USA Universities offering 100% scholarship for international students | Part 1

Studying in the USA can be costly, but with the scholarship offers given out by some of the top-most universities in the USA, you can study for free or with a very low tuition amount. Take advantage of these scholarship offers while they last because these are valid for international students!

If you thought studying in the united states was costly well think again because these universities are going to offer you up to 100 of tuition waivers so that you can actually study in the united states for free yes i’m not really kidding over here and before we actually begin i’m gonna ask you to hit the subscribe button so that you can have access to such

Information every single week now going on to the video let’s actually talk about those five top universities which are going to be offering you up to 100 of scholarships by the way this is not limited to phd students if you guys are watching you already know that most universities will already cover up to 100 of your tuition and even some part of your living

Expenses a lot of times in return for of course graduate assistantships research assistantships and teaching assistantships right but that’s not usually the case with undergrad or master students especially when they start they have to look for on-campus jobs sustain themselves well if you have a tuition waiver in that case that’s a huge helping hand for you and i’m

Sure you would agree because you know tuition in the united states is actually very very costly so let’s actually talk about those universities the first one we’re going to be talking about is actually not a university at all sorry about that i lied but this is actually good for you the reason is that i’m going to talk about a particular state the state of texas

Now why is the state of texas special well the scheme that they have over there is the most elaborate the most amazing scheme for international students or out-of-state students to explain the scheme i’m taking you to the tamiu website this is the texas a m university right it’s a very popular university in texas it’s a private university note that it’s not even

A government based universities it’s not a public university now the whole reason over here that i’m showing you over here this page is that effective fall 2017 undergraduate students must be awarded and maintain competitive scholarships of at least four thousand dollars per academic year that means that if you’re an undergrad student and you get a four thousand

Dollar scholarship from tamu during your admission well what that means is the state of texas has allowed you to pay in-state tuition let me actually explain what that means all right when you go to a school in the united states there are two type of students one is students who are going to be attending texas waste universities who are already from texas now these

Students already from texas that means the tuition is lower from them these students are called in-state students these students who are from out-of-state that is let’s say someone from minnesota someone from new york right they’re coming to texas or someone from india china coming to texas all of them are actually out of state students the tuition applies very

Differently for these students and is almost double the amount don’t believe me let me actually show you the tuition for one of the most popular universities over here it’s the number one university in texas that’s the university of texas at austin all right it’s a public university as you can see but still the tuition is very much in the same range like i talked

About so if you’re a resident who is living on campus or off campus well in that case you’re paying somewhere around ten thousand dollars of tuition but if you are a non-resident you’re paying somewhere around twenty thousand dollars of tuition it’s almost double right as you can see give or take ten percent but it’s almost double now the whole point of this is if

You qualify for this paper by the way undergraduates it’s four thousand dollars for graduates it’s only one thousand dollars if you are a master student if you’re a phd student only one thousand dollars of scholarship is needed in that case if you can attain that one thousand dollar scholarship from your school from your institution where you applied to well in that

Case this tuition is not applicable to you no no this one is applicable to you in that case so that means you are paying significantly lower tuition just by being at a university in the state of texas and i think all of texas universities are pretty great to offer this so as you can understand this is valid for almost all the texas universities tuition is almost

Half the amount that you would have paid otherwise and on top of that both undergraduates and graduate students are eligible for the scheme if you would like to know the universities in texas that you can go for the only reputable universities that we recommend that you apply to you can actually go on to right over here again very important remember

The link right over here go on to the us universities all right select the usa and then on this page all you have to do is click on us and then scroll down to texas just select text is over here all right i’m just going to do that right over here there it is i’ll select texas and now you’ll see all the universities in the united states that are from the state of

Texas all right you can actually look at all of these universities you can look at their statistics you can look at your chances of getting in but again these are all reputable universities we do not add any universities that are not reputable enough so you can see there’s a plethora of universities and just in case you’re not really sure about which universities

Would offer your program you can actually search for your program let’s say that you want to go for business right and you can search for business right it could be an mba degree whatever whatever you’re going for and then you can again go ahead and select the united states over here it will open up the list of states and then again go ahead and select texas that

Means now you’re looking at universities which offer business programs in the state of texas how amazing is that right so there’s a lot of universities like that a lot of programs and you can really drill down and do all of your searching right over here on one website itself by the way this is also available on ios and android so just in case you’d like to do

That on your phone the links are going to be in the description for now we’re going to be moving on to the second university that you may be interested in very important over here guys now these are actually universities they are not states or some schemes that i’m going to be bringing to you these are specific universities now over here we’re going to be talking

About the university of new haven now this university again a pretty great university if you want to know more about this you can basically just search over here new haven and i think right over here here it is you can actually see the statistics etc etc right and then you can actually go on to these links which i’m going to be including in the description that

Show that okay this is the graduate link and this is the undergraduate link so this is basically offered for both graduates and undergraduates no matter who you are we’ve kept all of that in mind the links are again in the description and the thing that i like about these scholarships is that they are merit-based what that means is based on your grades with based

On your academic performance you get these scholarships it’s not based on your race it’s not based on your location your nationality all of these things don’t come in for instance a lot of fafsa scholarships in the united states are only valid for u.s citizens or residents in case you are an international student well there’s very limited options available and this

Is one of the greatest options because mid-based scholarships completely disregard your race your location your nationality on top of that the thing that i love about these is that there is automatic consideration that means you don’t need to apply for these you just have to apply to the school and you will be given automatic consideration for these scholarships

Now as you can see on this page there are definitely multiple scholarships available you want to research which one is the best option for you out there all right you can take a look at these and of course for undergraduates also there is a separate page available which will have more additional details on undergraduate scholarships so i highly recommend checking

These out once based on my research i can tell you that these scholarships in itself can cover up to 75 of your tuition amount which is a crazy huge amount if you can get a 75 tuition waiver that would basically make your life very very easy just paying 25 of the actual price on top of that on top of that you are also paid hourly wages but this is only applicable

If you are going for this one provost scholarship and you’re a graduate student all right you can take a look at these schemes types of provost assistantships and you will see that not only will they cover your tuition up to 75 they will also be paying you an hourly wage which means that even those 25 of the tuition you can actually earn back now moving on

To the third university over here that is the university of michigan at dearborn it’s not the ann arbor campus it’s the dearborn campus second most popular you can say but the only caveat over here is that all these scholarships are only offered to graduate students this is not for undergraduate students by the way undergraduates you have a lot of scholarships

Options i can make a separate video for you if you comment down below but really for graduate students this is the university that i found that is very very generous now you can see that they actually have a lot of scholarships over here a lot of tuition waivers but you know so they can also be segregated by which college you’re interested in for instance if you’re

Interested in college of engineering and computer science you can click on that link and it’ll take you to this page which will actually show you all these scholarships that you are eligible for for instance the cecs non-resident graduate scholarship basically requires that you should be a non-resident it requires that you should be a non-resident that you should

Be international basically right and you should be studying in the college of engineering computer science right and you should be taking 500 plus level courses which of course graduate students already take 500 level plus courses so you don’t need to worry about that award amount is 80 of the difference between residential and non-residential graduate tuition

Fee what this essentially means is that they will waive up to 40 of your tuition amount this is just a technical way of writing it now i have calculated this and i can tell you this is up to 40 of your tuition amount only now when you do your research on this page you will find that no separate application is needed that means you are given automatic consideration

As soon as you apply to the university of michigan dearborn but there is a caveat over here if you are applying to the college of business there is a separate application that you will have to submit to be considered for these scholarships so please keep all that in mind the fourth university on our list is actually in a very good location it’s in new york of course

It is the new york institute of technology or ny tech whatever you’d like to call it the thing that i love about these scholarships again is that they are completely merit-based both undergrads and graduate students are eligible for this scholarship so you do not need to worry about that bit on top of that no separate application needed you don’t need to worry

About applying separately and one important caveat over here don’t think that they will award you scholarships once you’re on campus all of these scholarships are given before admission only so basically when you are in your country only from there when you apply you get the admissions decision that’s the point where you should be getting this scholarship okay

If you don’t get a scholarship once you actually get your admission at that point of time well in that case don’t think that you will just go to campus and get the scholarship at that point of time this is all already given out at the time of admission so if you did not get it well it most probably means that other students have already exhausted the scholarship

Again the best part you do not need to even submit test scores such as the sat et cetera et cetera whichever test you’re taking to be eligible for these scholarships the final and the fifth university in our list for today is the university of memphis all right again both undergrad and graduate students are eligible for these scholarships as you can see over here

There are some eligibility requirements you can go ahead check them out for yourself the links will be in the description in general they are offering up to 50 of tuition waivers that is still a pretty huge amount the eligibility criteria is actually not that high most students who are watching this video will already be eligible on top of that the really amazing

Scheme is that if you maintain your gpa level over 3.0 out of four if your gpa is over three out of four in the upcoming semesters at the university of memphis this scholarship will be continued that means every semester is 50 off for you guys isn’t that pretty great so these are the top five universities in my list for offering a lot of scholarships please notice

That i did not talk about harvard stanford because i know all the people are talking about those universities and most of you guys who are applying well 90 do not even apply over there and even when they do a lot of times they end up getting rejected because the system is a little bit biased over there but apart from that if you’re genuinely wishing to go to the

Us and study for a cheaper tuition with a lot of scholarship well these are the universities for you circling back to or the vmware phone app you actually have a section for scholarships that you should not miss out there’s over 1500 scholarships out there for already studying students or students who are currently applying you should definitely

Check these out because i am certain that they will be of help to you i’ll see you in the next one goodbye for now make sure let me know in the comments down below if you like this video you

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