Two men connected to Giulianis Ukraine efforts arrested on campaign finance charges

Rudy’s Ukraine Henchmen Arrested on Campaign-Finance Charge

Back in baby’s arms don’t you love those loving arms hello everyone its charlton please subscribe to my channel and tap the notification bell don’t subscribe to my channel i strongly eye you know so these two individuals i gore crewmen i believe that’s his name and lev / naz okay they are soviet born i think they’re us citizens now they are i’m almost next to

Certain soviet born individuals which have you know means they were they were born in the ukraine when it was still part of soviet union so their label does basically florida real estate entrepreneurs even though the matter this matter sort of revolves around some energy company that they started this and i guess they you know they they did a triple nd from real

Estate entrepreneur into you know energy business so but they’ve been arrested yesterday they arrested in doss out port which dallas airport which is in virginia which i assume is fairly basically outside of washington dc even though the arrests the indictments are coming from you know southern new york i sued prosecutors in new york and manhattan i believe that’s

The southern district of new york you know so there was a previous story about this which i’m obviously not going to go over again you know about these individuals the relationship giuliani and a ukrainian gas company called naphtha gas in their efforts to basically change the management we were asked to ceo put their guy in place who’s already a senior executive

There who had come to houston for an energy conference these two individuals another guy named sergeant who’s a nail oil magnate and i think beau capital book of boca boca raton yeah boca raton florida them flew to the houston to meet this forget the guys name the senior executive of nafta gas who they wanted to elevate to chief executive as as well as reportedly

Perry rick perry the former governor of texas was in a you know made multiple visits to the ukraine and met with the president the new president trying to you know basically have him fire the otley into the entire advisory board for this company and after gas and put in place you know republican donors and and trump allies most some of them from texas exceptional

Right so that’s that’s what the previous story was and that’s still out there and there so shoots with giuliani they’ve been you know assisting giuliani or ja giuliani has been assisting them you know pushing forward with an investigation into the biden’s whatever you know believe me it’s it’s it’s not good and we’ll see so they’ve been arrested but on a different

Matter they have representation right now this dude down i think his name’s john dad so right john down john dowd is right there that is one of the president’s former attorneys i believe he may have been the first attorney in the russian investigation not certainly that i think he was before president moved on to somebody else he’s representing these two individuals

And he was because the various the three different house committees which i don’t know which ones they are its intelligence two others one is headed by schiff i think another one’s a headed by elijah cummings another was headed by somebody else you know they were seeking documents from these three individuals they wanted them to appear and you know this attorney

I think put out at least one statement saying that um you know what they were asking for was too wide and brought in scrub they were basically harassing his clients and trying to intimidate them and they were i don’t know if they were gonna refusing to come to a care but they were demanding more time etc but now they’ve been arrested on a different man a matter

Basically something that’s like involves camping fine perform so i don’t know if he’s gonna represent them on that matter – i assume probably sir okay so they’ve been arrested they’ve been in custody overnight they were arrested wednesday i don’t know if i said yeah when as they flew into dulles airport i guess from florida you know the whole sara port which is in

Virginia outside of outside of washington i did say that even though the arrests the indictments coming from manhattan in new york i totally said that so they are expected to be in court today excuse me and so the two associates of rudy giuliani connected the efforts to dig up dirt in ukraine on democratic democratic presidential candidate joe biden were arrested

Wednesday on criminal charges of violating violating campaign finance rules cornets spokesman for the southern district of new york i gorf room and left parnas were detained in dulles airport outside of washington are expected to appear in court in virginia on thursday the investigation was conducted by federal prosecutors in new york para nós was giuliani’s fixer

And ukraine introducing him to the current and former to current and former officials as far back as 2018 they gave hundreds of thousands and donations to trump allied super pac according to miami herald washington journal first reported their first report of their arrest here is basically the charge right here so it says pardon us and three more crewmen are

Charged with making illegal straw donations including a three hundred twenty five thousand dollar contribution to a group to the group america first action as the daily beast first reported that donation actually came from an entirely different undisclosed company owned by par nos it is illegal to donate through federal political candidates in the name of another

Person or a dent or entity basically you know these things these straw donations is that what it was called a straw donation you know the the the allegation is that they’re you know they’re they’re donating in a different name or in a cup a different different different company’s name – basically conceal that it’s coming from that you know so prosecutors allege

A host of other smaller straw donations designed they say to both evade federal campaign contribution limits and conceal the actual sources of the funds parnassus currently facing a civil lawsuit attempting to collect more than five hundred thousand that he owes a jilted business partner from a years old movie deal gone bad and actually there’s a separate story

Over at the usa today that kind of talks about that that might have been the impetus that brought this to light because that investor that feels that they were screwed over you know basically sued him because this you know this this donation became you know may became name if he found out about it and so he found out that they had you know the three hundred and

Twenty-five thousand dollars money you know he had that they had the money so he was suing i’m saying that i got that should be my money basically i’m totally paraphrasing there but that’s and you know there was two different company names that i’ll try to read it real quick if you care about the explanation that initially it was filed under one company’s name

And then it was changed to another company’s name you know and that might even be their legal defense you know that they’re saying i mean their legal defense might be that the campaign finance violation was actually just an air that they weren’t where they were trying to basically elude you know this this previous lawsuit in you know i mean that’s not much of a

Defense because that sounds like you’re defrauding you know somebody who’s suing you something you have to pam if that makes sense in addition to the straw donations prosecutors say para nós crewmen and their co-conspirators made donations using money provided by an unnamed foreign national who was ineligible to contribute to federal political campaigns under us

Law so they’re also saying there’s some unnamed foreign national who may have contributed may have added to you know may have made donations in their name not good dude that’s the allegation that’s the allegation part awesome room in are central to an ongoing impeachment in korea against trump the two men assisted giuliani the president’s personal attorney in his

Efforts to dig up dirt on trump’s political opponents in ukraine among among the objectives they sought was the removal of the us ambassador to ukraine whom giuliani believed was standing in the way of investigations he and trump wanted to see launched and wanted to see launched into joanne hunter bonds work in the country so the accusation is that they push for

The ambassador the previous the ap story which i should bring up man screw it such a turkey the previous ap story made a similar accusation that they basically push to have the the ambassador pushed out of there the pre me onna yanukovych i believe her name is and and she not long after the cross was made it but she was you know she was she was recalled back home

Tro bad hilarious so cnbc which was pulling the stories from the aap it’s very long i only did a breviary b ated video on this you know and these are the businessmen ukraine a resource-rich nation that sits on the geographic and symbolic border between russia and the west has long been plagued by corruption at the center of the nafta gap nafta gas plant according

To three individuals familiar with the details were three rich three such businessmen to serbia born florida real estate entrepreneur left part off an ivor freeman and an oil magnate from boca raton henry henry sargent in early march freeman poorness and sergeant were counting a plan to replace naphtha gas ceo andriy kobin yev with another senior executive at the

Company on andrew father off father off according to two individuals who spoke to the ap as well as a memorandum about the meeting that was later submitted to the u.s. embassy and keith going back to the obama administration the three approach far off with the idea while the ukrainian executive was attending an energy industry conference in texas part off and

Freeman told him they had flown in from florida on a private jet to recruit him to be their partner a new venture to export up to 100 tanker shipments a year of u.s. liquefied gas to the ukraine when after gas is the largest distributor according to two people briefed sergeant sergeant told foie-gras that he regularly meets with trumpet merrill ago and that the

Gas sales plan had the president’s full support according to two people who said far off recounted the discussion to them those conversations were recounted to ap by dale perry and american blah blah blah the second person who wrote on a condition of anonymity also confirmed that that two ap that farmer i’ve had work rounded the details of the houston meaning to

Him according to dale perry and other persons father said para nós told him the point told him trump plan to remove us ambassador marie jana novick and replaced her with someone more been aiding their business interest that’s what i was looking for that’s why i came all the way over it was for that so according to down parry you know one of the persons that the

Ap spoke to an american who was a former business partner of far-off you know para nós told him trump plan to remove us ambassador marie yanukovych and replace her with someone more open to aiding their business interest dale perry told ap that he was so concerned about that the efforts to change the manomet management of nafta gas and to get rid of yanukovych

That he reported what he had heard to surya giyanti a state department foreign service officer stationed in the us embassy in kiev i don’t know if there’s a difference between kiev ky iv or in k ie v but whatever who focuses on the industry energy industry that person significant right there that’s surya giyanti you haven’t sir heard anything about in the state

Department foreign service officer stationed at the us embassy that this person brought you know brought the broader tube brought it to his attention told the mp was so concerned about the efforts to change the management at navigate it naphtha gas and get rid of yanukovych said he reported what he had hurt you sri sri uh jayanthi back to here alright so the

Campaign finding its allegations against them on our annex trick ibly linked with that effort with the effort to remove biden we’re not removed by to investigate by to investigate bud prosecutors say their extensive political contributions beginning in early 2018 were designed to curry favor with american policymakers in an effort to advance parnas and freeman’s

Political and business endeavors i can’t comment at this point giuliani’s johnny giuliani told the daily beast para nós and fuhrman are expected to appear in court on thursday the charges on wednesday are likely to have reverberations well beyond the president’s inner circle america first action has been a major player in congressional elections as well and the

Indictment issued on wednesday makes reference to one of those contests the pac spent more than three million to help to help elected former rep pete sessions the republican from texas after he after he wrote a letter calling for the ambassadors firing so i guess the implication is you know he got he provided some help you know writing the letter calling from the

Ambassadors firing and then the pac supported him with three million dollars you know towards his campaign sessions lost is 2018 election but is ready for a new seat in in congress this cycle it hasn’t missed the dude dismissed the dude had the the tax i thought and was resigning you know retiring well that’s positive it was no no wait no that’s not it’s that’s

Nuts not him that’s that but that is that’s pete sessions but i’m thinking somebody else somebody else from texas so i mean that’s pretty much the story that i did that’s the end that’s that’s the story there man you know me base you know it’s boring but they tell you a little bit of specifics of how this investment changed you know they they changed how it was

Registered at the super pac you know and but it’s it’s just not that interesting so the three the $325,000 campaign contribution may 17 2014 the contribution was attributed to the global to the company global energy producers llc on the committee’s report to the federal election commission para nós was listed para nós was listed as ceo of the company and fuhrman

As president and other campaign documents but the associated press found the money actually came from a different corporate entity aaron investments one llc which was managed by para nós and his wife erin investments had received 1.2 million from the pros from the proceeds of a private mortgage made 15 2008 een secured by a condo unit in north miami beach owned by

A separate corporation tied to furman according it to the apy transfer records show three hundred twenty-five thousand was been wired to aaron investments from aaron investments to america first action even though the contribution was credited to global energy producers four days after the contribution on may 21st para nós posted a picture on facebook of himself

Of rumen and donald trump jr. at a breakfast at the beverly hills polo lounge of california that is this right here from next to certain and labeling a power power breakfast the caption said harness have previously posted a picture of himself at the white house on may 1st describing an incredible dinner and an even better conversation i’m assuming that that is

This picture there so so that’s pretty much the story that i got a roll i mean it goes into it goes into the movie the movie the the people who feel they were screwed over on a movie deal you know and they and they made a 350 thousand dollar loan to pawn us something like that and that they basically found out about this contribution and like i said before they

Were like well he’s got money to make contributions to this i’m totally paraphrasing and you just don’t need to need when it’s more deep you tell them you needed to know anyways gets boring that is the story there dude thanks for watching my videos please subscribe to my channel give me a like down below see in the next video

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Two men connected to Giuliani's Ukraine efforts arrested on campaign finance charges By Charlton