Why I Dont Get Botox! | The Budget Dermatologist Explains

This is why I don’t get Botox…AND the 5 things you NEED to know about Botox before you get it!

I don’t get botox i mean obviously right and for a dermatologist on social media that’s pretty rare to see botox is actually the number one most popular cosmetic treatment in the world but is it the right choice for you and your anti-aging journey for me it’s not at least not right now so in this video i am going to tell you five extremely important and maybe even

Concerning things that you need to know first before you get botox i’m dr marin locke known as the budget dermatologist on youtube where i help you make skin care simple so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss any upcoming videos and now that you know i don’t do botox you do know that i love my anti-aging skincare routine i have my entire skincare routine

Linked in the description of this video you can check that out if you’re interested as well as some of my other skincare favorites so i have extremely expressive facial muscles and i’m not shy about that i have some really intense lines on my forehead i have gotten botox in the past probably a total of two times in my life and it’s just not for me i have never

Done it since the last time i got it was about seven or eight years ago and let me tell you i could get botox whenever i wanted i could do it for free on myself if i wanted that would probably even make a really cool youtube video but i’m not gonna do that so that should tell you a lot about what i really think of botox but no judgment if you get in love botox

In fact i inject my own patients my friends and my family with botox who request it i think it is an incredible treatment that works and it does what it is intended to do but it’s just not for me maybe i will get it again in the future but for like the last almost eight years i just have not been able to talk myself into it again and you will understand why by

The end of this video first let me explain something to you about botox that you may not know botox is not your only option for injectable wrinkle treatments in fact botox is just one of the brands that offers a neurotoxin product that paralyzes the muscles on the face to reduce wrinkles other options or brands include dysport xiamen jugo and some other new ones

That are being developed as well so this category of products are actually called neuromodulators in any one of these brands can help you achieve the result of less wrinkles now i find that in the mainstream that everything in this category just gets lumped together and called botox so when i refer to botox in this video know that i am actually referring to to

Neuromodulators as a whole category i’m not singling out just botox so you will learn five problems with neuromodulators in this video so botox or neurotoxin comes in a little glass vial that is drawn up in a syringe and injected into your face with a small needle the neurotoxin is placed deeper to your skin into the muscles that are responsible for your facial

Expression most commonly it is injected into the forehead muscles that cause those horizontal wrinkles on the forehead when they are contracted during facial expressions it is also placed in the glabellar complex that is responsible for these vertical lines or the 11s to help relax those and it is injected into the crow’s feet which are those radiating lines on

The outside of the eyes botox can also be injected into the areas of the lower face and the neck as well now the neurotoxin when placed in these facial muscles takes anywhere from a few days to two weeks to fully kick in and when it does those muscles are paralyzed so they don’t contract as forcefully and then your skin overlying those muscles therefore will not

Scrunch up it works and it is effective but here are the five problems with botox or neuromodulators that you need to know consider these for yourself before you go out and get your treatment number one botox is expensive and the price is only going up and up and up year over year typically a ballpark estimate on price to treat the major areas of probably just

The upper face is around 500 in many places it can cost even more than that especially if you are seeing a highly sought after and experienced injector in some parts of the country may be much lower than that depending on the experience of your injector and a number of other factors so it is a substantial amount of money to consider for something that is and that

Brings me to problem number two it’s temporary so problem number two botox is temporary all neuromodulators including the other brands i mentioned last only for three to four months on average and for many people it lasts even less than that so 500 a pop for three months is two thousand dollars per year to keep your face botoxed around the clock year after year

After year which brings me to problem number three issues with repeated use of botox so for these people who get botox more than once did you you know that you can develop antibodies to botox meaning it stops working or you need way more units than you used to which means it becomes more expensive for you to get it each treatment because you need more product to

Achieve the same effect so what happens is that your body notices this foreign toxin that it hasn’t seen before and makes what are called neutralizing antibodies to try to protect itself from this toxin so then the next time you get botox injected your body already recognizes it and those neutralizing antibodies are already present in your system and they go and

Prevent the botox from effectively doing its job to stop your wrinkles this is real dermatologists and injectors everywhere can speak about this phenomenon that is seen commonly in the office patients will come in and say the botox didn’t work this time or the bow botox only lasted six weeks this time this doesn’t happen to everyone and for some people it happens

Sooner than others but beware you may develop a tolerance to botox and it will not maintain its effectiveness for you over time there are also some patients who just metabolize botox way more quickly than the three to four months that it typically should last unlucky so that is definitely something that you need to take into consideration when planning how frequently

You get this injection and another consideration if you want to get botox injections repeatedly is that your muscles can atrophy over time that means they can shrink and weaken think about it if you don’t use a muscle or work that muscle it shrinks have you ever seen a broken arm or a leg after it came out of a cast all the muscles are so atrophied compared to the

Healthy arm or other healthy leg the same thing happens with your facial muscles if you keep them under constant paralysis this can give your forehead a bony look where your skin looks thin and the veins can look more prominent and you will look much older this is a very aged appearance really thin skin with a very thin atrophied muscle layer sitting right on top

Of your bony forehead and something else to consider while we do believe that botox is safe due to extensive studies with short-term use we don’t have extensive studies on long-term safety data in individuals who get botox repeatedly for 10 20 or 30 plus years and with the trend now being preventative botox and the encouragement for people to start in their 20s this

Should be a real concern in something to take into consideration before embarking on this journey problem number four and probably the most important here is that botox has side effects you need to know and understand both the common and rare side effects to decide if this risk versus benefit is worth it to you i will say that botox has extensive safety data and it

Is widely used the side effects are rare overall but they do happen just because your friend had botox with no problems doesn’t mean that you will have botox with no problems and just because you had no problems the last time you got botox doesn’t mean you won’t have problems this time so know your risks first of all you may end up not looking like you envisioned

At all if the botox is placed improperly or injected into the wrong muscles which is easier to do than you would think because these muscles are small and very closely connected or if the botox diffuses a little too far you can get droopy eyelids that you cannot open all the way or a dropped brow you can get a symmetry in your face or this weird curvature pattern

To your forehead lines or even a spock eyebrow look and not all of these poor outcomes can be fixed you might just have to wait three to four months for the botox to wear off to me the biggest deal is the droopy eyelids which affects vision and is very problematic in appearance you will minimize your chance of having one of these poor outcomes by getting your botox

From an experienced injector however even when the botox is placed technically correct some people will still develop some of these poor outcomes because botox is unpredictable that’s rare but it happens now let’s talk about even more side effects one of the more common side effects is a post-injection headache for some this may only last a few hours while others

It can be days to weeks of a constant headache this was something that i actually experienced each time with botox and it was not fun it is more common than you think of course pain at the injection site is expected during the procedure but it is tolerable for most people you can expect bruising which can take some time to resolve you can experience vision changes

Like blurry vision or double vision you can have an allergic reaction which in some cases can be life-threatening again these things are all very rare but they are possible and some newer reports i am seeing in the literature and hearing about from other injectors is this phenomenon of skin atrophy at the site of botox injection which means you are basically going

To see these dense or divots in the skin most of these have been shown to resolve with time when the botox wears off but a noticeable depression or depressions over the forehead is a really alarming look and this is something to be aware of now there are also reports of rare side effects that have been documented in the literature after botox injection for wrinkles

Such as weakness and muscles that were not even injected and people with certain medical conditions should not get botox at all so be sure to explain your full medical history to your injector in problem number five botox is a gateway drug to more expensive and riskier cosmetic procedures i see this all of the time one once you get your feet wet and see nearly

Instant results from this procedure you quickly start to consider the next thing the next tweak in how you look with your botox becomes your new baseline for what you want to look like in your mind and maybe after that you branch out to fillers or some other cosmetic procedure just a little bit here and there each visit and slowly over time your deviation from your

Natural look gets further and further until you are unsure what exactly is your baseline so even though each of these changes may be subtle from one visit to the next these little changes accumulate over time you can actually drastically change your look into something very unnatural even if this was not your intention it’s like once you get going in the middle

Of this journey you lose your way we see this with celebrities and influencers online so often now as they just morph into this shockingly different physical version of themselves and while this may be the goal of some people to look this certain way it turns out that for many people this leads to a sort of body dysmorphia and feeds depression and anxiety and

Just this overall negative view of themselves constantly tweaking and changing their face to get to some other version of themselves that they never actually attain and what does that say to our children who watch us go through these changes while having this negative narrative surrounding our physical attributes you can see that this becomes a very problematic

Situation before you even realize it botox is a gateway drug i have a friend who recently said to me can we just all agree not to get botox so we can all look normal at this point that seems a little impossible but wouldn’t that be nice so whether you decide that botox is or isn’t right for you i support your decision maybe one day in the future i’ll come back

Around and give it another try i reserve the right to change my mind over time but for now it is not in my anti-aging routine if you want a video like this about fillers to revolumize the face let me know in the comments below that is a whole other discussion that is also very important to have now if you are like me and want some botox alternatives hit subscribe

Turn on the notifications so you can see part two of this topic where i go through some botox alternatives maybe one of those will more closely align with your budget and goals for your anti-aging skincare routine i’ll see you guys soon thank you

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