Vetting: Junet Mohamed interjects with details of Moses Kurias business interests

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That’s excellent so we’ve got to what is your value what is your financial net worth international network administer chair is 750 million shillings you have a segregated breakdown i do not but i can proceed to tell you their distribution you can tell the committee on hacking like mr chair my network is comprising of real estate development and she has helped in

Unlisted companies in my business concerns in manufacturing in fintech and in energy sector excellent and yeah yes i wanted him to not interrupt with him he’s the chamber of independent petroleum dealers so where the shares are there i’m trying to say it as much about the an opportunity to be one of my members i will come back so we may require both of you to

Disclose the father and better particulars honorable members are open the floor by asking the honorable moses korea that will give you 10 minutes if you spend less the better that clock will start ticking we should be done with you in 90 minutes tell us the story of your life to till the arrival of where you’re sitting thank you jim i was born 51 years ago in

South in kiambu county i attended a primary school in a school by the name of liberia primary in catholic south that is between the year 1977. at the year 1983. i have traded another school called high school for my own levels between the year 1984 and 1987. and i passed with the flying colors a procedure to for my a levels toca high school between the year 1988

And the year 1989. i really passed through them i was a committed to the university of nairobi the university of nairobi between in the year 1919 for a bachelor of commerce degree especially specializing in accounting and finance i graduated in the year 1993. 100 between 1994 and 1995 i worked for various organizations including total and director investment

Bank in the year 1995 i joined standard bank all the way to 1999 and in the year 1999 i was pushed by a bank in the kingdom of saudi arabia by the name of allergy bank which happens to be the largest islamic bank in the world beyond for four years and in the year 2003 i teamed up with my colleagues in the gulf region and we set up a banking and financial sector

Consultancy by the name of walmart international are you consultant for banks and other colleges in area of technology islamic finance and business processes across the entire middle east represented some reading companies and technology from europe and india in middle east and north africa africa i came back to kenya in the year 2007. the invitation of the lead

Mike bakke who was my friend and he asked me to assist as a consultant in his government and i walked the bathroom until the year uh 2008 in the year 2008 i joined then very supportive kenyatta is is technical advisor for three matters uh later on was transferred to international finance and i moved my eyes also second qualification until his election as

President in the year 2019. in the year 2014 they allows the direction in cartoon to sell constituency foreign foreign hello everyone i was a positive person in the new constitution to be elected on opposed let alone some members who are sitting here or to copy from me including another pokemon issue and later on today year 2017 i was again elected re-elected

We got to understand until the year 2022 and i heard that job i opened myself to be the governor of campbell county i did not succeed and i was in nominated by president williams secretary in advocate of in the minister of university and industry and that’s how i am here thank you moses korea and now opened the floor to members honorable members um

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Vetting: Junet Mohamed interjects with details of Moses Kuria’s business interests By NTV Kenya