Treasury CS dismisses claims that govt is broke

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani blames Perennial Delays in Disbursement of Funds to Counties on Persistent Disagreements between the National Assembly and Senate. CS Yatani while addressing a Senate Induction Retreat Session In Naivasha, also dismissed claims of a broke government. Seth Olale followed the proceedings in Naivasha.

The treasury cabinet secretary courier attorney blames perennial delays in disbursement of funds to counties on persistent disagreements between the national assembly and the senate csi attorney while addressing a senate induction retreat session in naivasha also dismissed claims of a broke government as said olaley reports there was a bachelor’s degree cabinet

Secretary has dismissed claims of a bloke government by some leaders in the canaquanza administration who have said president william gruto’s administration inherited 93 million shillings from the outgoing government just a lot of ignorance about it government does not collect money stores in one place keeps for one month and then distribute after one month or

After one year we collect we raise revenue on daily basis and we find governments on daily basis attributing delays in disbursement of funds to counties to parliament’s internal jungles was engages senator jackson mandago raising issue with casualties delays in funding counties the question when a cabinet secretary is where is this money that always arrives at

The end of the financial year and what happens you are not able to pay for your suppliers and for the goods and success you have consumed yet in naivasha on the budget process warning against continued misappropriation of funds in devolved units proposing more stringent laws to empower the senate to properly oversight counties one of the great coral of senate and

International treasury is to ensure that there is prudence in management of financial is public resources is this being done i highly doubt these are funds that can make a big difference in in the lives of our people and so anytime these funds are not you know expanded in the right way uh you know service delivery is affected when really you go to the counties you

Really don’t see these the impact of this money and account level so he has made a call to the senators to ensure that we play a very critical role the issue of county government’s collection of revenues cropping up with leaders pointing out that devolved units could not collect revenues that are not sanctioned by parliament article 209 on the constitution it sets

Out very clearly who has the power to tax it’s only parliament there’s no other institution in this country that has power to tax and we said all type of taxes must be collected at national level some speakers calling for the equalization fund to be discontinued over assertions that it is usually channeled to settle other priorities by treasury if the current cost

Of living is anything to go by senators attending the induction retreat in naivasha are in agreement that they must step up in ensuring that they enforce stringent measures to execute the oversight mandate in ensuring that the funds met for service delivery in the counties is used effective and efficiently set ole citizen tv naivasha nakuru county

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Treasury CS dismisses claims that gov’t is broke By Citizen TV Kenya