Are you looking for a tier 2 sponsorship here in the uk in today’s video i’m going to be sharing with you guys a company that is currently recruiting with tier 2 sponsorship they are recruiting all over the world yes it just looks like we’re going to be interested in justice hello beautiful people welcome back into my youtube channel if today is your first time

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My channel i talk about my life hey dk what’s happening and i share information so today’s video i’m going to be talking about this loving angels are currently recruiting with visa sponsorship they are licensed health care agency so the reason why we don’t put the link on the description below is because sometimes when they get too many applications they tends to

You know trace where the traffic comes from and sometimes they ask us the content creators please can you bring this content down we’ve got too many applications so now that is one of the reasons why we don’t post or we don’t share their link on the description below so it’s left for you to just do a simple thing by typing the name on your google and search them

And then apply so that is the reason why we don’t put the link on the description below so for this is for those of you that like to say please i can’t find the link i can’t find the link yes i don’t put the links on my description because of the reasons i just shared with you guys so now this company it says international recruitment if you are passionate about

Caring and are interested in working in the united kingdom we want to hear from you we are looking for experienced care staff to join our community teams as a senior care assistant for loving angels care you will pay a very important role in the lives of our service users helping them to continue living in their comfort of their own homes our aim is for all carers

Who work with the same service users every day for better continuity in care which is good but one thing you should know about this company is that they want experienced senior carers so they said the rules involve working in the service users home providing all aspects of personal and domestic care including assisting with all aspects of personal care including

Shower bathing dressing grooming toileting assisting with all aspects of medication and the usage of aids and personal equipment such as ceiling track choice or working it i don’t know if in nigeria if they really use hoist maybe they use manual holes sorry um nigeria and so for those of you don’t know in the uk they used something they called hoys i know most people

Don’t really know about this because i could remember someone was asking me how to use voice so i would definitely look for a video on how to use hawaii so that you guys could watch it for those of you interested in healthcare jobs so that you guys would know what it looks like how to use it sometimes or most of the times anyway they have to teach you how to use

It but it’s always good for you to like you know have clear of what you’re doing or how to use toys so once you start working in a care home even if you don’t know how to use all the equipment there you can tell that we don’t know how to use the equipment they’ll definitely put you through but like i said it’s just good for you to at least know or have a clue on

How to use a particular equipment or how to use a particular whatever thing they are using in the care home so now they said uh also assisting with a day-to-day tags such as smooth preparation gardening cleaning and laundry so now this can be either a living care job or a double sliding job so living in care is where you live in the person’s house maybe one week

On or one week off and the missing larry is whereby you go to the person’s house after your job or after your call call can be 10 to 20 minutes sometimes one hour it just depends on the you know job role or it depends on how the organization or agency works so if it’s for you to go to a particular house and spend up to one hour you’re meant to do all this in one

Hour or you’re meant to do this in two hours then if it’s a living in care you will have to stay there for like two weeks or one week on or one week off so that’s just it and you can also see the meal preparation for those of you that don’t know how to cook i think it’s also good for you guys to know how to cook like this little little food most of their food is

Not really hard work but sometimes they want fresh food sometimes their food is so easy to cook it’s already made sometimes and sometimes it just wait to microwave it so anyways if you don’t know how to cook i think you should know or learn how to cook before you know going into this job because it’s in one way or the other you might come across or you might be

Needed to cook for a client so i can remember working with a guy that don’t know how to cook i had to help him out so it’s very important for you guys or whoever is applying for this job role to know how to do stuff like this it also said that it also said that providing companionship and support in this customers mental and physical activities such as taking them

Shopping or in the cinema reading photo albums or talking to them over cups of tea you will support service users with a range care needs such as advanced dementia honestly some of those people with support sometimes they just need company you will talk and talk and talk and talk this is just for their own mental health they just need companies so if you’re doing

This job you need to be friendly you need to be ready to listen because sometimes they will tell you story story over and over again it’s just for it to be you know keeping them entertained basically that’s just the main companionship they need you know a cup of tea drink love keep them you know just keep them going that’s just it and it says as a loving angels

Carer you are rewarded for providing an outstanding service you will work a combination of early shift late shifts and alternative weekends you will have a long-term employment prospect with a minimum contract length of three years so it simply means if you’re applying for this job it’s either five or three years because you can see it says minimum of three years

We will assist you in acquiring a national insurance number opening of uk bank account and gp registration we will provide company accommodation for the first month and assist in finding suitable long-term accommodation you will receive a competitive salary plus opportunities to work over time you will have access to a company very cool i think their benefit is

Not too bad to be honest so i think you should consider this agency requirements minimum of two years experience in health and social care can you hear that they need someone with experience so if you don’t have experience just say it’s going to be a bit difficult because it’s already mentioned that they want someone with experience relevance health and social

Care qualification from accredited training provider valid photo driving license close bracket international so for those of you don’t know there’s different between just normal driving license from international driving license so if you’re coming to the uk for healthcare job try and make sure you come in with your international driving license and it also said

They need a valid passport tv test from a home office approved test center police clearance from central police clearance within six months of applications minimum ielts for uk va a score of five so your minimal ielts need to be five at least and then under it is a how to apply if you meet the above criteria please send your cv with supporting documents you can

See the email they said you need to meet the required criteria so if you don’t meet up to all this they need they still need of you applying but if you meet up to this then you can apply this is a company i came across and i decided to share with you guys and at the top you can see all the service they provide home care living in care special care and all of that

So i came across this um care company and i decided to share with you guys hope you find this video informative please go through it and try your luck we’ve come to the end of today’s video if you find this video informative please don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up like subscribe and share my videos i’ll see you guys in my next video bye guys foreign

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