Top 9 Free Chrome Browser Extensions 2021 Coding, Finance, Productivity, Security

Top 9 Free Chrome Browser Extensions 2021 – Coding, Finance, Productivity, Security

Hey what’s up y’all it’s me paul and welcome back to my channel where we talk about tech consulting and personal development in today’s video i’ll be talking about my favorite chrome browser extension that i use for coding personal finance productivity and security just like my past video on the macbook pro apps all these extensions i’ll be talking about are free

I’ll be linking them down below in the description so check them out after the video anyways let’s get started okay the first coding extension i’ll be talking about is called chrome devtools pretty much a built-in tool that already comes with google chrome this tool has so many intuitive features that allows you to edit pages in real time to see potential changes

That you can make in your code as well as being able to debug your program so for example if i’m building a website and i want to be able to see changes before changing any code within my program i can do so i can load this up onto my chrome and open the inspector tool and be able to see everything i need i can update the css without needing to go back into my

Editor and actually test which colors i want to test before actually updating my code which saves me so much time another example is that if you’re building some web application with javascript functionality you might run into problems with your logic and with just the editor like vs code you can’t really debug what’s going on because you can’t really see which

Button you’re interacting with because there’s no gui this is where devtool comes in handy because you can actually put breakpoints on certain lines of code in your program which allows you to walk through where your code actually breaks another feature i love especially for designing website is the changing of screens in this day and age you need to develop your

Websites for all sorts of devices like ipad iphone tablet samsung android and this tool allows you to see how your website would appear on different devices you can change the code to be more responsive on all different devices there are so many other features about this tool like rest api call debugging and so if you’re interested you can definitely check it out

The second extension i’ll be talking about for coding is called viewjs dev tools this is similar to chrome dev tools but this one’s more specific to the bujs framework and if you aren’t familiar with bjs it’s pretty much a nerf framework to render your front-end components similar to angular or react this tool is extremely useful because it allows me to look at

The different specific components i have built out like a button or a div and the different data and actions that i can take on it this allows me to be able to track more closely than the chrome dev tools would when passing data between components to components it has saved me so many hours from blindly guessing where my bug lies okay let’s move on to the personal

Finance extension the first one that i’ll be talking about is called honey honey is pretty much an extension that automatically finds the coupons and apply them to your purchase at checkout so you know when you go to checkout and you see those apply promo code or coupon code here before actually entering your credit card information that’s where you can click on

The honey extension and be able to see if you can apply potential codes these codes can save you so much money whether it would be two percent 10 or even 20 off your purchases i know it doesn’t sound like much but it’s pretty much like buying something tax free and when you don’t find any coupons many time honey can offer you honey gold which is a rewards program

You can accumulate with valid purchases once you reach let’s say a thousand honey gold or even 2 000 you can redeem with gift cards usually a thousand gold would equate to a 10 gift card another thing i love about this app is that it works well with amazon too for those of you who actually enjoy shopping on amazon when you’re looking at the amazon products you’ll

See if prices have changed recently or gone up and actually book market when prices does go down this really helps you with purchasing what you really want to buy at the lowest price possible i’ll be linking a referral link down in the description if you actually want to use this you’ll be able to get sign on bonus honey gold okay the second finance extension

That i use is called racketon which is very similar to honey where it also searches for deals but this time instead of getting coupon codes you can actually get cash back on the things that you buy these cashbacks are added to your account and after a certain period racketeen will send you a check to your house and you can cash in that check that has all your

Cash back money also another thing that i love about bracketing is that these cashback are separate from your cashback payment methods what i mean by this is that if you go to a store and racket10 offers you two percent cashback and you’re using a credit card that offers you three percent cashback then you’re essentially getting five percent cashback so you can

Double dip in these cashback deals so let’s say the item that you’re buying is a hundred dollars at the tax racket will give you two percent cash back or two dollars in your account and your credit card will give you three percent or three dollars cash back to your credit card account so now you will have five dollars back into your bank account essentially

You’re buying a hundred dollar item for ninety five dollars keep in mind though that if you use racketing you can’t use honey and vice versa now i know what you’re thinking which one do i use then paul well at that point you really have to determine which extension gives you the better deal honey or wreckage if honey gives you 15 off let’s say on the items that

You want while racketing would give you only one percent cash back then obviously you would go with honey because they offers you a lot more if you are interested i’ll be linking another link down below in the description for referral code for racketon okay the next extension i want to introduce is on the security end which is called ad blocker plus i know many

Of you already have this in your tool belt but this part is for those of you who don’t know what it is adblocker plus is what its name implies pretty much an extension to block ads from the web pages that you are visiting especially on pages where there are so many ads to actually look at and they just pop up everywhere and can totally make you think that you’ve

Just been hacked or you just installed some sort of virus okay the second extension for security i want to talk about is world of trust or also known as watt this helps with website security checks safe browser surfing and protection from virus the thing i love about this extension is that you can check if a link is safe or not before you actually click on

Them and visit them they’ll have a circle next to the external links and show color if the color is green then you know it’s known to be safe whereas if you see yellow you’ll know it has some dangers to it and red is obviously dangerous also another cool thing about this extension is that it blocks harm from a website when you actually click on them by mistake

Or by accident and what actually stops it from loading their page it’ll ask you if you really want to visit the page or not and it gives you the option to okay the third security extension that i want to mention is called lastpass this extension allows you to securely keep all your different passwords in one centralized encrypted location pretty much a password

Management tool that has helped me with logging in safely and securely knowing that i don’t have to input password especially when people are around also it helps with the annoyance of remembering too many passwords for different logins i know it’s like remembering so many different passwords and always hate clicking on those i forgot my password link and redoing

The whole process of creating a new password this extension actually prevents all that from happening the way that it works is that lastpass creates a ball on your computer as an encrypted object it only ever gets decrypted locally on your own machine this means that someone breaking into the lastpass database won’t be a concern nor if someone actually intercepts

Your network traffic and tries to hack in that way so your passwords are safe what’s important to remember about lastpass or pretty much any password manager for that matter is that it’s only as strong as your master or main password use one that isn’t used anywhere else and turn on multi-factor authentication to actually increase the security of it okay moving

On the first productivity extension i use is called momentum which is a tool that replaces a new tab page with your own customizable dashboard that has the temperature time and inspiration it makes me happy that the first thing i logged onto chrome is looking at an extremely really beautiful picture and i’ll be in awe and it makes me extremely grateful also it

Has so many cool quotes that sometimes relate to me and pumps me with motivation and enthusiasm okay the last and final extension i’ll be talking about and for productivity is called the facebook eradicator this was super awesome because it actually pretty much removes all the news from my facebook news feed with really cool quotes so that i don’t have to spend

Too much time scrolling endlessly so these are my top 9 favorite chrome extensions that i use on a daily basis that helps me with all my needs i know i may be exaggerating this but pretty much all these extensions have made my life so much better whether that would be saving me money or making me live a more carefree life i hope you find this video helpful and

Comment down below if you have any other extension that you would recommend and as always please remember to like and subscribe and i’ll see you next time peace out

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Top 9 Free Chrome Browser Extensions 2021 – Coding, Finance, Productivity, Security By Paul