The Next Crypto Bull Market – Will Be Shocking!

The next bull run in the crypto market will be shocking. I believe the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum and many altcoins will be multiples of what they are today and it is going to catch most investor by surprise.

I remember when the crypto market used to be the place to be daily runs of 20 or more were common every coin and token was exploding higher and some people were lucky enough to get 50 x games now fast forward to today and as of right now the bond market is more volatile than the crypto market go figure now even though the next 6 to 12 months will likely continue to

Be very challenging in the financial markets the developments going on in crypto right now are unlike anything i’ve seen before and when you add all of these together it makes me more certain than ever that the next bull running crypto is going to take so many people by surprise and so in this video we’re going to take a look at the biggest developments that have

Happened in just the last few weeks now if you do enjoy anything in the video as always drop a like and a big thank you to everyone who does okay so we have to remember that it was only in the last couple of years that the crypto narrative was that crypto is a scam crypto is a bubble compared to tulips and will soon disappear now let’s take a look at what’s been

Going on behind all the fud in just the last couple of weeks foreign and so our journey begins in the heart of europe and we have the story that blackrock the world’s largest money manager was getting into crypto launching their etf for the united states well now we have the story that they’re expanding their etf for european clients and a great story to begin

With next we have binance continuing with their world domination as they’ve secured another crypto license and this time in dubai and this means binance can now offer crypto services to qualified retail and institutional investors so the great work continues by cz and building on top of that we’ve just had the news that the firm 21 shares will be launching a

Bitcoin etp in the middle east so for all intents and purposes etp exchange traded products is like an etf and it’s the one you want it’s a physically backed bitcoin etf for people now in the middle east so more and more countries getting their bitcoin etf and all i can say is come on usa and it’s not only binance that’s building around the world coinbase gains

In principal approval for a crypto license in singapore and you can see the coinbase execs here are very very happy as this is a key institutional market according to the ceo of coinbase and as we all know it’s the institutional market that’s really going to move the prices next we head on over to france and we learned that the third biggest bank also wants

A slice of this crypto pie society general have built a new suite of services geared to asset managers and this will be not just bitcoin but also cryptocurrency and how big is this french banking giant well they’re only bringing 1.4 trillion dollars of assets under management to the table and remember the entire crypto market as it stands today is not even one

Trillion and this is just one banking group foreign and we learn that dominica have allowed tron to become legal tender and they’ll be tron native tokens will be accepted as a medium of payment in the commonwealth of dominica and so we see more cryptocurrency becoming legal tender which is awesome next heading into spain and we learn that spain’s largest

Telecommunications company telefonica will be allowing purchases with crypto and they’ve also partnered and investing in a local exchange bit to me it’s hard to pin down exactly where binance is from as they’re now technically a decentralized company so they’ve got offices all around the world with no major head office and this is huge news as google one of

The biggest tech companies in the world is now pushing crypto adoption bnb chain to collab with google cloud to bolster web 3 and blockchain startups now if this news hits in a bull market this would have sent prices through the roof and yet amazingly it barely budge the price now as we move to a very friendly country switzerland we learned that mcdonald’s

Is participating in a crypto-friendly experiment and you’re now going to be able to use bitcoin and tether to pay for your burger so clearly mcdonald’s they’re loving it and we have to head to the united states as they are still the number one economy in the world so the biggest and best stories will be coming from the states and this one is huge nasdaq will

Also begin crypto custody for institutional clients and the nasdaq which only lists the top 100 tech companies in the world allowing crypto custody just think how much money this could potentially bring then colorado becomes the first u.s state to accept bitcoin as a payment for taxis and it’s not just bitcoin residents can pay state taxes with bitcoin and it just

Says crypto currency and this is very very clever so the government are basically saying come and exchange your dollars and give us your bitcoin very very clever then talk about mass adoption as now you can buy your crypto hardware wallets at the major retail stores so this was from target and this is when crypto becomes ubiquitous you’ll soon be able to get your

Hardware wallets at every electrical store you can find so this is great to see then not too long ago we knew that ftx had partnered with mastercard to be rolling out crypto but now they’ve partnered with visa to permit crypto payments in over 40 countries and just think worldwide there’s about 200 countries so just one new story alone is bringing crypto payments

To 40 countries so each one of these stories is huge for crypto yet we’ve had a dozen of them in just the last couple of weeks and here is another doozy america’s oldest bank bank new york melon also wants to get a slice of the crypto pie and yet another place that wants to hold your crypto and they also bring a cool 1.4 trillion dollars of assets under management

So we recently learned that google was partnering with binance and here we learned google also selects coinbase to take cloud payments with crypto and use it as a custody tool so a couple of stories here not only will google start allowing some customers to pay for cloud services the huge story here is google is exploring using coinbase prime for storage and trading

Crypto now just think how big the next bull market cycle is going to be if google gets into the game and offers a place to store your crypto and also get into trading again just this one story is huge and then this is a nice place to finish on which is something that i recently shared and as you’ll probably know bitcoin works in four-year cycles around the halving

Of them so my question to you is can you spot the pattern starting here in 2013 we had a huge running crypto followed by a 60 pullback in 2014 then a very good year followed by a great year 2017 another huge running crypto then a 70 pullback in 2018 followed by a very good year and a great year now 2021 a very good year for bitcoin here we are right now currently at

About a 60 pullback and so who feels optimistic about the next two years and for anyone who just says yeah but this time is different now we’ve got a huge global mess and a recession to go through well it’s not that hard to have a good year at this point so if bitcoin were to go from around 20k today and it’s got all of next year to get to 40k i would say is quite

Conservative that would be a 100 gain so for me i would say we are right on track and so the speed and pace of crypto integration is getting ridiculous from not too long ago crypto is dead to now trillion dollar asset management companies trying to store your crypto buying your burger at mcdonald’s with crypto the world’s largest tech companies like google trying

To integrate with crypto and yet not one of these stories has sent crypto soaring and that is the power of a bear market and for me the case continues to build that the next bull run is gonna make all the previous ones seem like a little league and i predict a couple of years from now people will point back to right now and say you were so lucky to buy crypto at

These levels if it was me i would have gone all in would you did you and so yes right now would seem an amazing time to buy but crypto could still drop 50 before the next cycle begins however also remember this no matter how low crypto goes there will always be people out there saying crypto will be going even lower no matter what the price falls to so don’t get

Scared out of pulling the trigger and when the tide turns and it’s only a matter of time the next bull run is going to be shocking however in the words of cz as only you know your financial position not financial advice so there you are guys hope you enjoyed exciting times for crypto behind all the fud but for now just to say if you did enjoy anything in the video

Then drop a like and a big thank you to everyone who does and i’ll see you in the next video bye for now

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The Next Crypto Bull Market – Will Be Shocking! 😳 By Investing Made Simple – Nathan Sloan