Have you done this SBC?

Our first sbc is being done right now we need players next to dropbox let’s go flip flop i’m like oh yeah i do this first up we gotta do the foundations a two player but oh my god just this right exchange bronze player okay we can do this first one done two players from the same country okay okay there we go that one’s done three players from the same league all

Bronze okay third one done these are the worst squad builders exchange the squad of two players from the same club what do we need center mid and a center-back okay and last one done that was unnecessarily horrible so we have all of our packs we also have our objective packs might as well just get rid of all of these bronze packs quick we got these stinky ones

As well that are like two gold rare one of them i mean the hope is we get an 83 rated rare player here we don’t ruin that rui diaz and again we get okay yeah i’ve got him multiple times surely this one surely we get an 83 rated no we don’t okay clinton mata these are not a silver these are not the sbcs i was talking about when i said we’re gonna do svcs this

Is what i was talking about jack harrison and rodrigo our team is about to get sick start from scratch what do we have to do here england players minimum one 85 and higher overall it has to be 83 rated okay so we need 83 rated players one english 185 rated do we have an 85 rated player that we’re not using no okay we’re gonna have to buy one 83 rated as long as

They’re all oh god you know what we ain’t gonna use hummels let’s be honest he’s slow then we can use orban i’m gonna have to buy someone that is 85. that is the only time we are allowed to buy people is for sbcs to get other players it’s a bit of a struggle this so we just need one okay who is the cheapest player to buy can i just chuck like a 82 rated in here i

Don’t need chem so that’s all i need i just need to buy jamie vardy who i believe only costs 7k 6400 yes ah 6600 oh six thousand seven hundred oh six thousand eight hundred coins definitely worth it considering that player alone gets us 84 rated harrison i can’t use vardy anyway i’ve effectively just got harrison for what like 7k coins sorry spanish team but we

Want harrison baby oh we need an 86 this one’s 84. oh my god okay okay fabian marco sensio angelino zapata i don’t use the etch don’t use canales don’t use habits okay so this is the team we need to get it shouldn’t actually cost much at all torres is 850 matip 1800 okay this is i say it’s not that much we don’t have much money we have 15 000 we’ve spent 11 000

On him so we’ve effectively got no money again but we have rodrigo look at the beautiful i had to do it i had to do it guys i’m a leads fan and we get a premium gold pack out of it too okay we may as well open the premium gold pack while we’re here what we got is that walk out that’s a walkout german set him in i mean that wasn’t worth it now tony cruz 88 races

Oh my god that’s 6k that’s basically all our coins back this does mean though that diamond ah it’s frustrating diamond might not have a place in the team anymore okay rodrigo can play center mids i believe he can so i might use him stick to the same formation play him there lose four chem i think it’s worth it though and i think if we put harrison there we get the

Four cam back we gotta put diamond on the bench he actually might come on and then we need to use our first position modifier and look at our team suddenly we’re at 28 chem our team is building another 150 coins for doing the sp6 slowly earning our money back build 28 chem fine boost 500 so that means we only got to play a couple games in order to get that money

Back now the big thing for today is the fact that there are 50k packs out and i’m not gonna cheat this i’m going to keep a actual record of how many packs we should open a win and a drug for gold get me in div rivals wait we got over oh my god we got what’s this jumbo premium gold pack gold premium booster pack i even know what a is two of them all the coins you

Know what i want this one i always take more packs let’s test out these new players harrison and rodrigo behind dropper don’t get me wrong drogbar is still the main mat and i think i’ve decided i’m gonna get an ivory coast kit nice ass let’s see your team let’s see what we got hope hey okay and alongside me interesting okay harrison’s first touch turn around

We all knew where you’re going we all know where you’re still going yeah no cross turn out oh great ball shocking shot kyle kyle kyle walker peters please in the comments down below how do i do a power shot okay this can be productive that’s the ball turn out ah drogba took so long there man when that you gotta win that if we win that we got a counter huge ball

Let’s go one seven and a half go pack back okay all the way to danny kings i wish i went for an assist but you know what secure the win secure the win that’ll be 15 000. there it is two packs that’s 15k plus the win 22 and a half thousand coins is he gonna no he’s not gonna quit oh you know what don’t quit let me get more dropper goals it’s actually kind of

Annoying me how little harrison is in this game he could have just obviously you’re actually bro you’re losing yeah what damn it drogba that would have been so nice the drogba left golders repat what’s that 22 and a half thousand plus the win 30 000. we’re almost there jack harrison really didn’t do enough though a little bit upset oh my god the contracts i’m my

Manager normally i’d open a pack obviously but we’re all going for that 50k pack we’re on 30k so we need like two dropper goals in the win we need three things in total never give up what a cheesy name my guy is gonna just run around in circles nice i have not lost the game on this series and i don’t plan on it being today this guy’s a very weird very weird uh

Defending technique oh pass it now what can they do no brother who is that and why is he so fast we’ll take it didn’t even mean to shoot that i was meant to be a fake how is anthony just able to run like that the entire game right try and play good football against this guy and it doesn’t work he just gets the ball he passed it to anthony he just runs down

The wings harrison again man he just ain’t doing it well i say that he’s he’s one of the better players but he doesn’t feel like it uh and then he’s going back and then bro i’ve literally read that pass brother i’ve literally read that pun i’ve read the turn from maximum you just can’t tackle him plenty of forward momentum here but can they produce brother this

Is such a joke how is this still the metal i thought there was a different meta this year everyone’s like oh you can play football no you just need freaking some maximum who else has he got he still keeps the ball as long as you’re quicker sustained pressure and now they have the ball as long as you’re quicker you win will you win the ball every time no no this

Game they took care of the situation bro yeah and then yep straight to him yeah there it is tackle him straight to him man what am i gonna do someone please help me set up custom tactics or something because i’m doing something wrong i’ve literally tackled him and again and again and he’s on he could cash in why does this guy bomb anthony so much yeah and then

You want to play it up there and i don’t get the ball somehow my player turns around i can’t believe i’ve lost i’ve got a dropper go out of it anthony bro you can’t just run around everyone there’s my first stinky game absolutely yeah we’re on 37 and a half thousand right now we need two more i thought that was gonna be a win okay i’m gonna change stuff up okay

I’ve had to have some serious managerial words here i’ve got my i’m not gold bridge on and i’m hoping that it changes up what just happened because that was horrible i know it’s annoying that i watched okay okay can we not can we not crossing possibilities yeah and then you want to pass it in i’ve given him i know you want to pass it to him here okay you don’t

Want to pass for that the right the guy i thought win now you win that you were now okay given away by pulisic sorry how does that make sense he was behind it oh okay i’m happy that someone else is having a hard time passing it he has options available there you go the d.a there’s one one more and we get a 50k pack are you serious he’s done it he’s literally

Shot facing the wrong way and he’s put it top bins pass it in pass it back danny i’ll take the win rather than never mind i’ll take the win rather than getting a dropper goal we only need one more if we get the win it’s a 50k okay now we did get in and there he is looking attack 50k pipe baby i’ll go for i’ll go for another he’s got to be off he’s offside how

Was he not don’t shoot from there i know the passing is pissing me off in this game man plenty of forward the party is pissing me up you’re not actually trying to say that this game this game’s good anyone who says this game is good it’s so i’ve realized the way you win this game is by not having fun i’m taking full advantage of the fact he’s not playing you know

I’m taking full advantage he wasn’t playing from half time 60 000 if we win this 67 and a half cool the win will put us up to 75. it’s there for him that’s 75 the win will put us up and that could have gone with 82 and a half okay 75k i think we’re on 75 000 coins we need like roughly three or four more in order to be able to get this next one but screw it what

Are these oh these are oh yeah you know what we’ll save them let’s get a second 50k pack and then to be safe we need four things so three drogba goals and a win oh my days this is worrying i i might need a new right mid no offense to sell us but he ain’t far from i mean as soon as i say that he literally can they take the lead here oh crush holy chopinel all right

This is the goal there you go he’s offside again bro give me the free kick ball hey man look at it i literally tackle so many thank you well it could be on for him here oh okay there’s one i deserve that i deserve that fully he’s quitting here there’s no way he doesn’t quit come on in saul off what what do you got huh nothing surely this is his last pause right

He’s not playing i will take full advantage of that i will take full advantage oh he is harry okay yeah right right harry kane is just casually breezed past five players oh my god he’s missed the header that defender deserves the knighthood honorary miniminter knighthood mesley also deserves a knighthood two there’s two one more and a win and we are good two 50k

Packs he can’t even say anything they haven’t even cheated at all that’s actually how it worked laser forward gta plays it there three goals i’m confused by what this guy is doing now i don’t really care anymore about this game i got what i wanted yeah i’ll cancel out don’t get running like that don’t get run around like that y’all cancel you know i’m gonna have

To care about the game yep this game is a piece of oh my god i’m actually gonna lose there you go get out of here i’m not letting you back into this i need the win because i needed four right i’ve got a drug for hat trick so i actually need to win to get the other one unless i get another drop of gold oh i do both oh he’s done too being a pleasant experience

For them stuart oh he’s done three some of their approach play has been excellent oh didier so i guess seven and a half k pack as well he’s there for him take another one 15k you know what i think i mean i’ve left the 250k 25k i might have only owned like 15 of it but i think i think i deserve it and there’s our third win so we get our rewards as well 82 plus rate

In rare player oh we got a lot you know what we might actually be able to pack a rule breaker with this there we go let’s open all these packs jumbo premium gold pack these are all genuine packs that i have got i i haven’t like i haven’t used any points to get these but it’s alberto these are all packs from objectives from my rewards oh we got an informed walk out

That’s a new that’s a walk out inform walk up left mid earlier we just got oh we’ve just got jack harrison maybe i’ll play like a three four three gabrielle martinelli 84 rated in four i’m actually really gassed with that 13k let’s guess we’re actually getting like a lot of walkouts on this account and it’s it’s a very nice site say that and then we packed full of

Ski yeah this is the pack i hate the most 75 rated to 83 raid why would i want this get out of it even if it’s a board like i know it can’t be anything okay i know it can’t be higher than an 83. two red gold players eight you’re higher come on come on come on lights lights camera hi cobalt 8 83 rated yeah you know and lafont two goalkeepers a thing of beauty that

In it and our last pack that we that’s a walkout that’s a that’s a walkout german sentiment tony cruz again tony cruz again hey we’ll take it unless the other ones okay one was tradable hey let’s go and we got a tony cruz to play with and one to sell or using an spc we’ve got 125k and 150k that is all we get to open we don’t even get bored with that fair enough

I probably scam that one we get much sauce probably didn’t deserve that as it is so kind of happy we didn’t get anything mad but these i’ve heard these based on seven and a half k packs only for the wins and drug for goals we’ve aren’t two of these please we could get something sick we might be able to get a rule breakers it’s not a rule breakers it’s not even a

Walk is that it’s a ford pogba 85 rated not upset pretty solid we get zapata again obviously we used them in the sbc lewis alberto nelson tomato okay and our last pack to end the video one come on come on no it’s all board georgina no oh it’s a walk out we got variety that did not i swear the pan was normally different like the cruise pan was different to that we

Get variety another walker 87 rated oh my dad bruno fernandez two war guns in one with gabrielle jesus bruno finance canales hey zeus oh my god yeah i might have to play jesus you know instead of uh danny danny ings i like him and everything but oh my god you guys need to let me know who i should be using in my team obviously this is the team as it stands do we

Change it about do we get rid of like danny yings and coke what do we do let me know in the comments down below because i do read the comments obviously i film like maybe one or two episodes ahead but i read the comments of the ones that are out and i take into account what they say so yeah keep letting me know in the comments and i will see you guys tomorrow for

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