What Is A Park Model Mobile Home (save big 8621)?

Ever seen a mobile home that looks shorter than some of the Others in the park and wondered what it was?

What’s going on everybody this is mark kaiser with the mobile home dealer coming to you on location with a brief educational video i’ve got my stunner shades on today because it’s awfully bright and i want to make sure that i’m bringing you all the content without squinting to you the entire time as i speak with you what we’re going to cover today is we’re going to

Cover what is a park model mobile home that’s a term that doesn’t get used very often and a lot of times we have folks in the channel who are curious on what a park model is they think that the only way to buy a mobile home is either in a single wide or a double wide that’s not really the case park model mobile homes are homes that we have got to talk about more

On the channel because we feel like a lot of times it just doesn’t get brought up um in the industry because everybody’s focused on a single wide or a double wide so that’s what we’re going to cover today i thank you so much for taking a moment to watch this but before we get started i’m getting serious you all know the drill please do us a favor and smash that

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Being said let’s talk park models shall we so park model mobile homes um they’re gonna look exactly like traditional mobile homes as you see i’m just walking by a ton of them here they look the exact same as mobile homes um so what’s really the difference well there really have two main differences okay and we’ll get into one here so i can show you the differences

On it uh here in a moment but the main thing is going to be the fact that you can only have a single wide park model okay you can’t have a double wide or a triple wide park model so all park models that you’re going to see are going to be about 12 to 14 feet wide and the length is going to be a lot shorter okay i apologize there’s a construction crew right over

There uh doing doing a renovation so uh we’re not in a hardware store we’re walking around a mobile home park here today and they’re out you know uh stalling and banging so i apologize for the uh for the extra noise so they’re always gonna be uh a single wide uh mobile home okay and they’re gonna be shorter in length okay most park models are gonna be about 28

They can go as low as 24. most of them are going to be about 28 to 32 feet long okay so they’re gonna be shorter and they’re gonna be narrower than a double wide okay but they’re gonna be about as wide as a regular single wide okay so let me go and flip it around and show you one up so this is a unit okay that we just took on as a um as a listing and as you’re

Gonna see looks just like a single wide right now as we go over there it kind of gives the deceiving look that it’s a double wide because it has these screens okay but that’s not the case what that is is that’s just going to be your florida room okay like we’ve seen in the other channel that is going to be the base of the home so okay what did you do mark right

I mean you’re not you’re not really telling us anything that we don’t know i understand that but let’s go ahead and go to the side of the house now as we go to the side of the home try to pan out with the camera here you’re going to see that it’s going to be noticeably shorter than your regular single wide okay most single wides are going to range anywhere from

About 42 to sometimes 54 or 56 feet we’ve had a few on the channel that have gone up to uh 58 feet but the most majority of them are going to be high 40s low 50s this unit that we’re looking at is 32 feet long okay so it’s going to look just like a short just like a short single wide but it has everything else that a normal normal mobile home would have get your

Central ac get your vinyl siding you got your exterior um uh hot water heater there as you go to the back of the house you’re gonna see again it looks exactly the same okay again there’s the base of the home that’s gonna be the separate entrance for the florida room and there’s your florida room so it looks exactly the same as a traditional the traditional

Mobile home here gotta love live tv here it looks it looks exactly the same uh as a regular mobile home okay but it’s just gonna be shorter that’s the main difference now we’re gonna go ahead and hop inside here so you can get a real good idea of what it looks like inside um again it doesn’t look that much difference and then a uh then a single wide although the

Hallway um in between the living room and the the dining or the living room and the bedroom you’re going to see here in a second uh it does feel kind of smaller uh that’s really just because they’re packing a lot of punch in a small area here so we’re going to go and show the ends now as we enter the property again this is just going to be the florida room so

It looks exactly the same right you’re seeing that this looks exactly the same as a regular mobile home but then when we pan over to the entrance of the home that’s where it’s going to start looking a little bit different because we have a couple of stairs inside to the body of the property okay so as we jump in here again looks exactly like a mobile home now a lot

Of times like we mentioned outside the um the hallways can be a little bit narrower okay because you got the refrigerator and that says this is how about all of them are set up get the refrigerator right next to the stove okay so it’s gonna be kind of a narrow walk path and it’s gonna tie directly into the bathroom um this is a beautiful home and in the bedroom

There with the bulb okay so you’re seeing that essentially it looks like just a single wide mobile home but shorter okay so that’s really the the main difference between a park model and a uh in a single wide mobile home is going to be the length of the house okay now um the obvious question then is like okay well what would be the the pro like why would you

Look to buy a park model well you look to buy a park model for a couple of reasons the first one is a lot of times park models they’re going to be available um in rv based neighborhoods uh rv based parks so you have the ability to purchase one a lot of times for a lot cheaper than a traditional single wide now this home is beautiful but if this home were a single

Wide or even a double wide it’d be significantly more expensive than this one okay most park models are going to be about probably about 50 less rough numbers than a comparable single wide okay now you are going to get a shorter home so you’re going to get less square footage but you’re going to get a lot more a lot more bang for your buck um a lot of times since

It is going to be smaller than your your utility bill a lot of times it’s gonna be a little bit less because you’re gonna be heating or cooling um or running power to a smaller area okay so if you’re in the market for a mobile home and you just think that you have to either get a single wide or a double wide that’s not the case entertain the idea of a park model

Mobile home okay it’s gonna be a little bit smaller okay but you’re gonna get a lot of the niceties and a lot of the location that a regular mobile home does for a lot less money so if you’re looking to save money you’re looking to get a nice affordable property um and you’re wanting to to really watch your pennies guys really take a look at park model mobile homes

As they’re fantastic properties that i feel really fly under the radar that a lot of people know don’t know about i hope this was very helpful for you getting a better idea of exactly what a park model is where they’re located and how you guys can benefit from it where do you guys live at do you guys have park models in the areas that you’re at this is a big thing

Down in florida it’s a really big thing in arizona and texas but you met westerners around the channel you get a lot of pork models where you’re at let us know in the comments below drop us a comment let us know and i really appreciate you being a part of this video thanks so much my name is mark with the mobile home dealer we’ll see you all folks on the next one

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What Is A Park Model Mobile Home (save big $$)? By The Mobile Home Dealer