Titano Finance | Can you really turn 000 into over million dollars???

This video I talk about Titano finance an auto-compounding and auto-staking protocol that you allows you to earn interest buy simply buying and holding the token.

Hey everyone and welcome back to the channel today i’m talking about titano finance i wanted to jump on here today guys and just do a quick video on this project since it’s a project that i am invested in but actually i saw some things today that got me actually pretty pumped up about this project and i wanted to share that with you guys if you’ve been looking

At this project and also maybe some things you may want to consider you know when you’re looking at this project versus other projects before i jump into the video i do want to mention guys that i do not give financial advice on this channel you really need to do your own research on these projects and i mean that guys i’ve personally been burned on a couple

Of projects recently so you know when we say don’t invest more than you’re willing to lose really take that into consideration also if you really like if you like some of the videos i’m making guys like and subscribe below that really helps my channel to grow plus guys a great way to support your channel is using some of the links that i put in the description

Some of those links are affiliate links and does allow me to earn some revenue when you use those links and allow me to continue making these videos so let’s jump into talking about titano finance uh so obviously guys if you’re not familiar with these type of projects these are auto staking and auto compounding protocols on crypto so all that means is that when

You buy the token it sits in your wallet the smart contract recognizes that you have those tokens and basically you start earning interest in your wallet without doing anything else other than buying the token uh they these projects i mean they are i mean honestly revolutionary they’re new they’re really new to the space you know titano itself uh kicked off last

Year in november and it’s actually pretty been pretty stable you know looking at this project when you scroll down obviously you’ll see all this information on here but you earn interest every 30 minutes on this project you’re starting to see a lot of titanal forks coming out not just on the avalanche chain which by the way this is on the avalanche network but

You’re starting to see these on phantom and other um on the other chains coming out and with higher apys and more frequent interest so some of them are now doing 15 minutes with a on their page they say what a thousand dollars at the end of the year you can earn your holdings would be over one million dollars if you put in a thousand dollars i mean that’s pretty

Uh that’s pretty bold that’s pretty crazy right now and i do want to say that you know a lot of us have been taught if it’s too good to be true it must be and sure you can probably apply that to some things but i do think that you know if if if you follow that rule to the t that you’re going to miss out on some of these projects that are legit and are really um

Really are going to last a long time i actually think titano is going to be one of those projects that we’re going to see around for a while and you may say well why do you say that well if you go to their um if you go to their titano medium page and they have a weekly summary here and i started looking through this and you know it’s actually pretty exciting when

You look at this project i’m not going to read this verbatim i don’t like doing that but you can see right now they have over 68 000 holders on the project they’re um they’re almost a thousand new holders each day they do have over um 250 million dollar market cap which is awesome for a project i mean that’s pretty and that’s pretty awesome and you can kind of see

Their roadmap for some things they’re doing to move forward and you guys can read this for yourself but i mean this project is looking really good for the long term this is the dashboard you can check out their market value which is right now over 16 million you can also see their market cap and their price really fluctuates right now around 15 cents i was about

20 cents i think a day or two ago but this project is looking pretty nice guys um you know i put in a little bit of money not a whole lot and i’m not a big fan of kind of showing my personal numbers but really wasn’t a whole lot and i’ve just been watching this thing grow it’s kind of hard not to check this thing every day but when you look at this project overall

And you can check out their discord channel guys this project is looking pretty good um you know it’s it’s looking pretty good for the long term obviously you’re going to want to do your research and i would definitely tell you to check out the their project overall but you’re now seeing these projects come out more frequently but being that titano has been around

Now for um a few months now i think it’s and the fact that it’s still growing its current market cap and the fact that you’re looking at over 60 um what did it say actually said over 68 000 holders that says a lot about a project so right now um i think i have um actually let me just go back to my numbers um so in the short time that i’ve had it guys it’s um

I’m seeing over a 25 increase in my holdings so like i said i only put in a little bit of money i’m kind of keeping an eye on it just to just follow this thing and i’ve been in it now for maybe a couple of weeks so i’m really going to watch this thing and probably maybe in 60 days i’m gonna do another video kind of show you guys where i’m at and i am looking to

Add more to this um personal project and uh just kind of see where it takes me so but i’m pretty stoked about it guys i think this may this is probably going to be one of those projects we see around for a long time so keep a lookout for that video and i’ll do an update maybe in like 60 days and we’ll see where where where i’m at so i hope guys that this sheds

A little little bit of light on this project and maybe gives you some insight that this may be a project you may want to definitely look at so thanks so much for watching and you guys have a blessed day

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Titano Finance | Can you really turn $1000 into over $1 million dollars??? By Defi Guy