URGENT! Gala Games Update Official Review Bonus Flare Finance Beta 2 Samuri NFTs

Welcome back everybody to the best crypto channel out there on the internet i’m thecryptogamer and i want to personally appreciate all of my supporters out there it means a lot to me thank you guys i’ve got a quick video for you a couple big time updates and they are very important one of them is flair finance the beta will be launched by the end of this week

And i’ve got some more details on that for you that i want to show you in this video and also gala games has their recent partnership is one of their biggest partnerships and i am going to explain why but let’s not waste any time let’s dive on in this scallop games partnership gala games introduces the university partnership welcome to gala games university

Empowering the players of tomorrow and putting the future of a better world into their hands okay so there may not be a gala game university but we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of another initiative that you can all be proud of as supporters of the gala games ecosystem the gala games university partnership program with this partnership program any

University that qualifies will be given a gala games note to run for educational purposes which i believe will be all of them and i think that the business decision here is one of the best business decisions that gala games have made so far they’ve made a lot of extremely they have a very smart team behind them they’ve made a lot of very good bullish business

Decisions this is actually the biggest one and it doesn’t seem like that but i’ll explain to you why okay if you know how the gala games nodes operate how the ecosystem needs to operate for this to be successful you’ll understand that placing these nodes and universities across geographic locations will give it a wide range of compatibility and it being in the

Hands of institutional educational providers gives it the opportunity for highly educated people going places the opportunity to learn on their platform and get exposure to it that’s just ma this is the smartest decision that they made so far mark my words with their notes university blockchain education programs will be able to give their students a priceless

Gift the ability to learn not only about the operation of gala games as the community grows but a unique and inside understanding of what blockchains and gaming can do to benefit the world by sponsoring and offering nodes to qualifying programs galley games will be able to reach more of the brilliant minds of tomorrow and that’s huge that’s big this is going to

Turn into so many things if you know what gala games is doing how much they’re trying to build on their ecosystem you would just be extremely bullish i think that they’re going to be massively successful probably one of the biggest successful companies gaming wise in the crypto space and just look at what moves that they’re making in the space they’re just it just

Screams like 10 years from now this thing is going to be something that’s massively talked about has a wide range of supporters and a lot of gamers on board with it it is our intention to empower these hungry young minds in the same way that we already empower our players to own their experience earn through play and create a more abundant future for everyone

Garlic games will provide qualifying universities groups with a founder’s node license that’s important subject to reapproval every semester yeah that’s the legal terms but realistically we know what gala games is doing here they’re making a smart business move and pretty much any one of these universities that apply are more than likely going to get this node

And support in the system and it’s the support that you want it is it’s not just going to go into 50 000 random hands that 25 000 of them might not really care about it tomorrow it’s going to go in for a purpose and a lot of these hands these nodes are big and putting them in the hands of educational providers is a very very smart move this includes talks ama’s

Documentation and even opens the door for internships with gala games gala games believes that the university partnership program will have the unique ability to create a highly new mutually beneficial partnership by helping spread the world about what the entire gala games ecosystem seeks to accomplish by letting these programs into our ecosystem and offering

A node their student participants will be able to benefit in countless ways including nft rewards gala and most importantly the tools to succeed in the blockchain powered world of tomorrow and remember what type of ecosystem gala is gaming companies build on top of the network so this could turn into a lot of like gamers that are going to create games in the

Future in these universities getting educated to build on top of this network and make and huge and the network effect itself will blow up the ecosystem because right now we only have three games but seven are in the works but imagine all the universities promoting kids with brilliant minds trying to build their own games and how many games that could bring to

The to the platform it’s just it’s just massive guys we’re proud to know that we can play a part in the beginnings of their success with the university partnership program to find out more always apply send an email from your official university email address to up yellow games and we will get your university signed up that’s huge but real quick let me tell you

Flair finance samurai mft sold for 5.06 each and you can earn one in this beta so make sure that you’re subscribed and click the notification bell because as soon as the token addresses come out i’m going to make a video and show you you know how to if you don’t already know i mean it’s pretty simple adding them to metamask but you know for the people who don’t

Really know i’m going to do a video to show you know how you add those tokens to the ecosystem and then boom your beta can start all you do is claim on the costing claim on the rostman and you’re into the system i did the last beta before it shut down and you know i was kind of upset about that but now we’re you know costing two network has been you know beta

Tested and foolproof so it should you know run the way that it’s needed to run for this competition to be successful and i’ll be partaking in it i hope some of you guys partake in it and you know i’ll be producing a video when those token addresses come out all it is is basically adding the tokens on the on the metamask and i have a video on coston2 if you want

To check it i show you how to add the cost into network just go to my profile the cryptogamer and look for the cost into video and it will show you how to add the cost into network to your metamask if you don’t already know that as well but with that being said i’m the crypto gamer i’m not a financial advisor make sure you do more research before you just make

Decisions based on a youtube guy doing a video but i am in the space have been in the space for a while i do plan on staying in the space and making these videos if you appreciate that if you like that make sure to like share and subscribe to the video leave a comment if you have constructive criticisms if you need to um tell me something that that i need to know

To provide more value to you guys do so i’m open for i want to get better i want to be a part of the sql system for a long time continue to make content i can only get better with your advice i need people to you know comment in the comment section and say hey you know you could add a little bit more value here or you could have done this a little better and

That might make your video a little better or add a little bit more value i’m down with that i’m completely cool with that but with that being said i’m the crypto gamer and i will see you guys in the next one

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URGENT! Gala Games Update Official Review Bonus Flare Finance Beta 2 Samuri NFTs By DaCryptoGammer