What if #1… You employed Agent 47 as an investment banker | HiTMAN 2 Machinima

What if… you employed Agent 47 in a bank as an investment banker? Find it out in this cinematic video!

Milton fitzpatrick is holding a round of job interviews the final applicant was last seen going into the bathrooms where he’s been for some time nerves maybe hi it’s me yeah it went really well i think i nailed it yeah i mean i was calm i’m focused i mean there is a guy in bathroom puking his cats out with nerves so i think my chances are pretty good yeah it was

Just a personality test a russia thing no no i didn’t you are disgusting they are not gonna think i’m a serial killer listen i’ll see you later okay love you too bye oh have we talked to everyone no i think i saw him going to the bathrooms he’s been there for ages okay doesn’t sound promising we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt let me know when he comes out

Will do thanks each time i took a chance oh i loved that song sorry what the song you were humming i love it i don’t know many who know it and i love the movie it’s from it’s so underrated i thought everyone hated that movie it was ahead of its time i cry every time i watch it and the music is just so beautiful so are you here for the job interview no i just

Like hanging out in banks i’m sorry oh my god you’re so sweet no i’m here for the job guess we are competitors then i guess you are too much do you only talk in two word sentences you’re gonna kill this interview let me give you some pointers but first do you have a girlfriend no well i’m glad to hear that it wouldn’t matter anyways you are a tiger i can see

That you believe in astronomy if so forget about it the only person who can make a change is yourself and i can see that in you you can i don’t see see there you go making excuses i’ll tell you what i’ll give you my card and i’ll drop this interview then you can call me when you get it and we’ll celebrate but don’t you need a job i have plenty of job opportunities

Good luck i hope you call they need you more than you need them oh god oh god why today why it’s a day of old days okay okay that has to be it nope that’s not it this is gonna be a great day oh there you are feeling better i hope should i let hr know you’re ready for the final interview i feel like a new man i’m ready wonderful follow me please it’s right

Down here best of luck in your interview 47 let’s see what this will lead you to thank you mrs katri i’ll be sure to accept the documents personally once signed have a nice day hello and welcome on your loan to buy a house in the hamptons mr thomas have a seat please ah mr thomas good to meet you i’m kevin and this is melissa we’re both with hr and we will be

Guiding you through this last test it’s important to stress that there’s no pass or fail here it’s merely a standard personality test meant to gauge how you’ll fit into our corporate culture all right if you’re ready let’s kick this off okay i’m ready okay so this is a very simple test all you do is pick a card and tell us what you see there now it’s important to

Point out that there are no right or wrong answers here it’s just to give us a better impression of who you are on a psychological level does that make sense yes i’m ready all right mr thomas uh let’s proceed then if you will please pick the card that most conjures up the word opportunity this one all right now look at it closely take a few moments then tell me

Do you see an animal or an object animal i see what kind of animal a bird an eagle perhaps an eagle very interesting a forceful animal anything else it’s feeding on something feeding on what a carcass the scene is reflected in a pool of blood flowing from the body it’s a vulture feeding on someone else’s kill that’s very graphic mr thomas yes brutal even right

Very interesting observation mr thomas not what we expected but that’s perfectly fine let’s take the next one shall we pick any of the remaining cards that make you think of execution please i’ll pick this one good choice tell me what is the first thing you see here just the very first thing that comes to mind i see a figure in a large coat perspective skewed

As if i’m looking at him from the ground he’s got something in his hands i uh go on his arm dual firearms large caliber pistols i see what else do you see he’s just finished a job perfectly executed and who is this man it’s me very very interesting mr thomas well that’s a very creative interpretation mr thomas uh i think we’ve just got time for the last card

Please proceed oh this last card should hopefully make you think of prosperity okay oh very good this is an interesting one what do you see here take in the whole image please and in as much detail as possible tell me what this reminds you of wealth can you elaborate on that i see a big pile of money earned performing questionable actions and how do you feel

About that bending the rules of the game it’s what i do very good mr thomas well i have to say that was very impressive mr thomas with your cutthroat approach and killer instinct i think you’ll fit right in with milton fitzpatrick wouldn’t you say so melissa i couldn’t agree more kevin mr thomas allow me to congratulate you on your new position as an investment

Banker here at milton fitzpatrick thank you when do i start well aren’t you in here beaver well we expect you to come in tomorrow at 8. welcome on board mr thomas you know what if you want feel free to have a look around the bank you’ve got clearance all the way to the top get to know the place just don’t go into the ceo’s office we don’t want to lose you on your

First day thank you i’m sure you can see yourself out mr thomas have a nice day which files to find them blah oh it’s just stupid hot down uh what’s going on here good work 47 you

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