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Look kitty jupiter let’s go not a good idea why hmm that’s an exciting situation to explore hey friends as we know jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system but have you ever wondered why no one talks about landing on it despite all the space well in today’s episode let us find the reason behind it and answer an uncharted question what if you

Fell into jupiter zoom in jupiter is the fifth planet of our solar system and the largest heaviest oldest and fastest spinning among its spears so no wonder the romans consider it as the god of thunder and lightning but despite its mighty qualities no one dares to step on its surface why because there is no surface on jupiter in the first place yes my dear

Friends jupiter is made of a supercritical fluid which shares the properties of both liquid and gases and has a seemingly endless stretch of atmosphere so in case you step on it there are chances that you might find yourself free falling into it but only if you are dressed in a special space suit with super powerful abilities yes if we jump towards jupiter in

The regular spacesuit we won’t make it anywhere near it because around 300 000 kilometers from its surface radiation will penetrate our suit and disintegrate us so before leaping let us make sure to suit up in specially made armor that could survive for a while and see what happens next once we jump we will notice that we are falling at an incredible speed

Of 180 000 kilometers per hour which is way faster than falling on the earth’s atmosphere yes that’s because jupiter’s gravitational pull is way stronger than the earth’s so falling with such a speed soon we will find ourselves about 250 kilometers down into the ammonia clouds and experience its bone chilling temperature of minus 150 degrees celsius despite

The sun’s visibility but don’t worry our special suit is designed to keep you warm however what it can’t protect you from is the mighty wind force whirling around with a speed of up to 482 kilometers per hour so soon we will find ourselves tossing and turning in a giant tornado as jupiter is the fastest rotating planet in our solar system but for the sake

Of this video let us assume that we managed to fight the raging winds and descend around 120 kilometers more but you won’t be the first one to achieve this milestone as in 1995 nasa’s galileo probe managed to reach there before the pressure of jupiter’s atmosphere destroyed it but don’t worry we have a special suit that could bear this much pressure so let’s

Go further down where it’s pitch dark and the only source of light we have is the flashes of lightning caused by the storms rumbling around us at this point the temperature will start to increase and so the physical pressure which is more than 1000 times higher than on earth’s surface but thankfully we are protected by a special suit so we’ll keep falling for

Hours and hours as the temperature will keep rising along with the pressure and as you reach the inner layers of jupiter there’ll be parts that you’ll be able to swim through a substance that’s not quite liquid or gas known as a supercritical fluid and once we cross this strange substance the temperature will get hotter and hotter and reach a level equivalent

To the sun’s surface and if that isn’t enough you’ll also be experiencing pressure equal to 2 million times the pressure on earth over here we will be surrounded by metallic hydrogen this relatively unknown substance can be a dense liquid that we won’t be able to escape from but we are determined to touch jupiter’s surface let’s use our super suit and fall

Down thousands of kilometers until we hit something solid this solid object is jupiter’s core winging at 25 earth masses made of rock and exotic ices that can only exist under the crushing pressure of 25 million atmospheres which means we are better off on earth trip your time did you know jupiter has 67 moons also it has been visited seven times by human

Spacecraft hope you learned something new in today’s episode until next time it’s me dr binox zooming out ah never mind

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