VVS.FINANCE Overview – Functions, Roadmap, Security, Price, Potential

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Hello friends and welcome back nice to see you here really appreciate that so today we’re gonna talk about vvs finance and take an in-depth look so let’s jump right in like in the video from yesterday i showed you vvs finance and um the amazing yields you actually can get at the moment and um how to bridge so through the chronos network and how to set up your

Wallet for the chronos network if you want to know how that works check out the previous videos but for today let’s take a dive into this amazing project okay my friends what is this all about well you can say it’s something like pancake swap but for the chronos chain okay so you can simply trade here a few tokens okay you can swap them here easily you can add

And remove liquidity and you can burn with the farms it’s just like pancake swap just with crow and you can see that you get some pretty good apr and the liquidity is also pretty high yeah and it all looks pretty solid to me they also have single uh coin stake mode where you can manually stake your um vvs you get nearly 400 apr and the auto stake vvs which is

Pretty nice um has around 5k apy okay so that’s really amazing they have a cool calculator here like on pancake swap where you can add your balance and then you can see how much you would get with the current yield but i always recommend because this changes by every second just take it for one day okay that’s the best method to calculate i always go from day

To day because the yields of course change so fast so if you put in 1k usd you get 10 dollars per day but this doesn’t um calculate if vvs is rising or falling in price all right and we all invest in projects where we think long term where we believe that the price will go up so this is just for the current price so if vvs goes 2x or whatever then it’s 20 a day

And this auto compounds and then we have with 1k at the current rate we have 780 per month so you can just play around a little bit but um don’t take the numbers for sure all right so what else do we have here well we have the dashboard there you can see i think this is pretty cool this is really nice so when you have um have some liquidity in the farms or in

Some single vvs pools then you can see here how much you staked your average apr um for for for the farm and they called your minds and yeah it’s just a nice overview on the analytics page you can see the volume and the liquidity you can see the top tokens which have the most volume or liquidity you can sort it how you want and surprise and that’s it but we

Have much more okay so as promised um i checked um the audit and yeah i found it finally so it’s uh down here fundamentals and smart contracts and security and they have a slow missed audit okay so maybe someday there’s um there’s more coming like uh certain audit but this is better than nothing and maybe on the unified bug bounty i don’t know yet i heard some

Rumors that crypto.com is investing into this project i’m not sure about it if i hear anything new about this i will inform you well um okay that’s for the safety so just remember this is all new this is a new chain this is new project it has one audit it has no history and yeah just be careful okay i invested um quite a lot of my portfolio into this project

Okay but i’m still pretty cautious with it okay i wouldn’t go 50 or 50 into this um let’s just see how time works out how the teams how the team will develop and keep their promises uh i just have things in mind like a flesh lone attack on this new chain or a rock pool um there’s just too many things that happens in the past that made me more careful and i

Learn from it so i will not invest too much even if it looks all pretty good i wouldn’t invest a decent amount but that i’m not like bankrupt in this project collapses for whatever reason okay you should maybe think about this strategy too just just my personal opinion okay so let’s move on we see that there’s not much yet on this side they are just the basic

Things so let’s head out to the world okay um so this is pretty cool they will host their own idols i guess they call it gem off win okay and since the chronos uh converse magnet is pretty new there’s a whole a lot of things to come for this chain there’s so many stuff you can take every project from ethereum or binance margin or fx and there’s so much to come

Here which you can just simply copy and put it on here on the new chain and if they start over vvs and it becomes an ideo platform and they will if they implement a tier a system like other ido platforms then the vvs coin will profit from it and maybe see a price increase so that’s a reason why i’m buying vvs so i can participate if this all works out like this

I don’t know i don’t know but this is just a standard setup for launch pads um so if you hold quiet in mind also tokens you get qualified for different tiers and then you can participate so yeah there’s really a lot of current benefit and future benefit in holding vbs so you get amazing yields and maybe you will be eligible to participate in nice igos quality

Okay so that’s coming soon this month november november is over in let me see one two three three days okay let’s see if six can see it keeps their promise this is also a test for the team all right um well let’s just wake up and see let’s look at the other things we have here oh this is cool okay okay what happened here okay all right um backlog imperium

Okay let’s see here okay okay leaderboard in competition all right stablecoins optimus reference and rebates rebates are really nice when you swap um gamification in ft that’s cool i wish if they do this and they put up utility to the nft like autoshark is doing it where the nfts boost the yield you get if you add them to the pool that would be nice let’s see

Governance and voting okay what may be interesting um where this all is good to the for the side definitely for the project i think nft will be good referral and we bets will be good all the other things don’t i i don’t they think directly affects the price but if you are a long-term investor all these things are pretty good in long term they make this project

Just smoother and more stable and all around better and as i see here the team is always open for new ideas that’s pretty cool okay now since we checked this all out let’s take a look at the data okay so it’s not listed with much data yet on market cap or other sites the most data i found on coingecko and what’s pretty nice here the project has 150 ml market

Cap um i know mars ecosystem has 100 market cap and maybe this is too much for you but i still think it is a good project to invest in just imagine if this could become the pancake swap of the chronos network okay pancake swap has a current market cap let’s see i know pancakes were blocked by halves in the last few days but um just for comparison they have

A 3 billion market cap all right so just this could go with 20x if they reach their market cap so i just wanted to show the potential in this market cap total value locked ratio is also pretty low 700 mil market cap 150 mil 150 ml market cap 700 ml total value locked that’s pretty good and yeah the telegram is also pretty active um a lot of people like this the

Price is pretty bullish at the moment and now we see the complete chart when this um whole thing launched uh and for me this is cool why because uh we see a price around um 30k and then it dropped well it’s not 30k dollar i just say 30k because it’s easier to pronounce here i don’t know how many senses are um and then it dropped to 8k that was the bottom yeah

And now where we found the bottom here and now this things look pretty bullish to me and we are an upgrade okay we went from 8k to 14k back to 11 and now we are 13k so um yeah two methods now for you you can average in or you can just buy at this price or whatever price you think so long term um average in is better if you don’t know what this means it’s just

Um you buy over a period of time like you want to invest a thousand dollars then just buy over 10 days each time 100 and then you get the best average price okay so if supplies drops now then you buy more tomorrow and so and so on then you get a better price every time you buy but in the other direction if the price goes up of course you buy always at a higher

Price but still you get the best medium price but that’s for you okay you decide how you do this how you invest i for my part um invested the the balance i wanted to invest into bvs i splitted it in half i put half into the raw vvs pool okay of course you get vvs uscc more apr but this is stable so and i want to profit from the vbs from the crow gains too

That’s why i invested in this pool but of course this is really nice too okay if you invest in vvs and usdt so it won’t be that volatile if you have as drops then it won’t work so hard in the this pair it all has its benefits and and its counterpart i don’t find so wet at the moment uh yeah so for me this project looks like the most promising at the moment

On the corners network i keep my eyes open if you find or hear something just let me know and in the next video i will show you something really cool so i will show the best and see you tomorrow

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