WCCUSD Bond Finance. Feb. 2015

Feb. 25, 2015.

Next month in the month of march so you can see the actual invoice invoices sub so to speak listed in a warrant register report so you’ll have the warrant number the data was issued the vendor the amount of that check and a brief description as to what that was painful so if there are questions with regard to our expenditures and they should tie to these reports

Also that’s what i’m moving towards the initial report that i requested i’m still trying to reconcile we’ve got something with our mutis system as to when you put a payment in and what month it gets reported for so i’m trying to work some bugs out with regard to that but i would like to bring that and present that to the committee along with this financial status

Update so though there will be a recording of actual warrants that the district issues out of the bonfire so hopefully that will generate questions with regard to individual warrants and individual payments the district makes with regard to the bond program yes ma’am so the board adopts a budget in june for fiscal year 1415 and then throughout the year budget

Adjustments are made to the budget those get reviewed by the school board first interim and then x second interim and more or less approved by the board at those times so an updated budget goes to the board and the first interim report and also the second interim report the board approve the first symptom i believe in december and the second interim report is being

Finalized currently and will be going i think later this month to the border that’s correct so as of october thirty-first i believe is it first interim and as december 31st or android three first is the second yes sir mark tub so i really appreciate the way business involving looking at clearly the outer months the future months are still budget projections whereas

I just wonder which win when do we expect that month is actual so we’re looking at here we are that’s correct so when i give you the cover that says as of january 2015 okay the information is being presented to the committee will be as of the last day of january propose the cash flow report and the financial status before that yeah and i’m pulling this information

Straight off of our munis system and like i said when i ran the first vendor report a warrant report there’s what some reconciliation to be done and i still need to figure out with regard to when people put in invoices to be paid and when the actual button gets pushed to print those checks there’s there’s some reconciling that needs to be done and i’m still trying

To figure out what that is yes in regards to getting the revised budget my understanding is that that would reconcile with a march or the october 3114 intentions they do get approved however as we go through month to month there may be budget adjustments done after the first interim so there may be some budget adjustments that are happening december to get bills

Paid there will be that will be approved by the board within the second interim what is the authority for those subsequent budget adjustments that they aren’t going to the board the authority i understand you use the first interim is the authority and you use the original budget is exploiting but subsequent for the first into what he uses the authority because i’ve

Not seen these budget adjustments are the voyages typically the budget adjustments are within the major object members so they should all be within the six thousands over 5,000 4,000 if there if there are budget adjustments between the major objects those are the ones that get approved by the board interim period so we can move legally week district can move 6,000

Object budgets within the 6,000 object codes the same with a five-thousand 25 million dollars of rural valley high school how does it what’s the authority for that budget adjustment if it isn’t approved by the board it’s reflected here so i’m having trouble reconciling numbers budget the people if you’d like to meet with me with regard to that specific i don’t

Believe that sit here with regards to anything any budget adjustments with regard to other schools okay i cannot tell what budget adjustments have been approved and what you haven’t been based on your statement is what we buy spike number is you think that i i do not think i can reconcile the revised budget with the approve budgets on the board agenda the board

Does budget adjustments first interim and second in traumatic i don’t know how to be more explicit than that that budget adjustment after october 31 is one time concerned with as i say that they would be between the major object numbers which doesn’t need board authorization okay so if you add 25 million dollars per no value high school doesn’t need far before

Daughter today it’s not if it’s included in the budget approved by the board already that’s the rest i just looking at the recording presented last month what was classified those employees that don’t need a certificate to be a point so for example accounts payable staff myself portions own associate superintendent clerical staff that can be explained the there

Were two resignations that occur in the month of december over prior to and there were vacation payouts that occur in month of january which look that were substantial that’s what they were for there were four resignations that had accrued vacation to be paid out i can’t look it paid out of wherever that employee is charged so those employees were working under

The bomb program and subsequently our vacation was paid out of the program i

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WCCUSD Bond Finance. Feb. 2015 By Theresa Harrington