Title Transfer Instructions – Sell My Car Arkansas

Instructions for selling a vehicle in the state of Arkansas:

All right let’s take a look at the arkansas title when you are the seller now to transfer it and fill everything out titles illegal documents so don’t erase anything or use whiteout do not cross or scratch anything out write neatly with good handwriting use only blue or black ink use actual names so no nicknames so any errors can void the document all right

You’re gonna want to look for two things on the back of the title if there’s a space for odometer reading in sales price you can use the title itself as the bill of sale and the odometer disclosure really old titles in arkansas may not have this provision and you’ll need a separate bill of sale odometer disclosure statement to go along with the title the form

Is at the link in the description of the video note that in many case this vehicle over ten years old is exempt from abdominus closure information if there are any liens shown on the front the title the release section to the right of the lien holder must have been completed otherwise an original release document from the lien holder must be attained the form

In the link in the description of this video takes you to that if there aren’t any liens shown ignore this requirement now on the back of the title at the top section bring the name and address of the buyers and the space provided at the odometer disclosure statement in the box provided enter in your mileage exactly as it appears on your odometer do not include

Tenths if you dahmer does not reflect the actual miles in the car check the box that says odometer reading is not actual mileage warning odometer discrepancy next fill in the vehicle information in the spaces provided vehicle i have an identification number year make and model enter the sales price on the line provided then enter the date of the sale in arkansas

The seller and buyer must print and sign their names on the lines provided make sure to bring your name or names exactly as appears on the front of the title below owner you must check to see if there’s an or or nothing listed between the register owner’s names if there’s an or either registered owner can sign and print otherwise the signatures and printed names

Of both registered owners are required sign on the line below the printed names as indicated in arkansas you keep your license plates when you sell a car they do not stay with the car it’s now required but it’s recommended that you submit submit a notice of transfer of ownership of your motor vehicle the link is in the description of this video if you need help

Or hardcopy forms the state revenue office can help locations can be seen in a link in the description all right that’s what you need to do to fill out the arkansas title as a seller hope this was helpful and good luck

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Title Transfer Instructions – Sell My Car Arkansas By Family Car Buyers