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Hi friends good day today let us try to understand about what is davos box theory and what are the rules in davos box theory and what are the fundamentals for choosing stocks for davos theory according to scott belsky it is not about ideas it is about making ideas happen before we go in please subscribe for more videos click the bell icon for updates what is

Dao’s box theory daoist box theory is a trading strategy that was invented and developed by self-taught investor nicholas davos who used to target the stocks with pricing and volume as key indicators davos has developed this theory in 1950s when he was traveling around the world in the form of a professional ballroom dancer this particular trading technique or

The theory involves buying into stocks that are trading at new highs meaning the stocks that are trading at the highest price over the last 52 weeks which is 12 months and drawing a box around the recent highs and lows to establish an entry point and placement of the stop loss order these boxes are created by drawing a line along the recent highs and recent lows

Of the time period the trader is using this theory isn’t locked into a specific time period stocks are considered to be trading within a diverse box when the price raises above the previous high but subsequently retracts to a price that is relatively close to the high the davis box theory is regarded as a type of momentum theory or strategy this theory is known

To make use of the market momentum strategy along with technical analysis for determining when it is the right time to enter or exit the given market davos box tend to be the plane indicators which are formed by drawing a line along with the highs and lows for making the box davos believed that this theory worked best when it is applied to industries having

The greatest potential to bring in investors as well as consumers with cutting-edge products he also made it important to prefer companies that have stronger earnings over a period of time the davos box method of trading is a combination of both technical analysis and fundamental analysis in his journey of making two million dollars combined the two main fields

Of study carefully daw was focused on reaching a 52-week high or a low inc down volume this makes the method of trading with davis box very unique one of the main reasons davos was able to make so much of money so quickly is that he focused on the volume in an effort to gorge the momentum of the stock price many investors often end up holding stocks that give

Very less or meager returns and take a lot of time with davos it is the opposite his method focused on stocks with momentum which tend to give higher returns in a short span of time there are also risks with this style of trading momentum stocks can give you profits very quickly but then they can also take away or erase your gainings just as quickly too but

Davos was able to manage his risk by using technical analysis davos theory reacts to the market trends using a reactive method means you’re as a trader react to the price action you allow the price to do whatever it wants and then based on what price does you trade accordingly this theory works by looking at the stocks that have a huge trading volume he then

Analyzed these stocks and then bought the stocks when they rose to a 52-week high in the doris box the ceiling represents the 52-week high and when the price retreated from the 52-week high the resulting lows become the floor of the box following this nicholas bought when the price reacted back to the 52-week high and then broke above it alternatively he would

Shot when the stock fell from the lower end of the box which indicates that price failed to break the 52 price week high and instead fell on the flow rules of davos box theory first to look for stocks and securities that are making a new 52-week high filter the stocks or securities and see which have retreated from the 52-week high for three consecutive days the

New 52-week high is at the top of the box the breakout prior to reaching the 52-week high is the low after the low is formed it should not break that low for at least three consecutive days buy the breakout of the box that is if the stocks breaks its recent formed 52-week high ansel if the breakout is at the bottom of the box fundamentals for choosing stocks

For davos theory davos follows the principles of buy deer and cell dearer thus as a filter daoist chose the stocks with minimum price of 30 or more he did not pick cheap or more volatile stocks we can interpret this as a setting limit on the stocks market capitalization back in the mid 1950s daoist had a preference for tech stocks technology stocks are known to

Be led by momentum and makes for great picks as they can give higher returns thus you could use the same approach and pick similar technology stocks but of course not the highly priced ones after davos designed his box trading system there is no record of anyone who managed to make such a fortune as davos did this could partly be due the fact that often traders

Do not give importance to the things they find irrelevant or simply ignore the basic rules that are outlined various examples shows that davos box theory indeed work but for that to work you need to put in a lot of effort into researching the stock and be patient when it comes to trading and managing risk well thank you so much for watching please like this video

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