The Truth About the Gut Microbiome and Why Probiotics Dont Work, with David Friedberg

Megyn Kelly is joined by David Sacks and David Friedberg, entrepreneurs and hosts of The All-In Podcast, to talk about the truth about your gut microbiome and why probiotics don’t work, how “fecal transplants” can help, and more.

Foreign why you shouldn’t be taking your probiotic my my hardcore listener is going to be upset and i got to get that in so david friedberg in addition to his other talents uh has been an agent an angel investor in technology food agriculture life science startups um you bought the largest quinoa supplier in canada which is i think why you guys call him the quinoa

King um you know about a lot of these issues because you’ve put a lot of money there lifelong vegetarian and so on and i take a probiotic every day and this jumped out at me because you were saying on one of your recent shows probiotics do not work because they’re single microbes instead we should be considering wait for it well why don’t you tell them what do you

Think works better well yeah this you know the research in the gut biome really proliferated when dna sequencing costs came down used to cost a you know 100 million dollars to get your genome sequence now you can do it for 200 so dna sequencing is so cheap we started sequencing human poop to see what was in the gut what the gut microbiome showed us and it turns out

There’s 40 trillion bacterial cells that live in your gut and your body is only made up of 10 trillion human cells so the gut microbiome is really a big part of your health and it turns out that that microbiome is releasing chemicals and absorbing chemicals that truly do modulate your health so now we can see what dna sequencing what’s going on in the gut biome

What probiotics are doing and how human health changes from the biome and it turns out that a lot of probiotics they don’t really inoculate in your gut they don’t stay there they don’t they don’t live there because putting a probiotic in your belly is like putting a house cat in the jungle it doesn’t have the right food to eat and all the other animals will eat

It there’s already an existing ecosystem in your gut so the best way to transform your gut microbiome is to use prebiotics it’s why we started this company super gut you know i’m not trying to promote the product but the research really i raised it yeah i mean the research really shows that the best way to change your gut biome to what we would call healthier gut

Bacteria that secrete what are called short chain fatty acids these are little compounds that end up in your bloodstream drop your blood sugar modulate your metabolic health and there are other compounds that help you sleep better reduce anxiety and stress so much of your health can be modulated by changing your gut biome and the best way to change it is by putting

The right feedstock so the good bacteria thrive and the bad bacteria die and so that means so now you’re saying what i need to do is a prebiotic but what i i thought i was going to have to eat fecal transplants or something yeah you don’t need to do that so so this is what’s yeah this is what’s really interesting going back to my point probiotics are one microbe you

Put them in a pill you swallow them and they don’t really last in your gut it turns out if you take the whole ecosystem of someone else’s gut and you put it in your gut it changes your gut biome so we can okay so somebody else’s fecal matter yeah so so believe it or not there are what are called fecal microbiota transplants fmts and and there are research studies

Going on right now for multiple sclerosis and a lot of other disease indications where people will take freeze-dried poop put in a capsule swallow it and it inoculates your gut changes your gut biome and actually modulates your health decreasing the frequency of things like ms attacks and lesions and a lot of other disease conditions are being tested for this

So it’s a really incredible kind of advance now i don’t think and no one thinks that fecal transplants are going to become standard medicine uh it’s it’s really creating a series of discoveries that are allowing us to figure out what microbes what combinations of microbes what prebiotics can really change the biome and how they actually modulate disease in human

Health and that’s a really burgeoning area right now nearly every um uh human health and human disease uh research department right now is running some sort of fecal microbiota transplant uh program so it’s really interesting to see all this this come to to fruition our very common mainstay product that we have is called super gut which is just a prebiotic and it

It’s really targeted to people with high blood sugar high a1c you know for weight loss and so on um i think there’s a whole set of medicine um research underway right now wait super gut and what’s the company yeah it’s super good all right so just a viewer warning do not try this at home because if you just eat crap you’re going to wind

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The Truth About the Gut Microbiome and Why Probiotics Don't Work, with David Friedberg By Megyn Kelly