Valley of the Sun United Way is Helping to Stuff the Bus in 2021

AZTV Channel 7, in partnership with Valley of the Sun United Way is kicking off the 2021 🚌 #StuffTheBus 🚌 Campaign on 📺 Arizona Daily Mix 📺!

Last year school was very different but supplies were still needed and you our viewing audience along with our partners made sure kids had supplies well this year is going to be even more important to help us kick off this year’s stuff the bus campaign is one of our partners valley of the sun united way don how are you i’m good thank you so that was a mouthful for

Me i had to get it all out there uh but i’m very excited too because we’re seeing each other in person for the first time in almost well it’s been a year isn’t that crazy yeah it sure is so well and that means you and i see each other kids are getting back to school it’s very uh very important the supplies are very important let’s talk about what you brought up

A number to me which just totally blew me away who will be getting back to school well you know we’re really excited our schools are open back up our children and families will have choices to attend school in person we know this is very very critical but unfortunately what we do know in arizona is about 38 000 children didn’t show up last year that means they

Didn’t attend school all year so we understand that there were lots of choices families had to make a lot of those children were smaller children kindergarteners and so forth but also there were a lot of older children that had to step back and take care of siblings because there were no child care situations or there were families all having to work from home

And what did that look like and how did that work so we’re really working hard we want to make sure all children are in school this year yeah and have the necessary supplies they are let’s let’s backtrack to last year with the pandemic and and working from home with our back to school you know stuff the bus back to school drive we were able to help those kids

Who were at home and it was amazing what you guys did reaching out to them because it was it was very difficult right we knew our families needed two sets of supplies we knew that they weren’t going to be able to take supplies back and forth to school when and what if they could go back and so that was really really critical so we had to support our teachers

To making sure they had the right supplies in the classroom and we also had to supply those students at home to making sure they had the necessary tools to still be able to learn yeah and as our partners and viewers came through last year was amazing but now i said this year is more important because as the kids get back to school i love what you said before we

Started and that the kids shouldn’t have to worry about getting their school supplies because they’re going to have to get used to getting back in that classroom right and the landscape is still forever changing so there’s going to be different protocols on their campuses different rules that they have to follow and all of those things lessening up the worry of

School supplies would just be one benefit to starting out our school year for success and let’s take the burden off the teachers because we know over the years the teachers have taken out their own pockets to go get supplies to get things for those students they are just getting back to the classroom they actually been struggling too with their own family you

Know with losing jobs maybe when the spouses did or even how the school district had to move things around so they need to have that burden take them off too right now most definitely most of our school teachers were actually teaching from home and had their own children learning in another room with another teacher so imagine all of those difficulties that they

Survived through and then there’s still going to be a lot of mitigation strategies in place so children won’t be sharing like they used to and this is a heavy burden that a lot of teachers go with out of their pocket to buy supplies to ensure that each child has what the necessary tools they have so this is critical it is all right so let’s put on the happy face

You brought an example right here of what people can do for our kids there as we uh kick off stuff the bus here let’s talk about some of the things that you you see that they’re definitely going to need most definitely and this is to me better than christmas itself it’s about getting supplies in the hands we see them coming up all around our community and you’re

Going to have the ability to participate with us remotely right from your seat that you’re in right now but things like crayons markers dry erasers index cards this year we’ve added supplies for our older students because remember i shared that a lot of those students didn’t go to school last year so we want to make sure that they kick off that from day one ready

To go ready to learn yeah and we have some great partners that have teamed up with us and we’ve made it easy you can go right online to do this which is really great and we also have some drop-off spots too but let’s talk about you know valley of the sun united way and how important this is to you guys this is very critical to us because it meets and lines up with

Our mighty 2026 goals around education and meeting the basic needs of our families these are really considered essential and basic needs of our families it’s stressful for families they’ve just gotten back to work they’re trying to figure out the system they’re trying to figure out what’s next this is one more attitude to the plate so if we can eliminate this and

We enter in that first day ready to go this will be critical and we can all do it together that’s what makes it beautiful so but this is very important we gotta do it today you gotta go online it’s stuff the bus also you can go to united way’s website that’s true that’s uh and you can connect over to roonga where you’re going to be able to buy

Your school supplies right from the convenience of your cell phone while you’re sitting at your computer how more simple is that yeah and the reason why it’s so important because what happens in four weeks i didn’t realize i mean i don’t have kids and i forget that but in four weeks what happens in four weeks some of our schools actually start back it is hard

To believe you just did the weather it’s 115 out there 105 out there we’re going to go back to school in four weeks in our state wow so we got to be ready so now’s the time we got to start today yep so get online there you go easy from home all the information again like i said is on dot com slash stuff the bus and there goes our chance to again help out and we

Appreciate you so valley of the sun united way helping out don so thank you appreciate it and all our wonderful partners that we have we’ll be having them throughout the uh of course our campaign right here on aztv 7’s daily mix so thank you thank you

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Valley of the Sun United Way is Helping to Stuff the Bus in 2021 By AZTV7