We can find you jobs in Canada that will help you to get PR under FSW or CEC

We can find you jobs in Canada that will help you to get PR under FSW or CEC

Coming to canada our work permit is dream for everyone if you want to connect canada immigration then we will make sure your dream will come true easily efficiently and much faster way in today’s session i am discussing about how my team will help you to process your work permit application and how our procedure will increase improve your chances for work permit so

Stay tuned my name is santosh i’m a regulated canadian immigration consultant my office here in calgary alberta i have helped thousands and thousands of students workers and permanent residents to make canada their dream destinations now we have expertise we have network we have resources we have our team we can help you to make your dream come true efficiently

And much smooth way so stay tuned and let’s talk about it so first thing first if you want to come to canada or work permit you have to meet some basic requirement now what those basic requirements are no matter in which field you are working no matter what job you are doing if you want to come to canada in your own job you have to have at least three years of

Experience suppose you are working as bank manager then you should have three years of experience as a bank manager if you have one year experiment manager that will not meet the criteria then your application or work permit will get refused we don’t want that you don’t want that you have to have at least three years of experience in your own field now beside

Your experience you must have your english proficiency you should have a good english proficiency in order to come to canada and get your job if you don’t have english proficiency you will not get your work permit approval so make sure besides experience english is very very important and third and very very important is you should have a related education if

You are looking a job as a retail store supervisor or written manager you should have commerce background and you should have mba or mastering business administration that will really strengthen your profile so basically when i talk about eligibility criteria three things are very important you should have 3s experience you should have related education and you

Should be very good in english english proficiency so those are the three basic criteria you have to meet if you want to come to canada on one permit so if you meet this criteria then do one thing send your resume to us at recruitments at connectcamera.com and we will take care of you if we have a cases for you these basic requirements are made by a lots of lots of

Candidates am i able to help them all definitely not i have my own limitations also there are few jobs available and there are lots of candidates all over the world they are looking to come to canada on worker day so basically we have some vacancies and we have a lots of resumes so i might not have all of them connect canada immigration we are expert to fill up

The position for hospitality sector 80 percent of vacancies we have is from hospitality sector and 20 in other sector we help in finance banking accounting insurance we help in admin hr we are also helping written sectors so we have lots of industries now as i told you that 80 of my recruitment is related to hospitality industry so what are the positions we are

Currently having we are hiring shapes cook restaurant manager restaurant supervisor waiters kitchen helper housekeeping manager housekeeping supervisor housekeeping room attendant front office manager front office supervisor friendless agents hotels sales banquet sales and similar positions so if you have expertise in this please contact me immediately now once

We receive a resume we will see your eligibility we will see your profile and once you have eligibility and profile match to the job vacancies what we have we will contact you in our first meeting we will see what all documents you have to support your eligibility whatever you mention your resume and in our assessment in your interview in your one-on-one meeting

If we find your suitable candidate for our employer then we will schedule your interview with employer immediately now you have to remember that we will only forward your resumes to employer and that employer will take your interview and if you pass his interview if employer think you’re suitable candidate for him then he will select you and once you select you we

Will start your relay process now this is the basic recruitment procedure in each step of your recruitment procedure our team will help you to get succeed our team will help you for interview tips our team will also help you to make your profile more stronger and this is my job my job is to make sure you also get selected by the employer this is the teamwork me

And my team and you we work together to get you selected for that dream job so my job is to find you the best suitable employer for you at same time my job is to find a talent within you and present it to your employer so basically that’s all win-win situation for you you will find best employer as well as you will be improve your own confidence that will improve

Your own skills so let me know if you have any question any concern you can message me email me or whatsapp me so my expertise will definitely help you to come to canada but your own expertise your own talent will help you to grow in canada and go to the next level so let’s start this journey send us your resume and we can go ahead i hope this is a good session

For you if you have any question please message me and i will be there to support you guide you and help you thanks have a nice day follow us on facebook and subscribe to our youtube channel for regular updates about our services and how we can help you make your move to canada search for us online today or follow the links at connectcanada.com

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We can find you jobs in Canada that will help you to get PR under FSW or CEC By Connect Canada Immigration