In this video I will explain what is a launchpad and what is BETA Finance, a launchpad that currently exploded 5000%!

Hi guys what is up everyone in today’s video we’re going to be having a look at beta finance this thing is absolutely mooning right now currently up six thousand percent um now before i get into the technicals no it is up six thousand percent maybe for the company or maybe perhaps since uh the reason why it’s up six thousand percent is because it was traded at six

Cents okay um now it’s currently up four dollars but before i get into uh in into uh explaining why it’s the you know people aren’t getting rich from this i wanna explain to you what beta is beta finance is a permissionless money maker for borrowing lending and shorting crypto assets this means that anyone at any time is able to create money maker money market

For any crypto assets of course this is supposed to stabilize they want to reduce volatility as you guys can see over here beta finance aims to offset crypto volatility and bring uh the markets that’s the stability i’m sorry guys i’m too hyped of course for you guys but nothing too crazy to see here over here now i want to get into the technicals right here we got

Sixteen percent of the total supply okay so we got one billion dollars i mean one billion tokas uh tokens in circulation what does that mean that means that there’s a hundred and sixty million token circulation okay nice great job now the public sale price was six cents now here it says price in bnb will determine prior to the start of this subscription of okay

So you’re essentially staking bnb in order to get um in order to get this okay so you had seven days now i don’t know what the staking was i don’t know if it was 10 20 i don’t know how much but here it says right here that you could have staked up to 46 uh bnbs which is equivalent to twenty thousand dollars that does not mean that if you invest twenty thousand

Dollars you will essentially get three hundred and thirty three thousand b these be uh beta tokens back because assuming you did that you would have been up literally you would have been a millionaire right now because it’s currently up six thousand percent so no it doesn’t work like that um it depends on how much you stick so now for example if you um if you stick

Let’s say 20 000 b i mean 46 bnbs you probably got like 700 um beta tokens in reward now of course that’s just an example okay you didn’t get 330 000 you got 700. now people are saying oh so this is so what’s the point of staking uh 46 bnbs well this is actually risk-free guys just for you guys who don’t know this uh you are actually not wasting your money on uh

On investing in this it’s a subscription so that means you essentially get your bnbs back so it’s taking that’s what a launch pad is essentially um it distributes uh you know the staking or the reward so to everyone around who invested into this token and this is how a launch pad uh works right here project introduction now here this is a key feature and highlight

One click short tool beta finance provides a simple integrated tool uh to allow default user to short sell and add an atomic transaction okay so um i don’t know maybe for people this is cool for people maybe it doesn’t matter people are gonna watch this video because it’s up you know five thousand six thousand percent of course people are gonna sell their gains at

Uh at around that price because they got it at six cents of course yes you people did indeed make six thousand percent but they did not make six thousand percent from um from investing twenty thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars or wherever whatever their amount of bnb uh made so even if you invested one bnb you probably would have gone you know 10 or 20 uh

Beta tokens back which is still nice you know you’re making you know it depends 20 60 80 depending when you’re selling so uh that’s what beta token is essentially um i mean sorry that’s what a launch pad is of course i made a few videos on the launchpad here before but um here a few keys uh lenders you guys can go on beta finance and click on the dock right here

This is essentially the white papers it tells you what what’s why is it why does it benefit lenders borrowers uh traders and liquidators so very very interesting very cool uh launch pads are are essentially a way for companies to raise money without an ico because there’s a lot of scams that happen out there so in order to go to a launch pad you can’t do an ico

So uh let’s refresh this and see what the charts are telling us of course this just launched right now about five minutes ago all-time high five point eight dollars so there was a dump this thing is gonna dump it’s probably gonna come back down to 1.2 maybe two dollars in my opinion nothing too crazy to see over here let’s have a look on the one minute time frame

Real quick because this just came out uh peaked at 5.8 came back very very new guys i can’t do a ta on this of course so of course guys if you guys like this video leave a comment like subscribe and before anything um down in the link below i’m gonna leave a uh revolut account or um essentially a referral that means that for the first for the next five people

Who essentially click on that link they will be able or eligible to get 50 you have to be european of course so you have

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WHAT IS BETA FINANCE?! WHY IS IT UP 7000% ! By Crypto Dose