’t have this sort of future growth that i’m super excited about right now for 2021. a lot of the jobs in this industry don’t pay quite as well as some of the other ones also chemical engineering jobs in the food industry can be a little lower tech that’s a total generalization you could probably

Wrong i’m sure there’s a lot of very technical projects in this industry it’s just a generalization also chemical engineers usually focus on the highly processed foods but going into 2021 and in the near future i think there’s going to be a little more emphasis on organics and more natural products as well not that chemical engineers have a part to play in that

But it’s just not going to have as many opportunities as highly processed foods would i think this is an awesome industry who wouldn’t love to make brownies for a living or something along those lines but it’s not in the green because it’s just not my top five in comparison to the other five i think this industry falls a little bit short so i’m gonna leave it in

The blue for now next we have number three and that is polymers and plastics now this is sort of very similar to downstream oil and glass because a lot of those oil and gas products are going to go into polymers and plastics but it’s sort of more broad in the sense that you can get a lot of other plastics out of different raw materials and this is another sort

Of old industry a little more of a bread and butter classic industrial chemical engineering industry that is really really big and it’s wavering on whether or not it’s going to grow or decline in the future i think that there’s going to be a strong need for plastics just look around plastic is all around us we need it and we depend on it in every single way but

I think that maybe the question lies on whether or not all of that is going to stay in the united states or if it’s going to go overseas but specialty plastics and specialty materials are definitely a big part of the american market there’s a lot of excitement in the industry for new applications that have plastics that take on high strain or high heat and high

Temperatures and suit really really specific applications and are worth a lot of money think about different plastics that are uniquely made for a certain purpose in a vehicle or a cell phone or plastics for medical applications or that serve really unique properties and serve a really really unique purpose those are the sort of plastics that we should be looking

At as opposed to the commodity plastics that just anyone can make anywhere like uh you know high density polyethylene milk jugs for example and as you can imagine there’s a lot of overlap between polymers and all the other industries on this list so in general i’m gonna keep this guy as a green and our number three best industry and we’ll keep a close eye on it

In the future next number two is water now water and wastewater treatment are really really exciting places to be right now because there’s just such a big need for it and there’s undeniable need for it in the future now water and wastewater treatment this whole industry is a really really exciting place to be right now with all kinds of different projects

For chemical engineers to get into every single one of the industries on my list so far is affected by water and probably requires a lot of it to operate properly and clean water i think is probably going to be one of the biggest problems of the future so not only is this really big industry to be in right now but i think this is going to grow exponentially

As time goes on this requires no speculation whatsoever with increasing population and the lack of clean water in every part of the world this is just going to be a growing problem year after year and i think we’re going to see more and more opportunities as chemical engineers to solve these problems a chemical engineer in the water industry is going to work on

All kinds of different applications probably in desalination or water filtration maybe the removal of biocides and bacteria every city and municipality in the united states has a wastewater treatment facility where they can hire chemical engineers to do the same work and there’s a lot of different companies and startup companies that are trying to solve water

Treatment problems all over the world right now and it’s an exciting place to be okay now finally what’s number one the industry with double the amount of openings right now than any other industry i’ve listed so far well that is the pharmaceutical industry the united states has the biggest pharmaceutical market in the world and the majority of the world’s r d

Is all done in the united states so it’s definitely the biggest industry for us right now especially with the pandemic events of late we’re going to see a lot more opportunities in this whole entire sector with companies seeing more opportunity and more funding more support from investors this whole entire industry has just turned on its head this last year and

We’re gonna expect to see a lot of growth going into the next five years and probably for the rest of our lives in this industry not only are we producing a lot of drugs and pharmaceuticals that are already on the market but this market as a whole is growing in a few key sectors that are really exciting such as drugs that are produced by engineered enzymes from

Yeast and bacteria that are specifically designed to react and create pharmaceuticals in a way that wouldn’t be as effective with synthetic chemistry then there’s also biologics which are not necessarily chemical drugs but biological materials such as dna and different proteins that we produce in a lab or in a massive scale and use as a drug such as a vaccine

For example then of course with our aging population and higher standards for health in the united states there’s constantly new drugs being discovered every day to meet unmet needs and solve new problems to help people with each new drug that’s discovered there has to be a whole new chemical manufacturing process designed and put into place by chemical engineers

Like us and that opens up a lot of doors not only is this industry really traditional and really large in the us but it also has a lot of potential for growth so that’s a great combination for our careers when we’re thinking about where to go and having that flexibility and growth for our career in the future now keep in mind these job numbers are definitely a

Spike from what we’re normally seeing because of the pandemic so we have to keep an eye on it and see if that’s maintained over the next months in the next years but since this industry is as old as time it’s super large and it’s only getting bigger and bigger it’s number one on my list for the best chemical engineering industries of 2021 so that’s my top five

Let me know in the comments below what industries you guys are in or what you’re thinking about getting into but that’s all i’ve got for you guys today like if you liked it and check out my chemical engineering playlist for more videos like this one thanks a lot and i’ll see you guys next time

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