Trick to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations pages in Microsoft Teams

In this video, I will show you a neat trick to get pages and processes from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations in Microsoft Teams.

Hello thank you for watching my video sometimes i see or get questions how can we integrate the microsoft dynamics 365 for finance applications with microsoft teams or we can think of creating all kinds of applications for example synchronizing data with dataverse and create apps with dataverse for teams or any other method of developing some apps and embedded

In microsoft teams but you can also utilize or reuse existing dynamics 365 pages in teams and in this video i’m going to show you how you can do that let’s say we have a team 4 of vendor payments collaborations in teams and we want to embed the workspace of the vendor payments in teams now usually when we have this page we can do some navigation part like opening

Another menu or go to the recents that part should not be part of the application within teams in that case we can first start with limiting the navigation by adding another parameter in the url which is called limited enough and set the value to 2. now the page will reload and you’ll see that there will be less options for navigation the search bar is gone and

We can’t navigate to any other page anymore now we can copy this url go to the teams page and let’s say we want to add finance operations on this team page then we can click on the plus button and first of all you think i might need to look for an application which is called dynamics 365 or finance operations etc but it’s quite easy you only have to embed

A website and i already have it now as my reasons but if you don’t have it used recently then you have to search for it just scroll down or search like the website and when we click this one we can provide a certain name vendor payments and copy the url we just copied from finance and operations now i don’t want to post a channel about this change save it

And now it will load financing operations app in microsoft teams quite easy so what we can do more is also chat with our colleagues we can start a conversation on this tab and information today so we can ask questions or hey i just created a new payment journal can you please go ahead to check and approve it that kind of things and also we can just navigate

To all information available from the workspace itself now as we limited the navigation with the url parameter and we want if we want to go back to the main page then you can just click on the reload page form at the top and it will bring you back to the original vendor payments workspace so this is a quite short demonstration of how to reuse forms in finance

Operations and every form you have access to you can just pick it and embed it as website in teams i hope this will help you also in your implementations or your scenarios for having the finance and operations pages in teams thank you for watching until next time bye you

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Trick to get Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations pages in Microsoft Teams By Dynamicspedia