What is Owner Financing – How Do I Purchase a Home

We Specialize in Owner Finance Homes in Texas and Florida

Are you looking to purchase a home but you’ve been turned down by the banks for a loan hi my name is alexander decides you and i’m one of the brokers here at citigroup properties citigroup properties is a full-service real estate brokerage and we specialize in owner financing we’ve been doing owner finance for over a decade so what is owner financing simply put

Owner financing is where the seller is financing the property to the buyer that means there’s no banks involved the approval process is very simple and you can move in as little as two weeks it’s a great option for anyone who’s been turned down by the banks for a loan whether it’s tax issues or credit challenges whatever the case is if you have 20% to put down we

Can get you in a motor finance priority that’s it 20% down payment and we can get you in an order finance property so i’d like to tell you a little bit about the ins and outs of owner financing first there’s not a lot of owner finance properties out there out of the tens of thousands of homes that are being sold in your market there’s only a couple of hundred that

Are offering owner finance and half of those aren’t properties you want to purchase our job is to find the best possible property in the best condition in the best area for you and we’re really good at a second thing to note is that the interest rates of homer finance are kind of high but that’s okay our other job is to get you in a refinance strategy as soon as

Possible we’ll make sure that there’s no prepayment penalty so as soon as you get your credit or whatever issues in order we can get you refinanced into a much lower interest rate so you’re really just paying the higher interest rate when you first purchase the property until you get refinance the other thing you want to watch out for is the sellers there’s a lot

Of sellers that are offering owner financing for bad reasons for example maybe there’s the the property is in really bad condition well we’re going to make sure that number one we do an inspection of the property when we purchase it so you can make sure that your inspector checks out the property to make sure it’s in good condition but we’ll also provide you with

Properties that are all in good condition the second thing is sellers might be trying to pass something through on the title now a lot of times sellers will offer owner financing and say hey let’s just use my attorney and try and pass things throw the title we’re going to make sure that we use a major title company to do the transaction that title company will

Check the title to make sure it’s free and clear before you get the property and they’ll also give title insurance to ensure that and the third reason sellers offer owner financing is because they want to make money off the interest rate actually that’s the good reason and again we’re going to make sure you get refinance as soon as possible to get into a lower

Interest rate as soon as you can we’re here to help you find the best owner finance property possible and we do it good we’ve been doing this for a long time and there’s no one who does it better if you’re looking for over financed you want to make sure that you have someone on your team who knows how to handle this transaction so reach out to a syncro agent today

And we’ll make sure that we get you in a home tomorrow

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What is Owner Financing – How Do I Purchase a Home By City Group Properties