Uniform Commercial Code – How to File a UCC1 Financing Statement Online – Claim your VESSEL

A brief tutorial demonstrating how to file a UCC1 Financing Statement online in less than 20 minutes! This method should work in any country listed in the form’s menu on the Financing Statement. Thank you for your support.

Greetings everybody i’d like to start by clarifying that i’m not a lawyer doctor or financial advisor i’m not giving any legal or financial advice this is simply a how-to video thank you for your support well anyway congratulations you’ve learned enough to know that you need to take this imper important first step in correcting your status in this brief video

I will show you exactly how i filed my ucc one financing statement online for your reference i live on the land known as canada as far as i know this method will work anywhere in the world without further ado let’s dive right into it so open your browser and go to dol dot wa dot gov once you get to this page scroll down to get a form click here then

Underneath find forms by subject you will click on uniform commercial code now here you can actually open a pdf of the financing statement in another tab but for this example we’re filing it online so under related information you will click file and search online when you do that it’ll bring you to the actual platform on which you will be filing your ucc one

Financing statement once you’re here the first step is to click my filer info here in contact name you’ll actually put care of or in care of in this case we’ll just put co with a comma which stands for care of and the phone number and email are optional you do not have to do this because they have your address here which they will mail you if they need to and

They likely won’t unless you start doing stuff like filing claims moving on you will go straight to mailing address in which case you’ll put your mailing address in the city i’m using calgary as an example and in this case canada as well and as you can see the list of any country you can think of is here so anywhere that’s listed here you can go ahead and

File a ucc one financing statement for the postal code it is a military postal code you are not a member of the military therefore you are to exempt yourself of the military postal code when it’s used on the page however in this section it won’t allow us to add brackets around the postal code like this so we will select this i will explain a little bit as to

Why it’s not necessary here later in the video for now you’re going to double check that you have the in care of the address city province postcode and country correct once everything is correct update session filer info so it’s going to bring you back to the main page that we started on from here you’re going to click file a financing statement so once you

Get here you’ll be focusing on three sections this page isn’t actually as intimidating as it may look when you get right into it so this is the collateral this is the secured party section and this is the debtor section so as it as in order let’s start with the debtor section you will always be selecting individual you are not an organization this is the crucial

Uh important thing to remember is this section you will be filling out in all capital letters the same way that they do on with your last name on literally every document that they register for you such as your license passport birth certificate etc so for surname you will put your last name as written on your license hey everyone i stopped the video quickly

To clarify one thing i said to enter your name like in your license what i mean by this is enter it in all capital letters i need to stress the importance of using your birth certificate name no matter how many times you might have changed your name it must be the one on your original birth certificate thanks and then you will follow it with sdqv trust also in

All block letters first personal name i’m using john adam doe as an example so we will put john in all block letters in additional names and initials we’ll put the middle name of adam you avoid the suffix always mr misses all those things is the same equivalent as private general kernel you’re not a member of the military so don’t use a suffix anyway mailing

Address all block letters city all block letters we will do this long scroll back here and go pick canada these two are auto generated but i believe they show up in capital block letters once you save it now in this section you will make sure to put your postal code in blog or in the brackets here the bracket is the square bracket not a parentheses this is

Called the bracket once everything looks the way it does on this page here in this section you’re going to want to click save enter now the important thing to know is if you have power of attorney over your elderly parents or have children below the age of maturity you can include them as additional debtors onto your statement you would click add another debtor

In which case you will get the same exact form you can copy as last at last address if it’s your children and they live with you or your parents that you have power of attorney over who live with you otherwise you would put their information in all block letters uh as well as their surname with sdqv their birth surname the one listed on their certificate not

Any anyone not not the one that you get after you marry or changed uh it has to be the one actually on your certificate of birth so uh anyway for this example we’re just going to use the one that under secured party you’re going to use your uppercase and lowercase name and you’re going to not include says dqv trust because we are talking about you the living

Man or woman the actual soul here on earth so in this case you put dough john again avoid the suffix mailing address another long scroll now again we’re going to put the postcode in brackets double check everything is correct individual surname first name middle mailing address city province postcode country save secured party so now your page should look

Like this you’ve got the debtor section you’ve got the secured party section perfect everything looks in order now this is your collateral section here uh you’re going to type it you’re not going to upload any files they charge you an extra fee of a dollar for attaching a pdf file nice um yeah don’t do that i suggest typing this text which will be included in the

Description below into a note pad or a word document or pages document whatever writing program you may use and you will copy it uh to paste into the other screen earlier while i have this open i just want to address the red text this is the text you will be altering to to work with your situation so um this security agreement reference here is something you

Will have to it’s it’s reference to a document called the security agreement you will have to create a security agreement listing all of your property and securities as as implied in that document which is separate from this current video however the format is the date of which you are filing your ucc one financing statement so for this example being november

21st 2022 uh i’ve written this out as 21 11 21 being the 21st day of the 11th month in the 21st or 2021 so as written out here so aside from that you will have to include your birth certificate registration number now make sure it is the actual registration number it should say reg number or registration number birth certificate registration number something

Along those lines and it can vary it can have many different characters it can have slashes dashes bases it can be three numbers it can be six it can be more so it it varies a lot please make sure to identify yours and make sure it’s the correct one lastly there’s this line says debtor is a transmitting utility this is important to include because upon filing

Of this you would technically have to refile another financing statement in five years like you would any other kind of you know license or so on um by including debt there is a transmitting utility this secures the filing for the entirety of your life for the time that the debtor is transmitting or this for the time that you are transmitting through the debtor

Essentially is how i’ve come to understand that um so anyway we’re gonna copy that like i said click paste this little bar will slide back and forth so you can read the whole thing make sure that everything is correct so once you’re done with the collateral that’s pretty much it for the financing statement normally you would i guess not fill these but it

Does not give you that option so you’ll click none on all of the the options leave these two boxes blank and before you click file initial financing statement preview your record it’ll open the pdf in a separate tab and it’ll look like this where it says file number it says preview this will actually be a file number once you’re completed once you’ve completed

Your form as you can see here this is the filer info that we did at the very start of the video and um so the reason the postal code doesn’t have to be in brackets here it’s because theoretically these four boxes or these four corners which create a box well not to mention they’re already in a box but um is kind of like a big bracket more on that in a maybe

Different video but for the sake of this we’re going to continue with the other sections so in the details section um everything has to be in capitals so we want to double check secured party section everything uppercase lowercase nosdqv perfect brackets brackets great we want to go through here make sure everything is good and just so you know here you can

Put an underscore you can make these dashes if you want whatever feels good for you it’s it’s as long as this section of the number you don’t even have to put any of these there it’s it’s not that specific so as long as you have the correct date and your initials you’re good but yeah make sure all that’s correct don’t panic um part of your collateral will just

Continue on to this second page and in a different font for whatever reason uh and it’ll look like this page two of two and again your file number will be right there so that’s it with the preview everything’s good click file initial financing statement now you will have to pay with the credit card the current price is 23 dollars usd depending on the currency

Exchange rate it’s roughly thirty dollars cid so that’s kind of the the gist of that you would click next and then fill out your filing information or your billing information um i’m not going to do this i’ve filed one so i will show you what the next screen looks like uh in a moment but uh yeah this is for you to fill out you know include your brackets where

You can yeah i mean like i would just do it as i would on amazon or anything else uh don’t don’t complicate anything don’t confuse yourself just just do it normally fill out the information and click pay so right there after you click pay you will land on a screen that looks like this uh i’ve blurred out my own information for privacy’s sake but yes this is

The page you will want to click view filing after you’ve done this this will open up a pdf in a separate tab allowing you to save the document somewhere on your computer maybe on a secure drive somewhere as well as printing a couple copies for your own records which is very important uh aside from that you’ll want to print the confirmation page as well just

To have for your records and but that’s really it congratulations you’re officially a secured party creditor like you you’ve done it um you’re essentially the captain of your vessel kind of so to speak um links of course will be in the description below collateral text will be in the description below um and i will be posting more videos in the near future

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Uniform Commercial Code – How to File a UCC1 Financing Statement Online – Claim your "VESSEL" By Secured Party Creditor