Hi guys welcome back to my channel well i finally found a great use for my very expensive belt stone safe they sent me this is a great save and my cars are worth more than my watches so i figured i’ll just put the car keys in there and get them charged and they’re never gonna need a new battery ever again well today we’re gonna take the pagani out because i

Haven’t used it in a while oops i gotta get the key see velcro i think it’s been at least a couple of months since we haven’t taken the pagani out we’ll let it warm up while i get my ford gt out of the way what a beautiful day in sunny california now yesterday was 88 degrees today it’s gonna be just as warm that’s why we’re doing it early morning drive gotta

Figure out the route let’s go now it’s been so long i don’t even remember where my modes are oh right here comfort let’s do a sport but you gotta warm up those tires first it’s hard not to smile when you drive a pagani so loud the best part of driving a pagani is all the mechanical movements you feel vibration in the car and the sound is absolute now a few

Things i don’t like about the pagani one is a single clutch so it’s a little clingy and uh two there is a very noticeable turbo like which you don’t have with the bugatti or the speed tail especially with the speed to that thing like is like instant oh instant yeah yeah any hybrid card you know that electric motors really fill that gap for the turbo so what

Do you think about pagani’s uh direction as they’re like they’re making the huayra r yeah the c10 i like it i mean it’s more uh becoming more track focused i guess i mean they have definitely a hybrid version i’m sure on the horizon which will be interesting tell me that’s not orgasmic oh my god wow don’t worry guys the car was running for 10 minutes before

We took off so nice and warm and now we’re just warming up the tires but how are you feeling me all right good brakes too i think at this rate we’re gonna be stranded we’re gonna run out of gas so let’s go to comfort mode and drive it like a grandma auto is much easier to drive less clanky all right you don’t realize how loud this car is until you turn it

Off what do you think car wash nah i think your detailer would kill you you might hold my cap so on a pagani the cap holder is so close it’s impossible it’s actually a poor design sorry hiroshi but no one’s going to be able to hang the captor and put the nozzle in all right thank you this is what i’m telling you guys like this is not going to hold the cap or

I don’t even know how you’re supposed to go in there forget it we’re in business oh you scared me oh close call 11 gallons and we’re full i like only 66 bucks yeah not bad right yeah much better than bugatti 250 dollars any news for um pagani quail oh they do they always have an event they have a little drive they have a track session i believe at seca but i’m

Only going for the quail they’re uh running the wire r at lugano oh yeah that’s where i that’s where i heard it oh god now that car is gonna sound unbelievable yeah this car drives amazing how’s the upkeep with this car compared to other cars vodka is actually not bad i mean so far it’s been very reliable uh i haven’t had any issues except for the battery i

Had to replace otherwise it’s been working like a clock sound like that 12 cylinder like nothing else who got that battery was like a normal car battery or was it like a special battery that pagani issued you no it was a special lithium battery from mistaken it wasn’t super expensive just the labor was more and surprisingly not having a glass rooftop it doesn’t

Get too hot so like a tesla sun visors are the best though look at this solid hermes stitching that legit looks like a bag that’s so cool yeah probably cost as much as a birkin right here so excited for the quail who’s going to pebble comment down below if you’re going to pebble carving and which manufacturer are you most excited about to see at the coil mine

Oh hello bugatti and mclaren because they’re gonna have my car there which i’ve not been able to discuss or show you guys the details about but you guys gonna like this one this is going to be um on a bugatti bullet i’ll be doing a lot of footage with nate and share my journey with mclaren on this amazing a special limited edition supercar so till then let

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