The Saskatoon Police Service – Return on Investment

A video, highlighted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, which looks at successful changes made to policing in Saskatoon. The video explores changes such as a restructuring, redeployment of officers, use of CompStat to analyze emerging crime trends and the rebuilding of trust and relationships with the community — especially among First Nations and Metis residents, and drastically improved morale within the Service.

Whay hill has taken over a police service riddled with controversy over officer misconduct accusations of racism the questionable dismissal of two chiefs declining public confidence slumping employee morale and rifts between management and police associations that led to a non-confidence vote in the previous chief i think the story of the saskatoon police service

Is a story of people working together to make a difference thus aston police services is an excellent organization because first and foremost there is pride in his team you can rely on not just the uniform constables on the street but the constables and sergeants from other sections return on investment is afraid we used a lot at the police service in recent

Years i think it’s important to be able to prove your case to a city council to the board of police commissioner’s in the city of saskatoon we cost a lot of money to operate and people want to see what they’re getting for their dollar you think of the crime rate that we have in our community it’s topped by over 12,000 real crimes in the city so all these things

Are compounding and really making a city a safe and secure place for people to live one of the things that really stand out for me is the relationship that the police services with the aboriginal community in saskatoon the the average of population would comprise about 22% of our overall population and unfortunately a huge number of the aboriginal population is

Very marginalized living in poor housing poverty historically many of our people in the first nations community have been have complaints of either over policing or under policing growing up there were two things you were afraid of that was social services and the police you were always afraid of the police even if you did nothing wrong and they pulled you over

You were scared because you just did not know what could happen a ten years ago we were in a situation where the the public was having some issues with us because of things that had happened in the past the trust level in the community was at its lowest levels and the morale was bad our morale 10 years ago wasn’t very good here it was hard to to go and do our jobs

Because it was felt that there was a dissension among the troops basically we didn’t back away from the issue and pretend there was nothing wrong we knew we had problems and we knew we had to make changes current police chief has done wonderful work reaching out to the aboriginal community dealing with them along with the officers keith way hill has gone out of his

Way to gain respect with the aboriginal community you have to form a relationship before you conform respect and i and i see over the years the work that he’s done to form that relationship and to gain the respect of the aboriginal community i think we’ve made a significant progress with the relationship with the aboriginal community it takes time to heal it takes

Time to build trust and and those are the things that we’re working on some of the changes i’ve seen is that there’s so many more officers who are in our community who are attending community functions who participate and then when you have police officers come out and participate in events and the kids see that you can have fun with them well that’s building that

Relationship that gains respect we want to every structure and deploying more members back to the streets so number one the redeployment was important we just didn’t have enough officers on the street you couldn’t get the calls quick enough it was very unfair of us to ask our officers to write tickets answer calls do all the work that needed to be done when there

Wasn’t enough of them the way that the houston police service is structured now is we went to a geographical accountability process where there is east division which i’m in charge of where there is a central division where there is northwest division what the restructuring has done has allowed us to focus our efforts in one area i take ownership of east division

If something happens in east division gets my issue it’s my team’s issue the benefits we see from having officers on the beat and on bikes number one it’s a really good with the citizens that see it because they feel safe because the police are around a lot more interaction with our members in the general public you know they have the time to have a coffee or sit

And talk with people and really interact with the citizens of saskatoon the presence of the beat officers and the bike officers who are doing the more face-to-face interaction walking down the street saying hello stopping in to the business owner and being proactive the uniform presence is paramount to the success of any crime reduction or redeployment comstat our

Geographic accountabilities i think is enhanced public safety dramatically comstat is a process by which we measure our success in our challenges comstat is about keeping score we keep score how are we doing how are you meeting our challenges how are meeting the goal of helping this community every month i stand up and i have to account for what i’ve done i have

To know my business my team has to know our business the compstat has helped us bring down the crime rates we’re down about 40 percent over the last seven or eight years and that means about 12 thousand fewer criminal incidents every year in saskatoon that’s substantial since the change in what’s happened here over the years we’ve got great leadership you look at

Torkoal neighborhoods the primary was truly out of control today they’re still primary there’s no denying it but the fact is it is a much safer place to live we’ve faced a lot of challenges in terms of a in terms of an organization but because of that were a better organization the perceptions of assassin police service have improved dramatically both from the

Business community and with the the average citizen sas to police service has a tremendous amount of talent i think today we have a service that people women and men from across the country want to belong to it’s one thing to talk about what you believe in that your actions that really show what you believe in i i think we’ve had major changes in our city over

These last few years we’re proactive not reactive we’re attacking the problem as it’s coming across people are believing in us it’s things have changed crime is down perceptions of the police service has changed and morale within the police service is higher proof beyond any doubt that things have changed in saskatoon

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The Saskatoon Police Service – Return on Investment By SaskatoonPolice