Want to know the easiest way to find OWNER FINANCING?!

I’ve been waiting to share this one trick when it comes to owner financing and getting started in real estate investing.

Hello hello everybody happy monday say hello mom’s facebooking there’s louie abbi and kiki for some reason louie thinks he’s special and he can get up on the people furniture and the girls know that they belong on the doggie furniture so that’s the hierarchy around here louie is under mom’s skirt it’s not cold in here and he’s got a fur coat on and it’s june but

Anyway all right hey i want you to know that we have an awesome video out on youtube today about how you can find owner financing deals in fact it is the easiest way for you to find owner financing deals even in a hot market even if you don’t have any experience even if it’s your very first deal all right so i put the link up in the the caption here so i want you

To click on that link and it’ll take you straight to a video that we put out today on youtube all about the easiest way for you to find owner financing deals all right and while you’re there i am starting a new little challenge or i’m finishing up a challenge i’m trying to hit 5,000 subscribers on youtube by the end of the month all right so the she buys a channel

Is at 49 63 we are 37 people i think we’re 37 people away from 5,000 subscribers on youtube so the answers are on youtube all right the easiest way to find owner financing deals i did a whole video about it today it’s on youtube i put the link up in the comment up at the top go to youtube watch that video and bribe to the she buys at channel please please please

Help me hit 5,000 subscribers by the end of the month we got less than two weeks to go and we got a bump up 40 people probably because somebody will fall off in the next couple weeks so let’s plan on getting 40 subscribers by the end of the month that’s 20 this week and 20 next week and i know y’all can help me okay in the description of the video are you watching

This video are you on youtube if you’re on youtube i think you can type in witney nicely and it’ll take you to the shahboz at channel we’re working on changing the channel name from whitney nicely – she buys it but if you’re watching this video up in the description you should be able to hit on that link hey lisa and it’ll take you directly to the video it’ll take

You directly to the video where i will tell you the easiest way to fun owner financing houses thanks pam pam says we’re gonna hit 5,000 for sure thank you thank you thank you i appreciate that i love the confidence you all have in me so if you hit the link up on the top of this description or you know what let me a bit i can put a little comment thingy right here

Paste alright there’s a link in this video and there’s a link at the top of this video i want you to click on that link go over to the she buys it youtube channel and subscribe yes i want you to watch the video yes the answer to how to find or what is the easiest way to find owner financing homes it’s in that video the videos at the link at the top the video is

I just put the link down in the comments right there so go watch the video like the video drop your i am a successful real estate investor now comment on that video but please please please please please when you’re over on the she buys at youtube channel hit the subscribe button alright and if you hit that little bill notification then every monday and thursday

When we put new videos out we’ll send you a reminder send you a little notification let you know that oh we got another little tip and tidbit for you so the links up in the description and the link is down in the comments to go to that youtube video we put it out today it’s fresh off the press fresh out of the editors box oh now i got a phone call coming in um

And then this wednesday thursday i’m gonna record some more youtube videos that you’re not gonna want to miss because today i closed a deal so that i can be a private money lender yeah tell everybody that real estate investing is you know like a it’s like a hierarchy it’s a it’s not a pyramid scheme but it’s definitely a pyramid and a lot of times you start at the

Bottom hustling and hole selling and doing everything that you can to learn the system and to learn how to build your team and to how to learn how to get the deals done and take them all the way to close in and make big bucks and that’s what we teach you in first ill done fast okay if you want more information about how to do those things go to get your first deal

Calm i’ll drop that in the comments also get your first deal calm and we’ll teach you how to do all the wholesaling how to do all the hustling how to do all the creative financing how to buy houses without banks and license we’ll do all of that and first still done fast and then after you do some house deals then you want to bump on up and do some apartment deals

Because that passive income money is a lot sweeter and apartment deals than it is in house deals alright i bought a house for one hundred twenty two thousand dollars i turn around in eight weeks and sold it made fifteen grand but i bought an apartment complex for $125,000 just three thousand dollars more and it brings in about twenty five hundred dollars a month

So do you want fast fifteen thousand or do you want an extra twenty five hundred a month every single month mom yes oh what’s your answer to every question in real estate no dad that’s your marriage question yes dear tell me the question again would you rather have a fast 15 thousand dollars or do you want twenty five hundred a month from now on i’m from what’s

It called forever no what’s that what’s the term you’re always saying starts with an m mailbox money there we go she’s back with us now mailbox money generational wealth fun ya know we’re working on generation or else you’re sharing on that mom’s making a deal with a guy across the street right now oh and leslie’s here leslie closed a deal today she now has more

Doors than i do leslie’s up to 48 doors all right 24 doors multifamily doors leslie’s after that passive income also she’s got twenty four doors herself and then the next step up once you do houses once you wholesale once you make some money once you figure out houses and passive and creative financing then you go up to apartments right that’s the next layer in

The real estate pyramid no dad no can you wait on the ice please thank you thank you after the apartments then you go to that third step in the pyramid which is what leslie is working on right now and that’s the private money lending piece so leslie’s got 24 apartments breaking out into you know a3 a5 and a7 she closed on a seven today seven units on one property

But leslie’s a private money lender also and she’s in a deal with 24 units so leslie’s up to 48 units as of today because leslie did the whole sales she made $12,000 in what six weeks or eight weeks leslie how long did it take you to make $12,000 on your first two deals she closed two duplexes on the same day made $12,000 six each and i can’t remember it was six

Or eight weeks and then she started collecting and keeping passive income and then she started using her money to make her more money all right so i’m following leslie’s footsteps leslie was the first mastermind graduate that we ever had out of the she buys at mastermind and now she’s one year she’s 375 days from starting and she’s got more properties than i have

And she did it in a year and ten days where it took me like five years so she did it in 1/5 at the time yes that is 1/5 right so anyway i closed on a deal today so that i’ve got some money so that i can be like leslie and i can loan money on other people’s fix and flips i can loan money on other people’s apartment deals so that i got more mailbox money coming in

So that i can be like mom so i can be like leslie so i can be like kendra out there fixing and flipping so i can be like an out there doing her wholesale deals i’m trying to keep up with the mastermind girls now so tell me iron sharpens iron when you hang out with some movers and shakers and some action takers you will do more deals movers and shakers and action

Takers you will do more deals when you hang out with the movers and the shakers and the action takers you will do more deals somebody help me remember that so and then speaking of the mastermind girls i told mom when i got home today i actually rejected somebody actually denied somebody from joining the mastermind today because she just wasn’t ready for the

Mastermind but then we started talking about whether she should get into first hill done fast or not and i’m i’m open to talk to you all if you want to you can go to whitney oscillate comm start slash start will hop on the phone see which program you’re ready for see if you need personal done fast or see if you need apartment blitz or see if you need private money

Profits or vacation rental riches like witty nicely calm slash start i can put down here too windy nicely calm / start if you want to hop on the phone with me we’ll figure out which program is best for you based on what you got going on what time you got what kind of money you’re won all that stuff but i was telling this girl today in missouri and she wanted in

The master mind but she just wasn’t financially ready to get into the mastermind and then we were about to hit submit on first still done fast and she was gonna be joining the ftdi family and then she said you know i’ve got i’m closing on my house like the first week of july before the 4th and i was like wait a second what do you mean you’re closing on your house

And she was like yeah i’ve i’ve found a house i’m gonna be moving in i’m buying it with my boyfriend and we’re gonna buy this house and you know we closed the first week of july and then i’ll really be able to get into you know what you teach him first i’m fast and i was like no let’s not do that and i told mom i was like you know if she waits two weeks to join

First hill done fast that’s fine it doesn’t matter that much to me but it’s gonna matter a huge amount to her so i actually turned down a girl from joining the mastermind because i didn’t think she was ready for that and then i turned her down from joining first hill done fast right now because her agent and her mortgage broker and all the people that she’s got

Involved looking to a close to close her house her primary house deal in two weeks i just i couldn’t have slept tonight knowing that she joined fair still done fast and spent that money and it could have delayed her closing because the last thing you want to do when you’re buying a primary house and you’re going through regular real estate the last thing you want

To do is spend $5,000 two weeks before closing because that could throw your whole money situation out of whack and so i was just like no i first told her no she couldn’t join the mastermind and then i told her no she couldn’t join first bill done fast so i don’t know maybe i’m a terrible coach maybe i’m bad salesman but i couldn’t sleep with that on my brain

And if her house had gotten delayed because she joint like couldn’t handle it so anyway i had a huge day in real estate today talking i talked to two girls about joining the master round today that was the second girl talk to and i closed on our house so that we can be private money lenders we my brother and i can be private money lenders on fix and flip deals

And i think we got one ready to close next week so that’s exciting so we’re rocking and rolling doing all the deals making all of the action happen so i want y’all to go to that youtube video that i put up earlier it’s in the comments and it’s in the description please please please share that video it is the easiest way to find owner financing houses in your

Market okay and it’s super duper easy super easy anybody can do this anybody watching me right here right now on facebook can totally handle this strategy to by owner financing houses okay and it’s in the description while you’re on the youtube channel it’s the she buys it youtube channel i’m trying to hit 5,000 subscribers so the more you comment on that video

The more you share that video the more you like it the more it’ll get picked up in the youtube algorithm and then other people will subscribe to the she buys it channels so y’all please please please share that youtube video out with your friends with your family with anybody you think is thinking about getting into real estate or excited about real estate or you

Know wanting to know more about creative financing that video we put up today is gold alright it’s amazing and i am 37 people away from hitting 5,000 subscribers on youtube our next big goal will be 10,000 subscribers by december and i’m gonna need y’all’s help on that but before we can get to 10,000 we’re gonna have to pass 5,000 so we’re trying to hit 5,000 by

June and then double it by december we got lots of good videos coming out though so go in the comments or in the description up there there’s a youtube link hit on that link go over to the she buys it channel hit subscribe hit the little bell notification so that you get all of the videos that we’re putting out on mondays and thursdays i won’t you may start adding

In some saturdays in august but don’t worry you’ll like it and if you want to hop on a call of me that link is down there with a nicely calm slash start i will either let you know if we will let you into the master minor i’ll tell you that we’re not we can’t have you in the master run if i don’t feel like you’re gonna be a good fit yeah not yet she can work up to

Getting into the mastermind but for right now i need to be able to sleep good at night knowing what we’re doing but we do have five seats available in the mastermind so if you’re thinking about joining the she buys at mastermind now is the time leslie is the proof in the pudding that when you were hanging out with what i say well you’re hanging out with the movers

And shakers and the action takers you will get more deals done i like that you had to work on that rhythm a little bit more but leslie was our first graduate and she’s been graduated from the mastermind now for six months she was in the virgin virgin islands last week came home this week she closed seven doors and now has 48 doors yeah i’m so proud of you move from

Vacation to nearly 50 doors that’s a lot of passive income every single month y’all alright that’s halfway to sheila’s goal sheila’s in the master on two so if you are really ready to step this thing up go to whitney ashley calm slash start you might even be able to go to shabazz it calm slash start now anyway i’m hop on the phone me i’ll let you know which programs

The best for you or if the mastermind would be a good fit for you and we’ll rock and roll from there okay i talked to one of kendra’s friends about it today too so y’all let your friends and family know i’m here to help women buy investment houses but you have to let me know that you’re ready to get started okay so let’s see any questions and says yeah lesley will

Have you a little party yeah the movers and shakers and action takers that’s right stephanie yeah lesley we may have to have you a little party we’re gonna have a little competition to see who has the most doors in the shortest amount of time lesley you were definitely winning right now lesley also pretty much killed my record i made $15,000 in eight weeks leslie

Made $12,000 in six weeks i’m pretty sure so leslie he’s just killing my record all over the place so that’s okay i can handle it i’m ready for the challenge she’s a record setter dad says she’s a record setter not a record breaker a record setter that’s right that’s right so leslie do it to it all right i love seeing it that’s what effort and action massive

Action movers and shakers know y’all know what i mean that’s right the movers and shakers and action takers get the most deals done and leslie’s setting the pace for that so y’all get out there kendra and leslie’s setting the pace for y’all yo get out their grace i see you you get out there silly you get out there get those deals done all right all y’all let’s

Do this yellow letters and follow up cause dad’s got it see dad knows what we’re talking about pay him get out there do your deals let’s do this all right and we do have tickets i’ll remind everybody there are tickets available for she buys it live in november go to she buys at live.com and get your ticket today and it’s gonna be there kendra will be there i’m

Sure leslie’s coming pam i don’t know if you got your ticket yet but she buys it live.com yeah mom will be there the dogs will be there dad will be there daddy wants a half hey dad’s runnin lunch for us every day all right y’all please go to a youtube channel and subscribe for me and we’re heading out to dinner bye ronnie have a great day i know about leslee

Celebrations if anybody else has any other celebrations let me know down in the comments let me know so that i can celebrate you in the first little fast queue a call tomorrow all right byah

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Want to know the easiest way to find OWNER FINANCING?! By Whitney Nicely