Why Africa Will Attract Foreign Direct Invest In 2022. Doing Business In Sub Saharan Africa.

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Hello explorers thanks for joining us again and welcome back to another exciting and informative video on our youtube channel if you’re joining us for the first time i want to thank you for watching for those of you who follow our channel you notice we focus on informative and educating content within the african continent today i want to share with you five

Incredible reasons that you should consider investing in africa are you an african entrepreneur live in the diaspora or you’re an african who is thinking to move back to the continent to grow your business or you might be a genuine investor in the west thinking about expanding your business in africa i got you covered you might also be an entrepreneur who live in

One of the regions across africa in this episode i would align to you the reason why these five opportunities are areas that you should consider making that a decision so without any more delay let’s just dive straight into it the african continent is gradually moving from receiving grants and deficits to one of opportunities investment creativity and development

In looking at that this is due to growing youth population the urbanization expected to drive africa youth and people to major cities by up to 50 percent by 2050 the africans formalizing economy is transforming in different ways having that in mind potential investors must know that africa is a terrain where your patients will be tested i mean your patients will

Be tested models that have worked in one continent or work in one region might not yet actually achieve immediate results in africa however patient investors who invest in africa would make profits in abundance that they won’t believe that this was possible having that in mind below i’ve also looked at those particular areas that i believe that are some of the

Reasons why major investors minor entrepreneurs and postal startups to consider moving so without any more delay let’s just dive straight into it number one africa has a growing and youthful population africa currently has over 1 billion people the united nations demographic projection indicated that almost 60 percent of africa’s population as of 2019 was under

Just over the age of 25 making africa as the worst youngest continent the median age africa is about looking at 2020 it was about 19.8 years also while the rest of the world is aging africa is having a young population this implies that even though the global workforce is reducing africa’s workforce will be about 1.1 billion which is more than half of that of

China and india a young demographics could also be a sign of economic growth also young africans like to consume the latest products services and technology which will generate profits for investors the second reason why you should consider investing in africa is customers and changing customers are changing definitely across the continent africa’s middle class

Is growing thereby leading to creation of new expectations and changes in consumers behavior according to the world bank’s forums for economic forum so the point that the young africans who actually is the middle class is development and growth will push the young population and growing the economy in a number of ways considering that brands are aware of this

And the sophisticated nature of the african youth in recent years have demonstrated that in terms of their consumer pattern this means that international retailers and consumers brands can capitalize on the demand and preference preferences to appointment of those africans and investments in the continent in a number of ways the third reason why you should be

Able to consider moving to invest in africa the money is spent and africans love brands looking at this according to mckenzie’s research by 2025 household consumption will reach about 2.1 trillion and business spending over 3.5 trillion and having that in mind a total of 5.6 trillion in business and investment opportunities will be needed to grow the african

Economy in several ways for most africans they consider quality and brand before purchasing any product the mckenzie consumer report shows that about 58 percent of consumers and brand loyalty and many are willing to pay a higher price for well-known brands the city’s dwellers accounts of more than a half or more than half of the consumption and also products

For international brands that across the continent if you are new to this channel we will encourage you to subscribe and share our videos to your different network the fourth reason why you should consider investing our business in africa is the diverse and stronger economies across the continent previously the economies of african countries relied heavily on

Agriculture and availability of natural resources however african economies are now diversifying beyond commodities a skills development of africans to venture into sectors that previously had no or fewer africans is also helping diversify the african economy which is an amazing thing however african countries are also focusing on non-commodity areas where they

Can be very competitive every country in africa now has what they can call investment promotion agencies which act as one of the top one-stop shops sold appointed for investors assisting with registration tax and other steps to establish companies locally which is something very important the african continent has transformed providing those stronger economies

According to the world bank information in doing business some of africa’s countries south of the sahara are one of the fastest growing uh in the world that have projected countries like nigeria rwanda and also tanzania are showing huge examples regards to their growth and expansion in different ways all of these are some of the great opportunities that are

Showing stronger economies in the region however the next thing that you will be considering for those of you planning to invest in africa will be the digital transformation of the african country and constrain that according to the gsmna over 475 million people in south sudan africa will be mobile internet users by 2025. africa is a leader in mobile adoption

Mobile money networks which started in east africa open global economy to the unbanked cities and rural dwellers across the continent the use of technology in africa now is in the rise so to point out examples include for example olam using mobile to reach out to new african suppliers and farmers in in farmers and nursing technology to remove the inefficiencies

And price fluctuations that prevented prescriptions in different ways we have also seen that other mobile telecommunication companies like 10 ntn glow and and orange and other communication companies in the continent are beginning to tap into the importance of digital uh transformation that is growing within the african continent this is just so important of

Course are there challenges in africa in establishing this particular era that i just pointed out definitely yes these five reasons are not gonna be a work in the park of course like i said at the beginning for patient investors who are looking to move to the continent africa has no boundaries if you are patient in doing business the return on investment will

Be huge have you done business in africa or have you established your business in one of the regions across the continent or you know a business person planning to move to the continent then share these five reasons for them to consider for those of you who are joining us for the first time we want to thank you for watching hopefully we encourage you to watch

Some of our other videos on my youtube channel we are looking forward meeting you soon in our next episode have a good day bye so you

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Why Africa Will Attract Foreign Direct Invest In 2022. Doing Business In Sub Saharan Africa. By EDUSPLORER