UofL Session for Finance Majors

All right so welcome to today’s info zoom we’ll be discussing um some courses that are available for finance majors for university of louisville students today and that’s with the cooperative center for study abroad and we have our website here at ccsa.cc where you can learn more about all the different programs and everything that we have to offer and the the

Cooperative center for study abroad is basically a consortium of u.s colleges and universities that offers short-term study abroad programs in english-speaking regions we’re non-profit organizations we keep our costs really low and you know we’re definitely out to try to make these programs as accessible to students as possible we’re housed at western kentucky

University and participants can receive a higher education credit either undergraduate or graduate for completing our programs and the classes are taught from faculty from our consortium member schools we have a small staff but you can see here some of the people that you’d be dealing with we have myself i deal with the payments and the finances robin is the

Program coordinator and then we have stephen does our applications and casey does our outreach these are some of our member institutions you can see university of louisville is one of them and so that makes it a lot easier for uofl students to attend a ccsa program and then this is the section where i was going to go over some of the website stuff but i think

The first thing we should do is since we have one of our faculty on on this call let’s go ahead and just look and i’ll show you that on our course search page you can actually search for the finance courses and then um dr zao’s course is right down here so doctors out if you want to go ahead and just briefly describe what your course will do what you’re doing and

Some of the locations you’ll be visiting you can do that now thank you ralph for introducing me my name is kevin zao i am a finance professor from middle tennessee state university i’ve been teaching finance for 14 years at mksu and i’ve been leading student teams for their study abroad in austria actually that’s part of the keys program at the kentucky university

Western kentucky university uh for next summer i proposed a course called that uh it’s essentially a personal finance class uh for all majors uh especially for freshmen and sophomore and uh it’s it i mean the the talks about managing personal wealth uh in an environment where we can see different types of financial institutions in london versus in u.s so

That is the class i’m going to teach in london this summer and the program is two-week program but we will do a lot of field trips to central bank of england the financial district of london and if i know many of you already took the economic class and you know a big theory called a kensing theory where government actually can intervene the economy by adding uh

Economic stimulus it’s called the visible hand of economy and the theory of visible visible hand of economy was proposed by well-known economists who who who studied economics in london and we are going to visit that place as well as king i think it’s kings university so a lot a lot like a lot i mean exciting things going to happen and i’m fully ready to serve

You guys and i’m here to answer your questions about this course or the program law great well thank you very much and actually so um on the program page that lists your course um we’ve got some contact information right here and so if you wanted to um send an email to dr zoe his email address is kevin.chao at mtsu.edu all right so i guess the next thing we

Can do is just look at some of the resources that are available on the website and i think one of the first things to look at is the course search page so if you go to our website ccsa.cc underneath programs there’s a course search and then you can sort by discipline uh one thing i did note is that we do have a couple of uh classes that would probably be of

Interest to somebody that was a finance major um we have business courses management courses and international business courses as well so you can select multiple disciplines hello did somebody have a question okay well um so you can select multiple disciplines and uh and then you’ll see that those will pop up here under the source uh search page uh so this uh

Coming summer we have a course by aaron judd from thomas moore university uh he’s going to be explaining the adult beverage industry uh that should be an interesting course it sounds like a lot of fun actually we have another one the one that um dr zoe was just discussing the managing personal wealth um and looking at britain’s financial institutions and then we

Have one by uh lynette casino that is going to discuss business a business law and breaks it so that should be interesting as well another thing under um under the website is uh you know a lot of people are interested about payment options payment deadlines things like that so we have a finances section and then we also have a cost calculator that’s very helpful

Students can go in here fill out all their information and get like an estimate of what the program is going to cost and how much money they’ll need for other things and then also one of the things that people are usually most interested in is scholarships ccsa has two types of scholarships we have a traveler scholarship which is a need-based scholarship and

Students have to be pell grant eligible for that one and then we have a storyteller scholarship where students will actually get a scholarship from ccsa in return for just telling their story while they’re abroad and there’s a lot of details about the project requirements and things like that here and then under this page we’ve also listed a lot of information

That i think is valuable for students for other scholarships that people have been able to attend and use for ccsa programs in the past and then i think another thing that’s really important under cancellation because of all the concerns about travel and covet and everything we’ve recently developed some of these programs that we call our no risk refund programs

And so for the summer 2022 programs if a student is to apply and withdraw for any reason prior to february 25th of 2022 they get a 100 refund which includes the application fee and and all that so there’s absolutely no risk to start an application and um you know you can do that and then not have to worry you know what if travel is restricted or something like that

And so um that’s you know basically the things that are on the website um i’ll open it up if anybody has a question this would be a good time to go ahead and ask that i think we had a couple of students jump on i emailed the investment club here at uofl which the majority might be finance majors so they could be really interested in the finance classes that are

Available next summer so if you just want to do a brief overview you know it’s the london midsummer program right for next summer yes yeah so we’ll um just go back there real quick since they probably missed that part uh and also we will have a recorded version for playback later on but one of the things i was showing is the course search page on the ccsa website

Which is under ccsa dot cc forward slash programs and then you can go down and then select business courses finance courses things that you think would fit into your major or that you may be interested in this international business is a good selection too and so you can see uh we’ve actually even got in addition to the london mid-summer we’ve got one in london

In edinburgh also this summer so you can look at those dates and see if maybe one of the sets of dates works better for you this one is taught by professor judd from thomas moore university and of course we had dr zao was just discussing his course which is going to be in the london mid-summer program and we have lynette gazzino is offering a um course about

Brexit this summer as well and she’s from thomas more university when you go into this core search you can then look at the program page and it’ll discuss a lot more options about where they’re going to be staying all the different travel options different contacts things like that and of course um there’ll be pricing information posted soon we’re still working

On pricing for these programs but that’ll be out um probably in the next month or so so are there any questions from anybody that just recently jumped on all right no problem like i said we will have a recorded version as well um so i’ve got just a couple of things here for the people that travel to london which seems like if you’re a finance major you probably

Would end up in london um you know we got some recent places that students have visited this is the tower of london a lot of history there and also a lot of good financial information in there because they actually have um one of the places where the first banks were doing transactions um you know 100 different rains and they have some of the coinage that was

There of course you know there’s um big band in parliament uh downtown something interesting that you can see it’s just a traditional thing that a lot of our faculty will have like a high tea just to get that that british london experience it’s always exciting to students and you know when you’re studying uh different types of programs you might end up studying

Something about you know breweries and different types of businesses that deal with that industry it’s really big in london and of course historically um you know there’s some of the spots that are very popular with stonehenge and the london bridge it’s actually known as tower bridge and of course we’ve got some photos of just showing how our students are having

A good time while they’re over there and things like that so um i don’t think we need to really um go on too long in it unless anybody has any questions but uh you know that’s a brief overview of the finance courses that we have uh offered for this summer and um of course everything can be obtained from our website and uh one thing i will point out i almost

Forgot to mention um anybody that starts an application during or shortly after this presentation um so if you go um find a course that you might be interested in let’s say it was um dr zoe’s course uh if you were to go there under program info you can hit apply now and um any participant um that actually applies for a program during this session or shortly after

Since it’s such a short one we’ll be eligible for our free application drawing and uh so what we’ll do is we’ll take the pool of any students that have applied and then we’ll draw just like a name out of a hat and then we’ll select one winner that will get a free application fee which is uh currently 150 dollars but it’s anywhere up to 250 during the normal uh

Application period so i definitely would recommend with the short um the short list of students that are here participating you have a really good chance of winning that application fee scholarship so i definitely recommend starting an application if you’re interested and again if anybody has any questions um i’ll be on for a few more minutes feel free to ask

I see something in the chat here let’s go ahead and get that all right yeah now we do have a refer friend program that’s a good point actually let me go ahead and look at that we haven’t that’s kind of new so under um participants refer a friend we just started offering this new program actually so summer is going to be the first time that we have this is any

Student that refers a friend um that friend it was referred will get a 25 discount but for each friend that you refer you personally will get a 50 discount um so that’s very valuable and we got information on our website under participants refer friend and then in the ccsa application itself there’s also a lot of information in there about the referendum program

And so you know in addition to getting um the application fee discount right now for signing up uh you know if you’re the winner of that um you can also get your friend can get a 25 discount and then for every person that you refer that starts an application pays the application fee you can also get a 50 discount and then there’s also the scholarships that we

Have available and so it’s a lot of opportunities out there for students of course if you’re a finance major you’re probably pretty interested in how to save money and so hopefully these things will stand out to you and be useful any other questions and feel free to if you have a question you can put that in the chat box as well if you’re a little shy and don’t

Want to you know get on camera or something or if you’re on your phone and don’t have access to your camera feel free to put a comment out here all right well oh hold on yeah so kimber just mentioned you can email her if you have any questions about the process and of course as i mentioned we will um put out some information um in a recorded version because i

Know a lot of people with their schedules maybe they want to know more but they weren’t able to attend um you know the the live session we’ll put out a recorded version that can be shared with students so that we can get the word out there thank you very much i appreciate everybody participating and let me know if you have any questions i’ll put my email address

Out here to its finance at ccsa dot cc all right well thank you very much thanks robert thank you you

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